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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on May 01, 2013    

96 degree Celsius cafe is a local production that is shown on Channel 8 weekly, 9pm. This show revolves around the owner of a cafe, Liqiao, and how or what he coped with after his wife met with an accident after an aunty dropped her bag of oranges on the ground. 96 C Cafe is Mediacorp's first attempt dabbling in a transmedia project. It contains a similar storyline that is being retold via differing methods in a fluent manner. 96 C Cafe boasts an impressive array of famous faces amongst the cast. The cast includes veteran actor Ian Fang, Tay Ping Hui, Romeo Tan, Desmond Tan, Julie Tan and more.


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Dry and boring

At first, I was intrigued by the interesting title and commercials of this series, and that drew me into watching the first few episodes.

The first episode did capture my attention, but the next few proved to be a disappointment. Within the first week, I could already guess the entire plot. I skipped a whole lot of episodes in the middle, and only waited to find out the ending. That was a complete waste of time, as there was no closure, deeming the series pointless.

With the lack of plot aside, I really do like the cafe portrayed, with the peaceful ambience and sweet decorations. Alas, if such a place were to really exist, there would not be a quiet moment with all the people flocking there.

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Terribly disappointing

I had the highest of hopes for 96C Cafe. They had a wonderful cast - Desmond Tan is pretty wonderful in his own right, and Julie Tan seemed to pull off the cutesy college girl look exceedingly well. The plot seemed unique - it's not everyday that you see a drama serial revolving around the theme of a western-styled cafe. And most of all, have I mentioned the cast?

But I kid you not when I say that 96C Cafe has been utterly painful to watch. Despite having a unique central plot, the entire serial was terribly draggy. There were a few unnecessary scenes, and Desmond Tan's main character just kept moping. And moping. And moping even more. And trust me - there is nothing more annoying to a viewer when the MAIN character of a serial simply refuses to move on in life. The storyline was definitely more complicated than it should have been, and the ending felt very rushed, as if the producers were trying to sooth out all the various tangles in the plot with a mere, quick brush. And this usually spells plotholes so deep, so dark, and so utterly unbelievable.

The attempt to create a serial with a unique plot is commendable at best. But the effort in executing it? Not so much.

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(Updated: May 26, 2013)

Live Adaption of Shoujo Manga?

The title says it all--I felt like I was watching a live adaption of a shoujo (Japanese for young girl) manga. Everything about the female lead character Yu Chen (acted by Julie Tan) spells cute, cute, cute! Her voice, the way she talked, her hairdo, her dressing, her accessories, her manicure, right down to her battery charger! And oh, did anybody realise that her style was very similar to Audrey Hepburn's? From her hair bun to her bicycle?

This 'shoujo manga adaption' has a central theme, which is coffee. The greatest shortcoming of this show is the lack of details about the type of coffee that was introduced in each episode. The audience should learn something about that particular type of coffee at the end of the episode, for example, which country invented it, how was it invented, what is the preparation method, and what is so special about that particular coffee. Unfortunately, the audience had to leave empty-handed everytime. Other than the different types of coffee, the show could also articulate on the life in a coffee bean plantation. The male lead character Li Qiao (acted by Desmond Tan) went to Jamaica in search of his dream coffee beans. The show could have articulated more about how he found those beans, what made those beans special, what special skills do the workers at a coffee bean plantation or processing factory need to have, etc. The show could also explore a little on kopitiam coffee, and compare this humble kopi with the more exotic coffees. It would be interesting for the audience to learn how our local kopi had evolved over the years.

By focusing more on coffee education, the plot could be made simpler. Unfortunately, the scriptwriter chose to make the plot complex and introduce unnecessary characters. At the last episode, I get the feeling that the scriptwriter was trying too hard to make things unpredictable. PLEASE, this is not a murder mystery or supernatural thriller. Shoujo mangas tend to be rather predictable with happy endings. The readers know right from the start which boy the girl will end up with, and the scriptwriter should have followed this formula.

Mediacorp seems to have developed an interest in manga-like shows, because the next show to be screened, called "I'm in Charge", looks like a live adaption of a shounen (Japanese for young boy) manga. Let's hope that THIS new show can exceed expectations.

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Audrey Hepburn Riding a Bicycle.jpg
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Bad plot - unbelievable and unoriginal

When I first heard about 96C Café, I was really excited. Its plot seemed really similar to the Taiwanese idol dramas that have been so popular among youth, so I was curious to see a Singaporean take on it. Sadly, it’s been disappointment after disappointment.

This show has been draggy and almost painful to watch. I can’t help but feel that the producers are just trying to mimick the typical characters in a drama – the brooding guy, the pained girl who has fallen hopelessly in love with him, and the cheeky sunshine boy who is in love with said girl. It’s the same ol’ love triangle, and the plot is very unrealistic. Many times, I found myself smacking my forehead at plot loopholes. There are so many unbelievable coincidences in the show, and as it approaches its last episode, I can’t help but feel that the producers are just trying to find the easy way out of the extremely complicated storyline that they created.

I would not recommend this show to anyone, as it lacks originality and believability. It’s basically a huge disappointment. There is almost no quality that would distinguish it as a Singaporean show, and I hate to say this, but I’m really looking forward to its end.

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Idol drama

96 cafe is a drama that I have been watching since its debut. I am not shy to say this - I really like Ian Fang!! I think the only reason why I watch this drama is because of him. I am so biased but that's the truth because I find that the main male and female lead's acting got too boring after a while. She's perpetually sad and there seems to be nothing that can make her happy? I don't know, the whole show sometimes doesn't seem to be making progress. It's really draggy. So girl A is with boy A and then they break up then they get back and then they break up again. So... are they getting back again? Meh...I also get a feeling that they got their ideas from those Taiwan idol dramas. The cafe, the relationship and the falling down causing memory loss and all.. a bit too cliche for my liking.

It's a show that can let you pass time if you find yourself having nothing to do at 9PM or you are looking for dramas to watch on xinmsn. Not a must-watch but it's not tooooo bad that I will recommend you to stay away from it like as if it's a plague. Anyway, I really like the theme song of the drama! Very sassy and romantic.

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