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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 20, 2012    

A 24-hour Chinese news and entertainment channel reputed to be the market leader.


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Singaporeans’ essentials

Channel 8 is one of Singapore’s local TV channels and is free for all Singaporeans. It is a news and entertainment provider. For instance, it screens home-made Chinese Drama serials and reports news daily. It also screens drama serials from countries such as China and Taiwan.

Channel 8 screens home-made dramas at 7pm and 9pm. While the quality of the dramas aren’t certain, they are mostly uniquely Singapore and we should always be proud of our local produce. The dramas have English subtitles hence allowing non Mandarin speakers to enjoy the dramas as well.

Channel 8 also updates its viewers with the happenings around the world daily. These include local and international news. News reporting is at 10pm everyday.

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Room for improvement!

Indeed, there are several room doors available to enable improvements of all sorts. However, Channel 8 as it is, isn't terrible at all. In fact, I see am supremely impressed by how they maintained their usual drama time slots. 7pm and 9pm. The dramas shown on these channel at these timings are usually locally produced and has never failed in prickling up my interest.

I noticed their attempt. The attempt involving them breaking out of the ordinary. I gaped at how the story lines these days aren't the usual straight forward ones. It has been spiced and spruced up by unsuspecting twists and turns! ' Beyond ' was one of them. The twists within the drama had my thoughts reeling. A first for a channel 8 drama.

The shows slated in between the 7pm and 9pm dramas ought to call the improvement hotline. It was rather lacklustre and slow paced. It lacked the wow factor. I wasn't glued to it. In fact, I was engaged in flicking and switching channels till the clock struck 9.

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The local drama shows
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Needs to step up its game to compete with Channel U

I guess watching television programmes has lost its appeal to technology i.e. the Internet. Discussing about 9pm Chinese dramas is now considered a rarity among young adults like myself. I remember the good old days in secondary school when almost everyone, including my maid, would have at least watched an episode of the top serial dramas.

The variety shows at present are not as good as the past, and mainly commercialized (like the Sheng Shiong show). The only noteworthy programmes I care to watch every now and then are its documentaries that reflect the society. Channel 8 needs to step up its game to compete with Channel U!

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Local flavor

Ever since Double Happiness 1 betrayed me by ending with a cry-fest instead of a happy ending, I've moved on to other media such as cable TV and the Internet to sate my drama addiction.

However, I still yearn for the Singaporean flavour that foreign shows can never provide. Shows like Holland V, Portrait of Home and The Vagrant are so entertaining, yet I could never make myself follow the story all the way through because I know that in the last episode, Mediacorp is gonna mess up again.

In recent years, casting has also become an issue. Every actor seems to have a major role in another drama which is running concurrently. Sadly, this is understandable as good actors are really in short supply at Mediacorp.

On a brighter note, I've been hearing good things about recent dramas that are making new waves with its plots, as if heralding a revamp of the drama series in Channel 8. Seeing how I'm feeling nostalgic after reading all these reviews, I think it's time to give the ol' TV another chance at ruining my life.

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Could do a lot better.

Channel 8 appears to have lost its prime, it is probably already going down the spiral. I remembered that in the past, Channel 8 was a channel which I absolutely loved to watch. Standards were high and there had good quality shows of many different genre. They have good variety shows such as Liang Zhi Qiang's Liang Po Po, Kym's City Beat and other drama such as Chen Li PIng's "Good morning teacher", Huang Wen Yong "Wu Shou Nan Yang", and "Mi Ni Ye" - a horror suspense drama.

However, nowadays, their dramas produced are not as good as before. Only one type continues to be well done and popular and that are those that is based on local background and is a depiction of Singapore life. Shows that are based on imaginary backgrounds such as super rich family "Capricon" or trying an idol drama but mixed with older actors/actress as the main cast falls along the lines of being cheesy, and it is difficult to relate to them. Even the actors/actresses seem so unnatural as they try to match the role they are acting in.

Another genre that they are still strong in would probably be some of the documentaries such as "Frontline" or travel shows. Some of their shows that aid the less fortunate are also very good, but I get pissed off whenever I see them helping people that appeared to be really well off. For example, those shows on renovating houses for the people. I still dun understand why renovate houses for them when their son is a well known designer who obviously can afford the costs. A waste of the sponsors money for people who do not need it.

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Is it me?

I had been watching less of Channel 8. In fact, I had been watching less of all the channels of Mediacorp. I had been wondering is it because I am more busy now that I have to help my children with their school work in the evenings or do housework in the evening that I had stopped watching TV.

