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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 07, 2013    

Hosted by Einstein Kristiansen. Broadcasted at Singapore's Okto channel. Einstein Kristiansen's flaunts his flair in the art sector and made his drawings of a bald cartoon man and cows iconic across Singapore. His artwork of the cows were sometimes featured as wallpapers in shopping malls and decorated around dustbins. They're also seen scattered over barren grounds nearby Parkway Parade and Pasir Ris in a bid to spruce up the area.


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My childhood favorite watch!

This was and still is one of my favorite shows. Though i have grown up already, my love for einstein's art and creativity doesn't die. Einstein's makes art easy. I love his signature cow icon and his little faces which he always draws on each of his artworks to represent himself. In his show he comes out with artworks and deals with a bad guy who keeps on trying to steal his artworks. Though rather childish for me now, the artwork he does ain't.

It's so amazing how he can transform scrap materials into beautiful works of art. Just a little sticking, coloring and painting, we have something beautiful and reusable. I sometimes wonder what he is doing right now for that series seemed to be filmed a long time ago.

Being passionate in arts, I always look to him for inspiration and tips on how to draw/color/paint better. I would say he was my source of inspiration and I believe to many others too!

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(Updated: April 11, 2013)

Simple yet really good.

Art Factory is a really unique kids program in the sense that its main target audience is for children, but parents (or adults in general?) can enjoy it too. One look at Einstein's art style and you'd know right away that the show is more meant for children because of the simplistic manner he applies in his drawing. I was completely drawn to Art Factory as a child, and I remember how I would always be thinking, wow his artwork looks so simple yet reallly nice, and I would try to achieve it...but fail...

Although I don't watch Art Factory anymore, the show (and Einstein himself) pretty much has a place in my childhood memories, and I am sure that children these days would continue to watch the show, provided it is still airing, and provided that kids these days are not being hooked onto their (parents') smartphones or tabs (as I typed this last sentence out, I asked myself, "Who am I kidding, really?")...

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Einstein just amazes me sometimes.

I think most of my doodles/sketches in class when I get bored is partly inspired by Einstein's. I don't watch every single episode of Art Factory but on the times when I do, which is quite often, I would just be blown away by how creative this man, Einstein Christiansen, is.

I love how he doesn't take himself seriously and it shows in his drawings. There's a sense of child-like wonder in him and even though most of his work seems a bit childish, I think it's art at one of it's best.. where there's no pretentiousness and the artist is just having fun.

I would say Art Factory has helped me embrace my creative side even more!

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