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Groom My Room is a local television show that was shown on Okto channel. Rooms were spruced and renovated to showcase their individualism flavour. Owners of the rooms that were being renovated got involved in this refurbishment process. Hand in hand, the groomed room will materialise within their budget. This show is such in high demand there has been already been a whopping 8 series. 



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Artistic Concept
Overall rating 
Overall Rating 

As part of the audience who faithfully watched how others had the room groomers did up their room, I found their ideas creative and really interesting most of the time. While the ideas were interesting in the aspect that they were often colourful and vibrant, they were not the type of style that I liked. Certain parts of the room would be done up really well, but some parts were just overkilling the atmosphere of the room. In fact, being naturally attracted to a more classy or minimalistic artistic concept, I found that the Do it yourself aspect - and by this I mean salvaging different materials to combine them together to make something - of the room grooming ruined a little bit of the artistic concept most of the time.

Never did I know that one day I would be part of the show. One of my best friends then had been chosen to have her room groomed and I was one of her help lines to groom her room with her. That was when I actually had the chance to do up the room with her, and I must admit, it was a truly exciting experience. Nevertheless, my opinion on the way her room was groomed didn't change my impression of the show much. Although her room turned out pretty nice, I felt that certain areas could have been better. But then again, who am I to judge - after all they do consult professional designers.

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Spick and Span
Overall Rating 

This show always serves as a constant reminder of my inability to keep my room neat and tidy, whilst at the same time encouraging me to keep it the status quo in the hope that the Groom My Room team would pop by and give my room a refurbishing.

I've always enjoyed 'Groom My Room'. Call it morbid but I somehow have an interest in seeing what other people's rooms look like. And I've always liked a insight of plans to redesign the room. Its quite interesting actually, when show after show introduced a various range of designs all customised for all the different shapes, sizes and the layout all the rooms featured come in.

These days I rarely have time to watch TV, let alone specific programmes like Groom My Room. However, my room is spic and span, being vacated most of the week. A sign that I've moved on from my hopes of having a surprise makeover.

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Boring Over Time
Overall Rating 

I enjoyed watching this show very much as a kid. I loved how a room could change so drastically just by new furniture and new coats of paint. I also secretly wanted my room to undergo a makeover as well, but sadly, it never came true.

It is interesting how the kids themselves are directly involved in the designing of the room. It wasn't just about expert designers coming in to change the layout. It was all about the kids, and the designs were more theirs than anyone else's, and it was a true reflection of the room they wanted. The happiness on their faces after long days of hard work was indeed heartwarming.

I don't think this show is on air anymore, which is good and bad. The show has had its fair share of glory already. The idea and theme of the show does get boring over time, and it is probably better to inject something new into the television once in a while. Good show nonetheless!

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