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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 14, 2012    

It Takes Two is a Singaporean TV drama currently airing on local TV. It is very popular and has reached high viewership. It made its debut on 6 November 2012. 


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A great and different Singapore comedy

I have stopped watching Singapore’s dramas for quite some time until it takes two was aired. I saw its previews on TV, was influenced by its publicity efforts, and decided to give it a try. It was a really addictive comedy! I especially like the parts relating to Hao You Cai and Niu Wu Yin’s family and couldn't wait to see how their fate would change and You Cai be rewarded for his hard work.

It takes two’s script was really different from other past SG comedies and I find it really funny yet informative. It adhered to many features of life in Singapore, with story lines relating to controversial issues like loan sharks, HIV, gangsters, family violence and gambling.
Among the cast, I especially like Ann Kok’s role of Vivian. Initially, I was totally shocked and couldn't recognize Ann Kok. And if you continue to watch on, her portrayal of Vivian was beyond hilarious. I was touched by her loyalty, love and filial piety.

The comedy was like de-stress pills which had helped me stay positive during the period of my final exams. I will certainly look forward to more SG’s dramas!

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Wish the serial never ended!

Initially, I thought It Takes Two was just another 9pm show on Channel 8, but I was hooked on it after the second episode. The drama serial features many conflicts between different groups of people, and how the families managed to overcome the overlapping problems that arose.

Jokes, which are witty and uniquely Singaporean, are added into common scenes like those in hawker centres and schools. This really makes viewers have a good laugh and also relate to the funny things that we Singaporeans often do and say.

Although some parts of the plot are very predictable and some of the cast did not act well, It Takes Two is a great serial which I will remember and I hope a similar one will air on TV again.

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Local comedy at its best

I'm not the biggest fan of local family drama serials, but It Takes Two managed to capture my heart, and convert me into a religious viewer.

It Takes Two generally follows the lives of two families who are constantly at ends with each other. One of the families is wealthy, whereas the other is poor and even occasionally faces difficulty making ends meet. The drama serial tells a tale of how one ought not to be complacent, and that if a person works hard enough, he will definitely make it big in life. Cheesy plot, yes, but awfully lovable.

I particularly liked the humor of this drama. It pokes fun (subtly, of course) at different character types in Singapore, and includes the typical problems that Singaporeans face in their daily lives in its plot, which definitely makes it one that touches the heart, and allows viewers to relate well with it.

Of course, plot aside, the cast was pretty good. Although it featured a few newbies and young actors, their acting was good, and relatively believable. Combined with the works of veterans like Kym Ng and Chen Han Wei, the drama was pretty flawless.

The ending was a little too cheesy for my tastes though; Everything ended so well and perfectly that it kind of killed the realness of the serial a little. Otherwise, a lovely drama that's worth the watch because it's just so rip-roaringly comedic.

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Superb series

This is one of the series that my daughter followed. She seldom had chance to follow drama series because during school days, her mother would not allow her to watch television programmes until so late so it was lucky for her that this show started airing after her school examination.

I watched the show with her because the show was rated "PG" (Parental Guidance Advised). I had to bring her home before 9pm on weekdays or she would be nagging me although for those episodes that she missed, she knew how to access XinMSN to watch.

The series was something different because you will see a lot of actors and actresses performing roles that they would not normally do. Of special mention should be Ann Kok and Chen Han Wei. They really forgot about image and put in a good performance.

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