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THE PUPIL is a local English drama series on the legal profession. It gives us a sneak peek into the world of Singaporean lawyers and the cases they take on as civil litigators.

Inspired in part by actual cases, the series aims to explore issues close to our hearts – from National Service to mediums and the supernatural, to the Education System to banking scandals – while showing how having their day in court affects the lives of the ordinary Singaporeans our lawyers represent.

From taxi drivers, to angry teenagers, to abused spouses, to quarreling office colleagues and squabbling bloggers, no case is too small or insignificant for THE PUPIL.

Behind their professional front, every lawyer has a story of their own to tell. More often than not, relationships, ambitions and personal desires surface to complicate matters, spinning off stories that are potentially more controversial and enthralling than the cases they have to try in court.

Wendy Lim – a young Malaysian who has just gotten her law degree overseas - arrives in Singapore to search for her missing father and begin her pupilage (or apprenticeship) at Roberts & Fong - her uncle's law firm and one of Singapore's top five. Fresh and inexperienced, she is unprepared for the hardships and office politics of the working world she has to face.

Having to learn under the self-conflicted, sharp-tongued Dennis Tang, her life as a pupil becomes even more unbearable since he is reluctant to hire her to begin with, and has to take her on simply because her uncle is the senior partner of his law firm.

What's more, in the course of seeking the truth about her missing father, Wendy may just uncover a plot that may endanger her own life, and those of the people around her.

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(Updated: April 08, 2013)

Brain Stirrer

The Pupil is an intriguing show that successfully stirred some sort of my brainy particles. The casts command in the English language were fluently impressive. Especially Adrian Pang. Diction perfection.

Frankly, had it not been for their sophisticated choice of vocabularies in the script and Adrian Pang, I think this show would concoct itself a brew of boredom. Court cases. Scurrying about with stacks of papers. Accelerated footsteps. Abrupt convos. The show revolves around this elements with a slight tinge of humor. Unfortunately, it didn't lure me as much as Growing Up did. I did not pounce for the remote every time The Pupil timeslot struck. In fact, I did not even memorize when, what day and time did it aired. It was purely coincidental that I tuned in to Channel Five when The Pupil was being played on screen as I indulge myself with a sumptuous spread for dinner.

Despite The Pupil failing to either mirror or echo the success of local legendary show, Growing Up, I deem it watchable. Albeit not for hours. Random is the golden key that spruces The Pupil show. Yes, watch it randomly and not consistently.

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