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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on June 04, 2013    

I'm In Charge is a television show that highlights relationships between peers and family via a comedic manner. Starring Elvin Ng, Sheila Sim and Aloysius Pang. I'm In Charge is shown every weeknight, 9pm on Channel 8.


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over exaggerating at times

This drama is a light hearted family-style drama which showcases the chronicles of the characters in the show. Being rebellious is a trait that can be relatable to most teens nowadays and I think Aloysius Pang did a good job in portraying the rebellious kid who is also determined at the same time. The characters revolve around the same few people and it is thus easy to follow the story line. This drama also seeks to impart values to the teens. Values such as determination and filial piety. It also helps increase awareness of the misdeeds that people can commit online and how young girls are being cheated.

I enjoy this drama quite a lot but sometimes I find that the acting can be overly exaggerating and can do without the unnecessary expressions. For example, the acting between Elvin Ng and Sheila Sim. I agree with the reviewer below that it is a refreshing change from the usual slew of actors and actresses like Rui En. Also, does anyone see the resemblance between Aloysius Pang and Shawn Lee (the boy in I not Stupid). They look sooo alike!!!

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Endorses great values for viewers!

One good thing about this drama is the values and the lessons it hosts to its audience, which are mostly teenagers and school-going kids.

I think that's the aim of Mediacorp, which is to educate the younger generation. For this point, i think it has really done well. Especially so as this show is being aired during the June Holidays period, where kids would have all the time in the world to catch this show airing every weeknight, 9pm.

One thing I like is that there is a refreshing change in characters, and not the usual few child and adult actors. Especially the addition of Sheila Sim, whom is a model. Her personality really fits the role in my opinion.

I can't wait to see how the show progresses and if the lead child actor Aloysius Pang develops into a mature young man!

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Yet another Channel 8 drama...

I'm In Charge is yet another cookie cutter Channel 8 drama that vaguely reminds you of another drama that you watched on the same channel not long ago...

The only highlight of the show has got to be the fact that it stars several new actors, one of whom is Sheila Sim, Singapore's top international model, who has since ventured beyond the runway into the local TV scene. She plays her maiden role as the aunt of three children who are left on their own after their mother got into a serious accident and is in comatose state. Although she is not the best actress, I enjoy watching her play her role. She is rather natural onscreen and she has a comical streak that is very fresh and non-pretentious. Moreover, being the ambassador of SKII skincare brand, she is easy on the eyes as well. In fact, I prefer watching her to her more seasoned counterpart in the show, whose exaggerated acting is not convincing to me at all. Another relatively new actor is Aloysius Pang, who bears a splitting resemblance to I Not Stupid child actor Shawn Lee. Pang is known for his roles as a rebellious, angst-ridden teenager, and his part in I'm In Charge is no exception (told you the scriptwriters recycle the plots...). Although he has yet to showcase his acting chops due to his multiple similar roles, he is one of the few young generation of actors who actually seem rather promising.

I believe this drama was written to create airtime and opportunities to newbies in the industry. It definitely spells boring. I advise spending time on other shows that are more worthwhile!

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