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Johnathan Yeo
Listing created by Johnathan Yeo on December 21, 2013    

Don't stop believin' is a local drama that centres around a school that accepts only students who have failed their PSLE more than twice. It features many teenage actors, especially those from previous drama, On The Fringe.

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Highly relatable

It is great news for teenagers like me to be able to have such drama serials which is close to heart and which most of us youngsters can relate to.

'Don't Stop Believin'" is an interesting drama serial launched by Channel 8 that has not only introduced to the general public audience fresh new faces whom have now become our local favourites, but also introduced to us (once more) social issues regarding education and teenage rebellion.

Somewhat parallel to that of a Jack Neo film, this drama serial aims to palliate of the deeply-entrenched prejudice against students who do not excel academically, especially in a competitive society like Singapore where most are obsessed with the superficial paper chase.

This show has accurately pointed out that despite the students' difficulties in managing in the academia field, they have much more endearing qualities such as courage and loyalty. It has certainly urged the society in general to re-evaluate the importance of holistic development for students, especially in moral aspects.

In addition, the drama serial also portrayed many cases of teen rebellion and behavioural misconduct and most importantly, accounted for them via complicated reasons such as the emotional trauma and insufficient parental guidance besides immaturity in thoughts. Many of the youths in Singapore are no stranger to such problems, so through this drama serial perhaps both the adults and teenagers themselves can gain insights to how to resolve their personal issues together.

More importantly, they can seek comfort in the fact that growing up is a phase that they do not face alone. Last but not least, the role of the dedicated and loving teacher (played by Felicia Chin) reveals the devotion needed in the education sector to nurture young minds, especially those ostracised by the society.

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Some reflection on my own life

Don't stop believin' is a nice drama series about school life. I believe that it captured the hearts of many teenagers just like me.

In this drama series, the students are mainly problem students, who are usually troublemakers. This makes me draw comparisons to previous drama, On The Fringe. The teenagers in Don't Stop Believin' are not as bad as in On The Fringe, but they are in similar circumstances.

Why this drama is so memorable to me is the fact that the students did not choose to be in these situations. Most of them are from troubled families, and although they are troublemakers in school, they are actually very caring toward their loved ones, with some even striving to earn money. This draws parallels to my own life.

Another thing that touched my heart was that the teachers are very caring and try their best to care for their students. THis drama made me realise many things in my own life. Great when a drama actually does that.

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