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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 05, 2013    

Kim Wakerman debuted onscreen via a Kids Central show; We Are R.E.M. She then halted her career to pursue her education. After graduating from Tampines Junior College, Kim Wakerman returned, back to the media industry. She is now seen to be actively engaged in hosting several shows on Okto Channel.


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Natural and comfortable on-screen

I guess people around my age would find Wakerman a familiar face on the favourite channel we used to watch as kids.

R.E.M was one of my favourite shows back in those days when I still had time to watch TV in the afternoons when school released us early. Wakerman, being an amateur and relatively young actress certainly didn't disappoint a bunch of rather eager kids waiting for every episode of the R.E.M series diligently. She proved to be natural on-screen, plus her pretty, mixed-blood features certainly made her pleasing to the eye for most audiences.

As I slowly grew out of childhood and slowly in adolescence, I find myself pleasantly surprised that Wakerman continues to host children variety shows on the channel. That once again proves her skills not only to act, but also to host shows. Though I've not heard of her news anymore, I do hope she would eventually be screened in larger scale shows on other channels.

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Too much makeup

I just saw Kim Wakerman while my sister was watching TV this morning. Out of a line of 5 children, she was the only one flouting her make-up. It was an amazing sight and I wonder if her actual message was 'kids, its ok to wear make-up at the age of 4, now go help yourself to mummy's make up'.

I feel that Kim Wakerman's skills doesn't warrant the millions shes purportedly paid. After years of acting in kid's shows, she is no longer young and could hardly fit into the current landscape. Being stuck there and not moving on to shows that are adult in genre shows a lack of confidence and a desire to waddle in simplicity.

To be honest, I found her really pretty and big-sisterish at the age of 7, and now being 20, it has started to be disappointing to see the young woman still stuck in the quagmire. I feel that Kim is meant for greater things indeed.

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You need to spread your wings

I think that Kim is a really pretty girl and she has blossomed into a really gorgeous young lady. Therefore, why is she still accepting gigs on kids' shows? She is falling into the typecasting trap.
What she needs to do is to spread her wings and if really she is serious about showbiz, she needs to start taking risks to further develop her career.

Of course it doesn't really matter if showbiz is only a hobby and she has her sights on something else. Either way, all the best from me.

Probably her oldest fan in Singapore

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Pretty, pretty.

I've always thought of Kim Wakerman as sort of the big sister that I never had. I basically grew up with her, from R.E.M to Mat Yoyo now. I've always wanted to be her.. sort of. Since young, I've always thought that she's lucky to be so pretty and her personality is quite likeable too.

I love that she seems like a real person and doesn't let all the years of "fame" as a child star get to her. At least that's what it seems to me. Most child stars, when older, seems to have a bit of an attitude.

I don't really follow her life, but it's nice to see her in OKTO after what seems like a few years of "disappearance". I just hope she'll stay around for a bit longer.

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(Updated: April 09, 2013)

Tries too much but fails in execution

Despite her exposure in hosting, acting and more importantly an education overseas, I find Kim Wakerman's English has not improved. For a kid's show host in English, I am disappointed with the poor enunciation of common English words.

She seemed to be more pretentious than before and tries to fake an accent throughout in Mat Yoyo. The child actors and actresses seemed to speak the universal language better than her. She appears to be overly-hyperactive and overreacts with the use of cliché hand gestures and whatnot. Her thick makeup resembles those of drag queens.

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Mat Yoyo
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familiar face

I remember watching Kim Wakerman in several shows when I was much younger. Young and impressionable me always thought she was really cool, and I wanted to be just like her. I found her very pretty, and she seems to get prettier as she gets older.

I noticed that she disappeared from the media at one stage, but now I see her hosting a children's show on Okto, and I'm glad that she has made a comeback. Upon learning that she had stopped acting to concentrate on her education, I think that she was very smart to do that. However successful she may have been in the media, education is still always of utmost importance to a young person's life. She had gotten her priorities right, and I respect her for her foresightedness and maturity.

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