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Triple Nine is a hit Singaporean drama series which ran from 1995 to 1999. It was MediaCorp's earliest attempt in an action-based drama series and it revolved around the lives of a group of police officers.


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(Updated: March 26, 2013)
'All right, that's enough!'
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Despite the popularity of this show when I was a kid, I did not follow every episode because Channel 5 didn't much appeal to me back then, except for the cartoons, of course. However, it did interest me as an action drama would, much like how Crime Watch entrances whole families to the sofa when it airs.

I remember a scene where Robin Leong proclaims in an overly indignant tone,' All right, that's enough!', dramatically holding his gun up from the holster to point at a man waving a chopper, instructing him to put his hands up. The purposely exaggerated actions were refreshed by a friend a few years ago and had remained a classic joke between us ever since. We even renamed the character SWAT Leong for the excessively macho way he portrayed a police officer on the move!

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999 Calling for Mediacorp to reincarnate this show!
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Triple Nine. The totally local show which we played religiously during the era when plasmas and iPhones wasn't invented yet.

Unfortunately, the memory for this show is rather vague.

However, I do remember a Eurasian character in the show. Was he Eurasian? James Lye. He doesn't seem purely local. His character and image within this show had the ability of stirring up ovaries which hadn't developed fully yet during that time. I recalled leaping up and down my leather sofa in glee the moment he materialised on television. I would clap my hands like a circus seal till the windows from the neighbouring blocks reverberated. The quality on television wasn't high definition either and it was peppered with graininess. Despite it's grainy quality, it did not deter me from staring at my television like it was the world's best invention ever!

Apologies for the previous crude biology.

Hence, Singaporeans should totally go triple nine over Mediacorp and demand this show, or something similar, to be either reincarnated or rejuvenated!

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James Lye
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Classic Drama
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I loved triple nine! It was the only show that I actually would remember timings for and sit in front of the television anticipating every episode. Back then when triple nine was showing on television, I was still very young, though I still remembered the whole show very clearly as if I had just watched the series not long ago. The police-based story line always had me moving nearer and nearer to the television as I got more and more excited throughout the show.

My favourite character then was the one played by Wong Li-lin. She was the prettiest, and despite the pretty demure looks, her character displayed masculine traits, firing out at criminals and instructing her team vigilantly. James Lye was also one of the hot favourites then, although he quickly slipped under the radar after the show finished and I was rather disappointed though as I was looking forward to seeing more of him on television. His two-second on screen popularity was one frequently talked about after though, as many compared the his performance to that of his peers in the shows to come.

The show now probably looks like another unprofessional act from the 80s as technical advances back then were not as developed as the ones we have today. However, I would say that it was one of the better dramas of that era.

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