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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 20, 2012    

Established in March 1999, Channel NewsAsia is the news channel providing the latest in news and information on global developments with Asian perspectives.


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Precise English and In depth News

With the crisp, precise English of the anchorwoman or man, Channel NewsAsia provides quality news information from all over the world. However, my general impression of the channel is one that provides more business information than news. At the bottom tabs of the channel, there are always flashing headlines which indicate the change in the stock prices and so on - I personally find it slightly distracting when the anchorwoman is reporting a certain newscast.

On the bright side, the language is something to pick up on. Unlike the sloppy English that is generally spoken by many Singaporeans in today's day and age, the grammar and the sentence structure is something valuable, something we can learn from. The news reports are also usually quite in depth and the reports usually give a comprehensive breakdown of an event which might help those who have not been catching up with the news to be informed and aware.

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Being a free to air channel, I think that CNA does provide a good platform for us to listen to news broadcasts and happenings around the world. Even as a student, CNA manages to be interesting and engaging and they make me sit up and take notice of what they are saying. Although they tend to repeatedly televise the same content, they make up for it by also broadcasting a lot of other types of programmes.

Some of the other programmes they air could be special editions or primetime reports or interviews with respected professionals. This gives them a greater depth in their news coverage and also makes it more enriching and engaging for us viewers. Their newscasters are also good, and they manage to deliver the news in a straightforward and formal manner.

CNA is a good, but definitely not the best news channel out there. I think they can always improve to be more of the likes of the world-respected BBC. CNA also has a website for readers to read the news online, and also offers the option of watching them live. However, the website is a little too cluttered for me, and a tad confusing. Perhaps more work could be done on the site to streamline the content and make it easier to read.

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I am generally not supportive of television channels or programmes because it is a personal believe of mine that most of what is being screened is uninformative and provides merely senseless entertainment, Channel NewsAsia on the other hand is an exception.

The programmes on CNA are all very informative although they tend to repeat their shows quite frequently. You would definitely benefit from watching the programmes especially their highly intellectual debates on current issues. CNA is part of Singapore's pride to me as when I travel around Asia, I realised that executives and professionals from around the region also tune to this channel.

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(Updated: April 21, 2013)

Reliably informative

Frankly, I am no avid fan of news channels. Fox, CNN, BBC. I am usually swarmed by wave after wave of yawn whenever I tune into these channels. Surprisingly, the same can not be said for Channel News Asia. The stream of news there did not seem to cease. As did other news channels too. However, the news readers based at Channel News Asia surrealistically captivated me. Their diction. Their tone. The contents of their speech. Their presentable outlook. Their fluent stream of bombastic yet comprehendible verbal dhirreor. Impressive. I was instantly lured. Yes, Channel NewsAsia triumphed in capturing my attention.

Channel NewsAsia is certainly the channel in which I relied upon the most for the latest news. It's the channel that I frequently flicked on whenever I found my surroundings to be blanketed by a breeze of haze. PSI's were updated regularly. How commendable.

Oh, no. PSI wasn't the only thing that was updated in this channel. Apparently, their news does too! What else can you expect from this channel. Channel NewsAsia is the epitome of latest news. It's middle name is news. Literally.

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Channel NewsAsia is extremely informative and crafted to suit consumers’ interest in current affairs and news reports. They cover a wide range of news, from business to political news and even sports news! In addition, they also have various documentaries that provide insights on the various other different cultures not experienced in Singapore, Japan Hour and Welcome to Taiwan being some of the few. I personally enjoy Japan Hour and watch it on Sunday 1pm on a religious basis.

Channel NewsAsia also have some other interesting programs like Get Rea!, which covers issues faced in Singapore, that being extremely relevant to Singaporeans ourselves.

Good channel to tune to.

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Serious News Channel?

CNA is a channel that I would watch in the mornings when I am having my breakfast as an alternative to reading the newspaper or simply because at most F&B outlets, CNA is the breakfast channel that they tune in to.

I have not much to complain about the programming except that it is not exactly cutting edge and that it is mostly formulaic ie. safe. It is like what is shown on other news channels except that it is in English and being Singapore and considered to be mainstream media, controversial topics are rare.

Sometimes the documentaries shown are really good ones, I especially love Japan Hour. I think that CNA should be credited for hiring some eye-candy to appear on air. At the very least, they are not eye-sores and make pretty compelling reasons to watch the news.

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I'm not the kind usually really interested about current or political affairs, but Channel Newsasia does make me want to know more. I like Headline News because every important news are summarized in a succinct manner. It makes me comprehend the news better. The reporters are also highly-professional and have genial personalities on screen.

Informative documentaries like Japan Hour make me envious of the hosts being able to enjoy the luxuries there, and of course broaden my horizons of the world. There are also other kinds of documentaries that make me aware of more underrated issues. Without Channel NewsAsia, I'll never know potential soccer players in Africa are promised a spot in great soccer leagues and then abandoned once payment is received.

Overall, Channel NewsAsia is a good platform for news as well as entertainment.

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Singapore's Leading News Channel

Channel NewsAsia(CNA) provides excellent and objective insights on both local and international news, ranging from current affairs to business news. I especially love the 9pm news coverage which features proficient newscasters like Glenda Chong. CNA also has documentaries,talk shows like One on One and programmes like Japan Hour and Welcome to Taiwan. The diverse cultures of these countries are well presented, allowing the viewers to broaden their global perspective and horizons.

Undeniably, CNA does have some room for improvement in delivering more exciting breaking news stories, similar to award-winning news anchor Anderson Cooper. Although CNA falls short behind news channels like CNN or BBC, who are veterans in news broadcasting, CNA is considered impressive under Singapore's stringent media laws.

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News delight!

This is my favourite channel on Free-To-Air television. Don't judge me, I like reading the news.

Interestingly, CNA doesn't just broadcast the news. A lot of people have the opinion that the channel is just some boring news portal where the banner never stops moving. It's much more than that. Yes, you do have the newscasters at regular times, but there are documentaries and variety shows shown as well.

I first fell in love with the channel while in the gym. Lifting weights is tiring stuff, and you need something to keep you occupied. The place I normally go to plays no music, and the only source of entertainment is the television permanently stuck at this channel. Though I was nonchalant about it at first, after hours spent in there, CNA just grew on me.

Extremely underrated TV programming.

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