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Unriddle is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecasted on MediaCorp, Channel 8. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes. Unriddle 2 is a sequel to Unriddle.


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Wonderful locally-based detective drama

I'd always loved all things detective since young, be it Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, locally based novels such as Mr Mystery by James Lee or detective movies like Police Story and local crime shows like Crime watch, I devoured them hungrily. Hence, I cwasn't surprised when this love morphed, for some weeks, into hardcore chasing of the drama series Unriddle.

I remembered that this show was set at a good time. Running all the way from the end of my school exams to just before I entered JC (Can't really remember the time period but the generally the feeling I have now was like that), and I'd never fail to watch it every single weekday night.

The series was delightful, in my opinion, simply because it spins a yarn of fantastic stories of how the team, led by Rui En (whooooo chiobu!) cracks mysteries that come their way. There was really a lot of suspense and action, especially when the team comes under danger. Moreover, the clues that dropped here and there helps to liven up the story by making the viewer try to follow the trail as well.

To be frank though, the only thing I didn't like about the drama was that it has only 20 episodes.

Too short!

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Interestingly Mysterious

This series always kept me on the edge of my seat - the scenes were often riddled with clues and possiblities of how the ending could have turned out with an amazing, unpredictable turn of events at the end. This kept me watching and following the series to find out the eventual outcome of a case and the motives for doing so.

Though exciting, this show was also able to portray the ominous side of being a detective - the job of a detective is not all that glamorous and fun as portrayed by the media. Instead, the vocation of a detective is one that involves a dedicated investigator, a hardworking and instinctively alert person, and a lot of thinking time to crack the mystery. I'm sure now I'm hardly fit to fill in the role as a detective. I especially love Rui En's role in the whole series - her masculine presence and her intense look never fails to add an element of sexiness while keeping it cool. The other characters seem to gravitate around her which also makes it a little more interesting as a side story line.

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Every episode a cliffhanger!

I absolutely love this series! The plot was well-planned, with smooth transitions from case to case, as well as an over-arcing storyline that is tied in very well.

Each and every episode kept me on my toes, and every night I would look forward to watching the mystery being unravelled. The themes incorporated into this series include relationships, loyalty, family, justice. Typical of a cop-show, but very well-presented.

My favourite part would have to be the unexpected chemistry between Rui En and Chen Li Ping. Straying from the norm of the main characters being of opposite genders, these 2 experienced actresses managed to make the series unexpected, hilarious, mysterious and heart-warming, all at the same time.

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Great chemistry, Fantastic plot.

This isn’t just your typical cop-show. I feel that the characters of this show has more depth and are more relatable than other cop shows. I was especially surprised at the chemistry between Rui En and Chen Li Ping. It’s that chemistry which makes the show interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Unriddle also has a unique way of unfolding the plot. Each episode begins with the scene that will happen sometime later in the episode. I was immediately glued to my seat, my eyes stuck on the screen and feeling really excited to watch the episode’s progress.

I especially enjoyed Season 2. It had a much darker theme that was definitely more interesting than its debut season.

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Everything isn't memorable except one thing!

Everything isn't exactly memorable when it comes to this show. Except the ending. This unriddle show plastered a riddle across my television screen at the ending of the very last episode of season one. I was baffled! I can't exactly recall what the riddle was but I believe it sounded like " The riddle remains unriddled"? It was rather amusing actually. The easy outlet whenever you can't seem to find an ending that satisfies you. Question the question.

The response was fiery on social networking systems especially Facebook. My Facebook timeline began rolling in responses regarding the queer riddle, some even ridiculing it. I, too, became addicted in this Unriddle fuss and buzz. I, like any other being, began contributing my own version; some sort of parody albeit not in a video form. It became a domineering topic on the phone with my peers and I for several days. Applaudable feat for a local production.

Unfortunately, I wasn't hooked onto season one. Hence, I gave season two a pass. I didn't tune in to any of it's episodes.

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The Riddle
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(Updated: February 27, 2013)

Awesome Season 1, Thumbs-Down Season 2

This is one of the shows with an awesome Season 1 and a thumbs-down Season 2.

Season 1 to me is a welcome change from all those drama shows which are very typical of Singapore Chinese TV sitcoms but nothing to shout about. I believe this is the first time Mediacorp has done a thriller, and done it very successfully. I was awesomely impressed.

