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Listing created by jared on February 04, 2013    

A reality-competition series that aims to find Singapore’s next singing sensation from the MediaCorp. It has a $100,000 contract including $50,000 in cash up-front. To compete, submit a video of your singing by 15th February 2013, Friday, 12:00hr on their official page.

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(Updated: May 17, 2013)

Could have been so much more

Loved that it offers $50,000 cash to the winner. Loved the contestants and their talent. The casual vibe on the set was refreshing and holding the round 2 auditions at W Hotel was great to see. However, thats where the positives end. I feel this show could have been so much more.

Things I did not like:

- The fact that its a popularity contest not a singing contest.
- The unnecessary "peer vote off" during the top 40 round.
- The current voting system which is severely biased towards later groups.
- The site's website, logo and general production which feels sub-par to other mediacorp productions.

I have a lot of respect for Taufik and Kit but they are way too nice people to be judges, so the bad cop role automatically goes to Ken Lim, which is not exactly a good thing. I actually think that the unofficial 'The Other Judge' Dee Kosh is the best judge 'on the show'. You can check out 98.7's youtube channel for his raw honest critiques which are far more entertaining and eloquent.

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the contestants
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I thought that the Final 1 was a useless spin-off from the popularity of Singapore Idol. The only thing I liked were the judges, Taufik Batisah and Kit Chan. They both brought experience and style to the show, but the contestants simply didn't do it for me. Although there were advertisements, I think Singaporeans were just tired of the whole singing reality type of show and hence, the lack of popularity.

The Final 1 also lacked the professionalism and grandeur that was present in Singapore Idol. It was more laid back and carefree Talent-wise, the contestants definitely had it in them. Most took into account the feedback given and improved week after week. But as with all reality singing shows, after the winner is announced, they sink into oblivion. I have not heard from any Final 1 contestant and it's sad to see such abilities go to waste.

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Talents measured by Votes

A spin off from the past Singapore Idols, this competition seemed to offer Singapore a chance to scout out local talents which have the potential to become superstars - or rather giving them a platform and chance to showcase their talents on the stage. In the beginning, I could already tell that the competition was intense. While the auditioning process was tedious, the contestants that managed to enter into the later rounds had their own merits - their voices were all unique in their own way, regardless of style or texture.

However, I was unhappy to see how the competition was run. The competition relied mainly on votes - a form for the show to earn money at the same time turning the competition into a popularity contest. It was definitely not the way to determine talent. While I wasn't very satisfied with the outcome, the winner of the final 1 wasn't too bad - her voice was also unique in her own special way.

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Meaningless competition

I have written about The Final 1 (TF1) at the forum and I was unhappy about how this is essentially a popularity contest and not a talent contest. Okay it is marketed as finding the best singer in Singapore, how much talent we actually have here and so on. If you have been following the show, you would have realized that those singers who were voted out, had the strongest vocal performance. I am a music student myself and I personally felt that those voted out were the better ones... I was so disappointed at the results. The judges didn't get to "Save" the contestants unlike American Idol. Then what are they there for??? Besides giving comments that I am sure the voters don't really care about. They are just there to support their friends, relatives, lovers and peers.

I would still enjoy the performances but I think this competition has some serious issues that needs to be fixed. Are we looking for Mr/Miss Popularity? Or are we looking for the best singer? Are voters professional or neutral enough to discern the contestants' performances? To the producers out there, do not just think about making dollar bills out of votes (not everyone knows how to use Facebook and Facebook voting is such a hassle), think about the real purpose of the competition and what you really want your audience to see.

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Wasted Potential

Watching Singapore Idol, American Idol and America's Got Talent, among other talent shows, have left me disappointed. Good auditions are always followed up with intentionally bad ones, intentionally inserted for humour and to keep viewers watching.

Then came talent shows such as The Voice USA/UK and I had hope that they were not a waste of time to watch, being glued to the screen for a whole episode of The Voice's latest season. With The Final 1 being announced and TVCs showing snippets of people singing without the aid of professional equipment, I was looking forward to the show.

The first episode was great, by my admission, with only several blips such as the judges using peer elimination in one portion. However, the talent was evident and I could only imagine what the singers not featured in that episode could have done. It was downhill from there, sadly. With the voting system being implemented so early in eliminations, it quickly turned into a popularity contest. The judges' opinions matter little with the voting system in place. Nerves wrecked some contestants' performances as well, from Whitney Houston to William Hung.

I continued watching for the talent pool but by the 3rd episode, I am convinced that the format needs a shake up to remain effective and keep viewership up. I believe the judges are fine, unlike other people, perhaps that's me being peculiar in that sense. It takes time to learn the art of critiquing, not something that Taufik Batisah and Kit Chan can do overnight.

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Despite extensive media coverage for The Final 1, I didn’t feel any sort of excitement for this show. The idea of another singing competition in Singapore was just so unappealing to me. However, I wanted to see how The Final 1 would be different from Singapore Idol, so I tuned in to the first episode.

The first thing that struck me was how cheap the show looked. The set-up and venue didn’t give me a good impression of the show, because it looked poorly organised and amateurish. I wasn’t expecting this show to look like The X Factor, but honestly, it kind of looked like a student production.

I also didn’t agree with the way the contestants were judged. As usual, the mean judge role was pushed to Ken Lim, and that was disappointing because I had hoped that Taufik and Kit would bring something new to the table as judges. It almost felt like Ken was the main judge and Taufik and Kit had supporting roles. I really wish they’d been more daring to critique the contestants.

That being said, I do feel that the contestants are more interesting, and that alone would’ve been good reason to continue watching the show, if it was really judged as a singing competition. Unfortunately, it is still a question of popularity.

I do appreciate the fact that The Final 1 is trying to bring something new to the table to set itself apart from Singapore Idol, but it’s been a disappointment so far, and it won’t be a show that I’ll make an effort to catch every week.

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Singapore Idol Season IV?

Someone needs to tell me what makes this different from Singapore Idol. Just like what makes X-Factor USA different from American Idol—besides the prize money that is.

Singapore Idol standards, I think one can predict with a fair amount of fidelity what mold the winner (or should I say, the final one) will fall into. Kit Chan says that she feels vindicated, because she’s always believed that Singapore has an eclectic pool of talent. However, from the Top 40, it is definitely shaping up to be a popularity contest—instead of the showcase of the talent that Singapore has. The ones who the judges said were good all promptly got the boot. Shall I also say that to cull from 40 is too many?

Someone needs to figure out what next after The Final 1. Just like what comes after Singapore Idol. Oh right, Taufik judges The Final 1—what even qualifies him to sit on the judging panel with Kit Chan and Ken Lim in the first place?

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