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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 20, 2012    

This channel focuses on kids and the youth of today and programmes that target the growing local arts community


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I feel that Okto is frankly, an ambiguous channel. While packaged externally as a programme catered specially to kids in Singapore, there are elements of the channel such as horror shows, late night ballads that would more appeal to another age group. When I was young, my favourite channel was Kids Central, in my humble opinion, the quality then was even better than cartoon-network, which one has to pay in order to watch. The shows then were beautifully arranged, with the most popular shows scheduled during the afternoon and evening hours, when kids like me are mostly likely to be home from school and are looking for an avenue to relax. However, the quality of even the kids shows has deteoriated over the years, I mean, who wants to watch shows like Groom My Room? Which brings back bad memories of being forced to clean their room for my little cousins, I feel that shows like Dora the Explorer would be more interesting and engaging.

Lets hope that okto would not be the fall guy for kids, they love their tv shows so much that it'll literally break their hearts

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(Updated: January 06, 2013)

My five years old's favorite channel

My five years old son only remembers the number for one channel. When he got control of the TV remote control, he will switch to OKTO. It showed a lot of cartoons on weekend mornings and that was mostly the time that my son has control of the remote control.

I had done channel surfing on weekends mornings before and OKTO seemed to be the only channel showing more entertaining programs. Even by saying so, I will not choose this channel except for the lack of other better programs from other channels during the same time slot.

But for certain weekday evenings, this channel appeal to me because they show animal documentaries. I once went to the DVD shop wanting to buy some animal documentaries for my children to watch. Those shows cost a lot more than the blockbuster movies and there were also not much selections. OKTO showed some interesting documentaries and the best part is they are all free.

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The good old days

OKTO or kids central which I know it by, has been around for quite some time. I have not watched it much since kids central was renamed to OKTO but I will never forget the good old days.

When I was young, I used to wake up early every Saturday morning just to catch shows like Tamiya, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Bayblade, Crushgears, and of course Blues Clues. These shows were broadcasted during my childhood days. All these shows were a huge part of my life as my school friends and I always talk about the latest episodes in school. As a kid from the 90s, the mornings were reserved for such shows, before the afternoon activities of soccer or such. Currently, I noticed there is a show called mat yoyo. Honestly, I appreciate the fact that the channel is trying to educate children, but the children these days are more advanced than the children of my time. So more productive programs should be added, maybe a blast from the past perhaps ? Because I am sure to watch it.

In my own opinion, I prefer kids central to OKTO because of the range of programs it provided

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Disgustingly Boring!

I honestly felt Okto was interesting when it first came out, it showed shows of a different breed, quality shows, I thought. There were movies about historical events in countries, and they were interesting and thought-provoking!

However, over the years, it seemed to have fallen into a rut. Now I watch the shows shown there and I can't understand why anyone would even bother watching them.

Old, faded, boring black and white movies, old opera, who would want to watch this kind of shows? I do not even bother scouring Life to check what kind of movies Okto! Is featuring on Sunday nights.

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Poor replacement for Kids Central

I remember eagerly awaiting the programs on Kids Central, the previous name for okto. Now when I open the newspaper to the TV programs section and look at the offerings on okto, I wonder whatever happened to quality of Kids Central. It seems along with a new name, the standards have dropped drastically.

The programs offered are dull and uninteresting. And no, it is not because I have out grown them. My nieces and nephews also find the programs uninteresting preferring to watch their own DVDs or shows off the Internet.

Most of the programs cater to really young kids with shows the equivalent of Teletubbies level.

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Not my kind of channel to watch

What happened to the old Kids Central that okto used to be? The new version, okto simply does not appeal to me. In fact, I find most of the shows rather boring, childish or even lame. okto has replaced the original, popular Hi-5 with similar versions that aren't as interesting and just seem like a rip-off. All the art bites and short clips are also uninteresting as most of the time I have no idea what they're purpose is and what's the point of showing them.

Occasionally there a few nice shows or movies, however, okto is mostly a bore most of a time. Even during the "School Holiday" show periods, the shows aren't actually all that interesting and are mostly catered for the younger children. Hence, it is clear to say that okto is mostly just a channel for young children and not for youths.

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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

Please don't only show good movies late on Sunday night!

I sure miss the cartoons I grew up with on Kids Central. Nevertheless, I like the other developments of Okto, especially the documentaries and art house films they screen. My dad loves watching the orchestras and I think the quality of movies on Okto is so much better than on Channel 5!

I only wish they wouldn't show these movies on Sunday nights. I mean, if the aim is to encourage viewership, Sunday night isn't exactly prime time when we all have to work / go to school early the next day right? Or maybe that's the result of juggling kids entertainment and educational/cultural stuff on the same channel. Can only watch non-kids movies after the kids are supposedly asleep...

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For the clever kids.

OKTO replaced kidscentral quite sometime ago, and I was really sad to see my fav channel go. Comparing both channels, OKTO focuses on more intellectual programs, whereas Kidscentral was just fun filled cartoons that adults can even watch. OKTO does show many 'brainy' programs to cater to the clever kids of our current era. For instance, instead of 'Art Attack,' OKTO has 'Backyard Science'

I have never tuned in to OKTO to watch a kids program since it was launched, but I do watch OKTO during the night, and I'm glad to have found interesting documentaries on different lifestyle and countries. It's almost like travelling in the comfort of my couch for that 2 hours or so. And I'd recommend OKTO to people who do not have SCV, and yet at the same time, would like to watch NatGeo kind of documentaries.

Of course, right now, if Kidscentral came back, I'd still tune in to it regardless of the time of the day.

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Surprisingly impressive.

I don't believe anyone was elated to see Kids Central go. Kids Central was the soundtrack of our childhood years, our friend, our family. It was familiar to us, like an old stuffed toy. Yet, it had to make way for this new kid on the block.

And I have never resented OKTO for it. OKTO has far surpassed Kids Central. OKTO is artsy and sophisticated .With no predecessors of its kind in Singapore television, OKTO has been liberated, free to venture into different outlets of entertainment to garner the response and reactions of the audience to each of these. OKTO has experimented with documentaries and artsy programmes, and has brought a new edge to Singapore television. Straying far off the well-trodden path, OKTO has managed to explore new grounds, fertile land abundant with fruits and flowers.

I love that OKTO manages to bring art to Singapore's television. It gave us a well-deserved break from all the flogged-to-death storylines that Channel 8 has been churning out over and over again, and a refreshing change from Channel 5's repetitive blockbusters.

OKTO has surprised me, pleasantly.

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The advertisements were so captivating and interesting i couldn't wait for kids central to scram immediately and welcome okto with open arms. Well, i was wrong wrong wrong.

Like they say, you only appreciate things when they are gone. And i was. I missed kids central dearly. Okto is totally NOT like kids central at all, the type and variety of shows were definitely not reminiscent of kids central. I used to watch kids central every single day, even in primary school, i would still tune in to their channel to catch shows like powerpuff girls and all.

Okto now doesn't have the cartoons that kids central used to have. Now all they have are celebrity starred shows which are incredily stupid and lame to me. I MISS MY CARTOONS.
one good thing though is that okto opens later than kids central and their okto @ the movies is not too bad either.

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