The main cast--Tay Ping Hui, Rui En and Chen Li Ping--were stellar. I was disappointed to find Tay Ping Hui relegated to the role of a victim as I wished to see more heroics from him. Rui En was perfect for her role. Her stylist made her look very good in the choice of makeup, hairstyle, and outfit. The star of the show, in my opinion, is Chen Li Ping. Of the three, she is the most awesome, and really brings out the greatness of a person considered to be near the bottom of society. Due to her lack of education, she could not be a police officer like her father, so she decided to become an informant to help the police, and she was a very good one at that! She also had a heart of gold, as she took in 3 (later 4) destitute persons because she had compassion and love for them. But the most important element that makes the show successful is the chemistry between Rui En and Chen Li Ping. The two of them hit it off really well as on-screen partners.

Season 1, as I mentioned, was awesome. Unfortunately, the same could be said of Season 2. I don't know why Season 2 could not continue with the thriller aspect of Season 1, and instead veered a little into the horror genre, ending with a gory murder, a mad psychiatrist and even madder professor. I also hated the show for replacing a very good Tay Ping Hui with a comparatively mediocre Elvin Ng. (Sorry Elvin, don't mean to be insulting, but then Tay Ping Hui is a veteran actor, and you're a newcomer.) Again, Tay Ping Hui was cast into the role of a victim. What a waste of talent!

It's such a pity that Mediacorp could not replicate the success formula of Season 1 into Season 2, otherwise I might look forward with anticipation for Season 3. For now, I shall re-watch my Season 1 DVDs and stop at that.

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One of the better productions

Unriddle had injected a new element into the local TV industry. It was indeed one of the better scripted serials in local context. Unriddle 2 had broken the impression of “cops do not make mistake”. In Unriddle 2, the cases were nicely arranged and well developed. The sequel, took justice to the grey side; showing the more humane side of cops, who will exercise their justices in their own ways with a touch of personal emotions.

Personally, I love this serial and really hope it will win the Best Drama for Star Awards 2013.

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One of the best

I personally thought that Unriddle was one of the best drama serials that Channel 8 has produced. This particular drama is a refreshing deviant from the overused family drama plots, and is one of the best crime dramas that Channel 8 has seen in recent years.

Personally, I thought that producing this drama was a very daring move in itself. It reached out psychologically to the viewers, and featured some really dark and gory elements, one of which including the digging out of a heart in the last few episodes, and since these features aren't usually seen in local dramas, there was a definite risk that the drama wouldn't be well-received. However, it turned out to be a blockbuster drama that was so popular among viewers that a second season was even produced.

I thought that Rui En and Chen Li Ping's acting in Unriddle was pretty flawless. Rui En acted the part of a self-isolated cop pretty well, and she was able to bring out the emotions of her character's inner demons seamlessly. Chen Li Ping also demonstrated why she's a veteran in the industry, as she portrayed her explosive emotions with relative ease, and made her acting extremely believeable.

This drama also featured the upcoming star, Rebecca Lim, as the bad guy in the sequel, and I was pretty impressed with her performance in the drama as well. It's definitely not everyday that you see an actress who's been touted to be the upcoming Caldecott Princess to be, act in a role that portrays her as a psychopathic killer.

Unriddle is definitely one of the best dramas that Channel 8 has seen in a very long time, as it has created a legacy that not all MediaCorp dramas have to be about fun, love and shallow laughter - the audience can take darkness and depth just as well!

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Star-studded cast

I love unriddle because it is one of the more unique genre television series in mediacorp besides the usual of family quarrels and love. This show places more on cops, friendship, and some psychology elements in it. A dark show for the typical singaporean taste, but defintely not for me, i love these kind of shows.

Rui en and Chen Liping acted really well in the show, from initial enemies to good buddies and friends in the end, we can see the intensity of the transition of characters in the show and there are unexpected twists here and there that will keep you wanting for more.

I watched the sequel too, and i love that there are sequels because it develops the characters more and we are able to give a closure to the series.

Overall a good show to watch if you are sick of the typical family dramas

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Sick ending

I only watched the sequel, Unriddle 2. Being a crime thriller series, of course each episode ended on a cliff hanger, compelling us (or maybe it was just me) to follow the series and catch each episode.

The twists in the plot made it unpredictable and quite exciting. The lead actresses (I don't actually remember a single actor from the series!) pulled off their roles rather well as well. However, the ending where a character's heart was gouged out was terribly dark and gory. Some might say the script writers were trying too hard to make an impression. It's definitely one of the more memorable series - the thought of it still leaves me slightly traumatised and nauseated. Channel 8 "9 o'clock show"s shouldn't leave viewers scarred! Can't imagine if I'd watched it as a primary school kid.

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