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Listing created by Iswariya on October 18, 2012    

Heartlanders was distinctively the first Singaporean English television series to be based primarily on uniformed patrol police officers. The show starred Vincent Ng and Aaron Aziz as the main leads. 


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Feast your eyes with these.

Local english shows in Singapore always had to conquer or sway the hearts of fellow viewers else it's rating will droop beyond ground level.

I remembered getting hyped up for this show the moment the first highlight or advertisement about it was shown.

Similar to triple Nine, this show doubled the amount of eye candies. No, there's no James Lye here. However the three leading actors could do an applaudable job in this feasting department.

The show contents wasn't memorable enough though.

These eye candies told a different story.

Aaron Aziz peaked to his ultimate high in the popularity criteria. Vincent Lai sped around clad in wife beaters, and sometimes nothing. Who was the other actor?

Unfortunately, my eyes grew tired of looking at these same platter of candies on a weekly basis.

Hence, the slight droop in ratings.

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