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Listing created by Jerald on September 30, 2012    

The Champion is a Singaporean idol drama starring many popular young actors and actresses, including Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin, and Fiona Xie. The plot of the drama revolves a swimming team, the Flying Fish, and the rivalry they have with another team, the Seagulls. After losing a bet with the Seagulls, the Flying Fish get a new coach from overseas, and work towards beating them in the next big swim meet. This drama marked the debut  of Jesseca Liu, and also contained the infamous scene where members of the Flying Fish run down Orchard road in their bikinis.


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Classic favourite

This classic Mediacorp drama was a favourite of mine. The drama presented in this series was of just the right amount. It touched on many subjects, including family, romance, bullying, striving for the best and working hard for what you want. I leant many lessons watching this addictive drama, while still being thoroughly entertained.

The bikini run is such a classic that it has even been recreated in another later drama of Mediacorp. While some may say that is blatant copying, I actually think it just shows how great a show The Champion is.

Personally, I miss dramas like this with plots that are simple yet touch many hearts.

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Bikini People Ahoy!

I was hooked on this show! I remember it being such a cool show to watch in primary school because it came out in the papers and everyone was talking about it. I obviously did not want to be left out in the conversations at school and would obediently plant myself in front of the television every night to catch the episode so that I can talk to my friends about it the next day. Little did I know that there was a big fuss about it in the media because of the attention that it drew due to the actors and actresses being “skimpily dressed” and “inappropriate”.

The infamous bikini run down Orchard road had many people talking about it for years after the show. It probably owed half its popularity to the media fuss, and the negative limelight that it was getting from it but above it all, I enjoyed the whole drama.

Although the acting was not the most fantastic, the show is certainly one with the most eyecandy material. I've not seen many replays of it since the days it has been shown on television but it is sure one that I would like to see on screen soon. Just to relive the old days of fangirling.

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Memories of childhood

This Television drama was so long ago but i still remembered it clearly. In the drama, the 7 flowers of Channel 8 like Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin were so youthful and fresh to the screens. It was also one of the first television drama that Channel 8 collaborated with overseas- Taiwan celebrities to film. I found it a refreshing change.

It was a heartwarming drama about sportsmanship, friendship, kinship and love which i enjoyed thoroughly. The most epic and talked about scene in that drama even until today is when the actresses, felicia chin, Jeanette aw ran around in Orchard road clad in their bikinis only. It was quite a open-minded change for the all so conservative Singapore media scene

I would love to catch this show again if i have the time and see how well the actresses have improved over the years

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Just keep swimming.

This was the television programme of my childhood.

Every night of screening, my eyes would be glued to the television screen, not wanting to miss a second of the programme.

Absolutely full to bursting with the dynamism and exuberance of youth, it portrays youth in the best way possible. It demonstrates red-hot passion, friendship and loyalty, all important themes in the life of teenagers.

It deals with many social issues and inculcates non-conformity and standing up for your own values.

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It inspired me to learn swimming

This is yet again, another successful production by Mediacorp that has made up a part of my childhood days, me being an avid fan of Channel 8 drama serials ever since I was young.

It is indeed, a refreshing novelty to infuse some Taiwanese actors and actresses into our local dramas because these new, fresh faces are certainly what viewers need - it elicits interest within the viewers upon being able to be exposed to a greater variety of actors, and besides, it provides great opportunities for actors and actresses from different background to exchange acting tips and make more friends and alliances.

Oh, don't even mention the slim and devilish figures of those female leads. There was an extremely memorable scene whereby four of them, Fiona Xie, Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin and Joyce Chao run in their bikinis down the busiest streets in Singapore - Orchard road. Even till now, it's a classic scene of all the local drama serials that is repeatedly mentioned on grand ceremonies like Star Awards.

I wonder how many people suffered from a nosebleed as the scene was played on television.

The male leads too - that perfect build, sexily toned muscles are so irresistible and undeniable. I know, ladies out there, you're dying to have a touch of those abs. (Because I am too).

But it's of course, not simply the actors and actresses that contributes to the wondrous making of this show - the plot itself is equally appealing: the unexpected and sudden twists in the story, the foreshadowing certain episode has that leads on to premonition of what's to come next.

What an awesome show!

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Childhood favourite!

I used to watch this drama all the time back when I was still in primary school, and eventually even pestered my parents to buy me the box-set CDs of it.

The Champion is famed for its Orchard Road scene, in which the female lead characters were made to run down Orchard Road clad in only a swimsuit, and has definitely created a legacy among Channel 8 swimming dramas.

It is definitely refreshing for a drama of its time, as it involved collaborations with actors and actresses from other countries, for instance Toro, and there were several scenes that were considered daring at that time. The Champion has definitely transcended the typical standards of its time.

On a sidenote, I have a feeling that my obsession with The Champion years ago was probably because I had a schoolgirl crush on Toro. Then I grew up and realized that I was probably taller than him.

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I did not have a good reason watching this

Basically there's Fiona Xie, so is there a question of where I would be everytime this show comes on?

I honestly did not watch the show for itself. It could have some Confucius-worthy values and beliefs but they are shelved into the unimportant part of my brain and the only reason I watched it was because of the famous Orchard Road scene.

I pretty much did not care for any other star and proceeded to watch Fiona Xie in great love. I am actually sick to death of swimming shows and wouldn't watch this without sufficient blackmail but there's Fiona Xie.

Watch it for Fiona Xie (did I say that already?).

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This drama is infamous for the bikini scenes across Orchard Road. It has gathered considerable media attention, and has in my opinion, overshadowed the show. During it's telecast, I remembered the news saying that it was one of the highest-rated television programmes in 2004.

I've watched this drama when I was in my primary school days, and being a hot-blooded male, my attention naturally gravitated towards the semi-nude scenes. However provocative it may be, the show was actually pretty good, dealing with social values and the trials and tribulations a sports team goes through in order to obtain success. I particularly enjoyed the debut of then-unknown actress by the name of Jesseca Liu.

Not a bad show in general.

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(Updated: October 12, 2012)

One of my favourite.

I can still remember those pretty and handsome faces from the show vividly. The most unforgettable scene got to be which the four pretty babes were running across Orchard Road in their bikinis. Qi Yu Wu was one of the actors whom I left deep impression as this is the first time I see him being a sunshine boy with a tanned body. This is one drama that I anticipated every episode at 9pm back then. Popular Taiwan artistes like Toro and Xiao Qiao joined the filming of The Champion.

The show is about swimming and focus on how teamwork and hard work will pay off eventually. Not forgetting the relationships among the characters. After all, what is idol drama without some love?

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enjoyable drama

This is one of the few dramas that I liked a lot and can still remember the storyline today. There are actresses and actors acting in this drama as well. I find that the storyline is interesting and creative, as compared to the other dramas in Singapore, and also there are good looking guys and girls in this drama as well.

The main theme of this drama is about swimming and a little of romance. This drama portrays a lot of teamwork within the swimming teams, backstabbing between team members in order to achieve their goals. It is interesting and it got me watching everyday, even the re-run of the drama.

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