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It is a 100 episodes Chinese language modern drama which was filmed and broadcast on MediaCorp Channel 8 in the year of 2005. Each episode's running time is approximately 45 minutes.


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Singaporean version of "Ai"

Portrait of Home is probably a Singaporean version of the long-lasting Taiwanese drama popular amongst the elders - "Ai".

I did enjoy the show initially, because I felt that the theme was clear, the character development was there and the characters were interesting and diverse in their ways. (Yes, I still had faith in local productions then) On a lighter note, I was really amused and impressed at the house the characters supposedly stayed in. Everyone of them had their own little "HDB flats" that were all connected to the main house. I wonder where to locate such a house in Singapore...

I have to confess though, I sort of lost enthusiasm and momentum when the second season was released because I felt that the plot was getting too complicated and cheesy. At the same time, I have never been a huge fan of dramas lasting more than 40 episodes. I managed to last till the end of the entire show, and well I guess the ending was... expected.

Not a wildly fantastical show, but definitely the better ones Mediacorp has produced.

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Family entertainment

When this series first started showing, it was my family's nightly entertainment, and it seemed like everyone could relate to at least some parts of it. With a large cast that covers many different types of personalities, lifestyles and capabilities, Portrait of Home was the talked-about series during its year.

Its popularity definitely did not die down after the series ended. A few years later, there was a rerun of the series in the evening time, and it was nice re-visiting the complex plot that follows the story of many characters.

With a long series like this, one tends to get rather attached to the characters and storyline, which will leave an empty space when the series ends. However, not to worry, just search xinmsn for other Mediacorp dramas, I promise they will fill the void.

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No surprise there,, mediacorp.

My my, are Singapore's productions all about family bonding, kinship and human ties only?

Many of their shows feature such plots and nothing more. Within non existent plots, that is. This shows features a large family where friendship and family ties play a large part in the drama, where the children end up fighting for their share of the father' fishball business. Typical.

The part I must say was pretty well done, though. However, as it received high viewership, they came up with a part II, which was hell boring. It felt as though they were intentionally dragging the storyline. I skipped the entire part II series, but what annoyed me that it was played during prime time.

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Portrait of Home was one of my favourite childhood dramas, and till this day, it is still uncontested as one of the better dramas in Mediacorp.

Portrait of Home generally depicts a wealthy household, and the internal strife within the household because of monetary reasons. With about a hundred episodes, Portrait of Home is as memorable as it is long, and to date, is one of the longest drama serials that MediaCorp has ever produced. This drama definitely set a legacy for family dramas today, as no other drama did internal strife, backstabbing and love like Portrait of Home.

I recall Adrian Pang in his breakthrough role as Da Di in Portrait of Home. He acted exceptionally well as an eccentric, and his acting was real enough to convince the viewers that he was probably one himself. Felicia Chin also gained attention through this drama serial, in which she acted as the happy-go-lucky love interest of Pierre Png, but it seems that she did so well in this role that she's been casted for the same type of roles ever since.

A nostalgic family drama serial with such intricate plot loops, that it set a new era for our local definition of 'drama'.

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