Recently, during the school holidays, my children went over to stay at their grandparents house and after finishing the house work, it was still early so I turned on the TV. I did channel surfing for ten minutes and decided there was really nothing worth watching. No wonder SmartTV are selling so well now. I believe most people would be watching shows from the internet as compared to shows by Channel 8.

I had noticed there had been a few good drama series but those were produced by other production companies and not Mediacorp. Those production companies may be much smaller in scale but they showed sincerity in their productions so they were able to produce better programs.

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Could do with a change of pace

Channel 8 is currently at a stalemate. It tries to come up with inventive new shows to attract more viewers, but it's undeniable that such attempts are not enough, and Channel 8 has definitely lost some of its magnetism.

There was a time when people actually got star struck by local actors and actresses. However, Channel 8's over usage of these artistes in recent years has definitely diminished the mysterious factor that came with being an artiste, and not many locals are ardent fans of Channel 8 artistes anymore.

Channel 8 also attempts to be innovative with the shows that they create. Some of the shows are pretty good, like the current 9pm drama "It Takes Two", then there are the useless variety shows that no one cares about like the recent one in which each episode featured local artistes attempting to sieve out good looking people on the streets. Talk about shallow.

And it's getting quite lame to see the same artiste appearing on the 7pm drama, and the 9pm drama. If you're lucky, that same artiste will also be hosting a variety show during the 8pm slot. Really, is the audience supposed to feel excited over seeing the same face over and over again, and in different roles each time? Whoop-dee-doo.

Then again, despite all the boring repetition, I can definitely see some effort on Channel 8's part to attempt to generate new and original stuff. With the appearance of crime and suspense dramas as of late, Channel 8 has definitely managed to earn themselves a new set of followers. There has also been significant effort to use new actors (though I must say, some of them really can't act to save their lives), and even the usage of teenage actors to draw in the teenage crowd. Good marketing attempt, perhaps, but I don't think it'll be long before these new actors start appearing in every available time slot like the current batch.

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Local drama taste

Contrary to other poor reviews below, I beg to differ. I love Channel 8 shows. I mean, its part of my growing up hobby. I love my HK dramas, my Korean dramas and US Sitcoms but Channel 8 dramas (esp the 9pm dramas) are part and parcel of my life.

I always love to lay back and catch the 9pm drama after tiring day at school/work. The Channel 8 dramas usually revovle around family matters, but sometimes they do film something interesting that are sci-fiction/crime which also adds excitement. My family loves the homely channel 8 shows in which we can relate to in our daily lives and i love the crime shows which are so exciting. More importantly, the cast, the actors are people whom i feel dearly to and have watched them progress in mediacorp

It is still the channel to watch to make you feel right at home, and you can conveniently watch on xinmsn if you miss it

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Not like the old days.

Channel 8 is losing its novelty. Or should I say, it has already lost it.

In the past, I'd get hooked onto every drama the channel throws at me. I would never fail to catch every episode of each drama right up until the finale, but this routine got old as the years passed. Now, I hardly give the channel a second look.

While I admit that it's good that Singapore keeps its arts and media scene alive with its own works, the process of churning and churning more dramas every other month is beginning to become too repetitive for my tastes. At this point, I feel like the drama storylines are slowly beginning to repeat themselves - as if directors are running out of ideas and getting a little panicky in their studios and ultimately deciding that recycling ideas will settle well with viewers.

How wrong they are.

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What happened?

When I was younger (probably when I was still a kid in primary school), I have always enjoyed the drama serials that Channel 8 screened tremendously. I could never get sick of it - my eyes could be glued to the television screen for five hours straight and my butt can remain stuck onto the couch for hours just watching the shows.

But now, I don't even bother switching on the television, and even if I do, I hardly ever watch Channel 8 shows anymore.

Yes, for those who happen to read this review, be in for yet another ridiculous rant on the cliche, lacklustre and predictable storylines produced by the scriptwriters. It is as though the plots of the shows are low-class, elementary essays of primary school students. Wanting to catch an interesting, refreshing and thrilling drama serial is now becoming incredibly hard.

On top of that, let me be harsh on my remarks. There is a influx of new actors into the showbiz and some of them were chosen in star competitions. In my perspective, such star competitions are becoming increasingly meaningless. Components of the competition no longer testify actors based on their acting skills, and the accuracy in sieving out the good, potential talents is no sharp.

Alright, maybe my cynicism in the acceptance of these newcomers is biting. But I have lost much faith in Channel 8 shows from now, until a revamp comes along the way to shake things up a little.

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