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Point of Entry (also known as 入境点 in Chinese) is a Singaporean English language police drama produced by MediaCorp Channel 5. The series title refers to a legal port of entry into a country. Hence, the series is about an elite team of ICA agents who regularly deal with illegal immigrants and cross-jurisdiction crimes. It aired on Thursdays in the 8pm time slot. Season 3 premiered in November 2012.

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Cats In Disguise

The characters in Point of Entry must be cats in disguise. I’ve lost track of how many times characters have “died”, but then resurfaced later on in the show—sometimes with a completely different look thanks to plastic surgery! And fully recovered! How fortunate!

As a series, I feel that the overarching plotline is weak, riddled with plotholes and unanswered questions. Characters are often put in and withdrawn with too convenient reasons. If you follow for the overarching story, you will be disappointed.

However, if you are watching Point of Entry just for the excitement and adrenaline within a singular episode, then it fulfills its purpose. Maybe more than fulfills its purpose.

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