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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 19, 2014    

Say The Word is a Singapore Game Show about pronounciation. It's hosted by Kui Jien. This game show involves 4 contestants that differ weekly. They are to conquer vice versa within three rounds. Defeated contestants are to walk down the Aisle of Shame whilst the one who emerged victorious could attain more cash via the accumalted amount earned from the jackpot. 


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Realising that my english isn't as good as i thought it was

Watching 'Say the word' was an educational experience unto itself, as well as a humbling experience. I've always prided myself with an impeccable english record, from primary school all the way till an A for GP at 'A' Levels. However, the first time I watched 'say the word', i was stumped half the show.

Firstly, I realised that nearly all my pronunciations are incorrect, being heavily tinged with a Singlish accent, due to frequent use of the language nowadays in the army. I simply marvel at the beauty of the spoken English word, and resolved to practice it with some future lawyer friends. Secondly, I never knew half the words shown during the show even existed, let alone their meaning though I had some idea how to pronounce the words.

To think that I've considered going for these shows during my free time and thought that the task was simply chicken feet. Now I definitely know better, with my realisation is that English can never be completely mastered and that each day is simply a continuation of the journey of learning. It is especially important for me to continually find ways to improve my mastery of the language, as well as unceasingly appreciate the beauty of it.

Generally, the show was entertaining and full of educational value. Really worth your time!

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