Asia's Next Top Model.

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Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 ended recently. Hosted by Nadya Hutagalung. 14 qualified aspiring models scattered from across Asia-Pacific, gathered in Singapore to compete for this title. The judging panel venue and contestants residential area were located at Sentosa. Jessica Amornkuldilok from Thailand was announced the winner. There is a total of 13 episodes for this first cycle. The last episode aired on February 17, 2013. Tyra Banks, the creator of the original series, America's Next Top Model, was present at the finale.


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Different looks, same principles
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Finally! Here it comes - a variety show featuring models from the continent we live in instead of the usual blondes and blue-eyed poster girls. What a refreshing look for the 'Next top model' season! (though the 14 participating models have many that still have Caucasian features)

Such modelling variety shows have always been a source of entertainment for me, and before I continue, please do not begin to mistake me as a typical narcissistic teenager who is obsessed with superficial appearances.

Such shows entertain me because it reveals a rare glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of the seemingly glamourous photo-shoots the models go through. It is so intriguing to me because it debunks the widely-assumed theory that these models have it easy - posh cars, luxurious lifestyles and carefree lives. Uh uh, many of them are under constant pressure to keep below a certain weight and to deal with the nasty fallouts with their fellow competitors.

While I keep myself entertained, I also ponder over the implications of such variety shows on the audience: the popular opinion that it would negatively alter the definition of 'beauty' on younger girls did cross my mind, but more than that I realise how superficial the world is. Whether or not it is Asia's or America's next top model, the social standards of beauty remains wholly unaltered and perhaps, that has inspired a certain degree of disappointment in me.

Could it be time for a variety show named "Asia's kindest souls"?

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Hosted by Nadya Hutagalung, Asia's Next top Model is yet another inspired franchise of the chain of American reality TV shows. Stemming from America's Next Top Model, the modelling wave has too hit the Asian region, and I must say that the models from Asia are too quite impressive.

Many would compare this edition of the modelling show to its original one hosted by Tyra Banks. I quite enjoyed watching this because it was closer to heart, and I thought it was a better version to watch as there was less bitching and drama as compared to the other american seasons where the models would get into brawls with each other or over-dramaticise events. The winner of the show too was very professional and displayed much modelling potential from the beginning, given her unique look that drew people into her photos. Overall however, I would think that the language barrier for some of the girls could be quite an obstacle in the long run especially during filming of commercials ( like the one that is usually shown on star world ) as the words articulated can hardly be understood.

All in all, a great season and I look forward to the next one!

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