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It is a television programme produced by Singapore Police Force and National Crime Prevention Council. The programme is telecast in four languages: English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. It showcases the work of Singapore Police Force, how they solved the cases, appeals for unsolved cases, at the end of the show, they will give advices on how to prevent crime.


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Served its purpose

Crimewatch is scheduled to run monthly. Personally, I think it would be more beneficial to run the show on an ad hoc basis or as required.

The show is about crime prevention and appeal for witnesses for unsolved crimes. If the show is only scheduled to run at a fixed schedule, won't the appeal for witnesses come too late? If the show is to inform the public of some new scams happening, won't it be better to have the show earlier than wait for the scheduled run date? Information loses its use if it comes too late.

Although the show also show how police solve certain crimes but I believe a lot of details would still be left out so that the show will not become an education for smart criminals to learn ways to prevent being caught.

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Maybe I'm too naive

Maybe I'm too naive but its only after I've read through the other reviews that I realise how badly people actually think of Crimewatch.

All along, I've found it extremely informative and interesting to watch. I admit I do realise that there is alot of propaganda behind it to promote the Singapore Police Force. And come to think of it, the acting is pretty bad. However, this is not a drama series or a movie. I don't expect great acting for such a show. I think that it has served its purpose well in highlighting the common crimes in Singapore and in showing us how to protect ourselves.

Crimewatch may be boring to some as it lacks the action and the thrill. But I am glad that it is this way, because it means that Singapore is still safe. Imagine if Crimewatch was like CSI - I would be so afraid to go out alone.

Overall, I think it has served its purpose well in informing Singaporeans about the crimes that abound in Singapore and how we can reduce the chances of falling prey to such crimes.

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Crime watch - watch crime

Crimewatch is a show I've been watching for many years now. During my younger days, I watched this show because my mother asked me to. I learnt crime prevention and about the various ways people will scam someone.

However, as I grew older, I realised there's an ulterior motive behind this show. The show consists of how the police force solved cases and caught culprits, but it made me think, why did they not show unsolved cases ? I mean, unsolved cases would have at least had some progress on it right ? So it made me ponder. And the more I watched the show, the more I realised how fake it was. Though the facts are true, I believe criminals would constantly be upgrading themselves and hence, the facts may be outdated by the time we get to see it.

In conclusion, I think crime watch is a show which children should watch, because for adults, it just seems so fake. But parents can use this show as an educating platform to inform and show their children real life dangers. Like my mother always used to say, never talk to strangers !

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Not worth the time to watch even when you have nothing to do

From all the time that I spent watching Crimewatch, I surmise that Crimewatch serves these sole 3 purposes:
1) To promote Singapore's police force as being efficient/effective as a reminder of who Singaporeans should be thanking for a safe society;
2) To, not so subtly, promote the police force and gather more recruits;
3) To remind Singaporeans about how to prevent crime.

Only concerned with these purposes, they take the 'entertainment' out of 'infotainment', which makes it a very boring show. Re-enactments are highly scripted, with acting being unnatural and stiff. It is hard to imagine that it is actually based on an actual crime. There is no drama even in the dramatic moments - everything falls flat. And unless you live under a rock or possess little common sense, the information to prevent crime is nothing remotely new or surprising.

There is nothing worth watching in this show, even when you are highly bored with nothing to do. Thank god for the Internet age.

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Where good overcomes bad

The main appeal of the crime watch series would be the action. The storylines follow the general pattern where the good triumphs the bad, just like any movie or TV serial. However, the heartening aspect would be that it actually happens in real life, and it is extremely exciting to follow the blow-by-blow account of how the police conducted their investigations and caught the perpetrators om the end. Moreover, the verdicts reached does not only show us that the criminals have gotten their just desserts, but also teaches us that crime does not pay.

The quaint thing is that Crimewatch tend to be more watched during the weekends especially if its after a movie. Despite having sat for 2.5 hours on the couch and feeling quite lethargic, the appeal of the show is that it simply just convinces us that an additional half an hour doesn't matter. On weekdays its harder, as its on its own and does not follow the 7pm Channel 8 show (which is avidly followed). Crimewatch used to show on tuesdays at 8.30pm.

Overall, a decent half an hour spent

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Propaganda but useful

A lot of people, myself included, think of Crimewatch as a propaganda tool of the Singapore Police Force. From the "photogenic" police inspector (usually female), to the portrayal of how "cool"police work is, there is no escaping the blatant attempts at propaganda.

However, I do not think that it is necessarily a bad thing. The show covers recent major crimes, and keeps viewers informed of any recent spikes in types of crimes. It is informative, and frankly it gets its message across to viewers. If the police put up some kind of warning or notice, those usually get ignored. But dramatizing the message makes people take notice.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)

Bring back the old Crimewatch!

Whatever happened to the old Crimewatch?

I understand that producers are trying to make Crimewatch more interesting to increase viewership, and I appreciate the effort but unfortunately the new version of Crimewatch just comes across as a poor imitation of CSI.

I have always had the impression that Crimewatch is an informative programme meant to update Singaporeans on the latest crimes and alert them to the necessary precautions they should take. Crimewatch has succeeded quite well by following a documentary format and I don't understand why it has to be revamped to appear as a series of mini-dramas. Furthermore, I don't see the need for real police officers to take part in re-enactments, as some of them are clearly unable to act and it becomes all too obvious that it is a re-enactment.

Crimewatch used to be good, but not anymore. Bring back the old Crimewatch, please.

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This show alerts us youngsters and adults on what is going on in our society. Through this show will we know exactly what sort of crimes other people are commiting in our society and also know how to prevent ourselves from falling prey to such crimes.

It is a terror to see how some others can be so brutal or heartless, my heart wrenches for the victims and their families. The show re- enacts how the crimes took place, which is what captivates young viewers. I think that is a smart move on their part, if not for the exciting reenactments, young kids would rather indulge in their cyber fantasies than to take a look at what is going on around them.

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Interesting but boring overtime

I've always enjoyed watching Crimewatch since young. The scenes reenacted are very realistic (well it has to be, its a reenacted story after all) and the punishment given to the criminals always make me heave a sigh of relief for being a strict law abider.

However, I sometimes cannot help but find it amusing that I keep seeing the same actors and actresses - in a particular week, this guy will be playing a thief, but a couple of weeks later, he's magically transformed into a burglar. Wow. I used to follow the series diligently, but overtime, I realise that many stories are repeated. I start to get bored watching the show because its not as interesting as before.

Well, the moral of the story is definitely there; we are shown the various ways crimes are committed so that we'll have more awareness and not let ourselves become the next victim. Full marks for being an educational program!

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Wooden acting, Calefare cast

Crimewatch has its objectives and purpose. It is an outreach vehicle through the media that is television and it is largely successful. People can say that it is propaganda just because the boys in blue are there but then again anything on mainstream media is propaganda by that definition! Consider this, nobody complains about Otelli Edwards being an agent of propaganda simply because she's eye candy material, ditto Cheryl Fox. Which brings me to my next point.

The reason why people get derisive over Crimewatch is because:

i) The acting talents. Mostly are calefare standard. I suspect that they are made up of off-duty police staff arrowed by their COs and OCs.

ii) Lack of budget. Self explanatory. Watch the programme and pay attention to the production quality or the lack thereof.

Watch Crimewatch for what is worth, but don't expect it to win awards even at grassroots level.

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