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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 20, 2012    

The number one English mass entertainment and lifestyle channel for the entire family, known for its high quality, innovative local productions, award-winning acquired programmes and blockbuster movies.


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(Updated: April 07, 2013)

very very boring

I wonder what will happen to Channel 5 if there weren't productions like Point of Entry, The Pupil, and of course, The Noose. I honestly believe Channel 5 is getting very, very boring. Their so-called blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park have been screened so many times that I don't even bother rolling my eyes anymore, when i see the advertisements for the screening times. They really should consider screening better and more recent shows, else they will be losing their viewership pretty fast.

In my opinion, the local and latest productions like The Pupil are the only shows that keep Channel 5 'interesting', so they had better start producing shows like these, and stop clamming down on shows like The Noose because these are probably the only way they can gain more viewership.

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Producing all-time favourite drama serials

Now that my exams have ended, I've been watching the television more often.

And Channel 5 is one of the channels I've been watching, especially in my boring afternoons. I must admit that Channel 5 did launch many local productions - from all-time classics back in the days to the current popular ones (such as the famous "Growing Up", "First Touch" to the newer ones like "The Pupil", "Point of Entry" and "Mata Mata") - and some of them are really interesting. I do thoroughly enjoy myself as I watch these drama serials.

Not to forget, many of our local favourite variety and comedic shows originated from Channel 5! From the Phua Chu Kang series (that has successfully manage to make yellow boots into an icon) to the satirical show "The Noose", I'm sure we all love them. (I adore the actors in the Noose - Leticia, Lulu, Babarella, and more)

Yes yes, Channel 5 plays Twilight and Harry Potter saga every year without fail and people get bored of things (pretty easily nowadays). But I'm absolutely fine with re-watching these movie favourites of mine!

I am pretty excited for what the local upsize Channel 5 is embarking on in 2015 will bring.

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Channel 5 seems to be one of the oldest TV channels around - I still remember back in the days when Channel 5 was just Channedl 5 and not HD5. Channel 5 was one of the pioneers of television that decided to upgrade their quality of their broadcast to high definition. I still remember that my father was chosen as a testor for the high definition channel 5 - Channel 5 would be playing on my house television all day with Alarick tay filling my television screens with advertisements promoting HD.

While other channels have come and gone, and made improvements, I'm glad that Channel 5 has stayed - being one of the few English channels in Singapore, it provides local series as well as select movies at prime time slots which are always good excuses to watch movies as a family in the comfort of our homes. I'm so glad that Channel 5 upgraded to HD5, now I can watch all my family movies with so much more vivid detail.

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Okay Okay

Given that Channel 5 is a free-to-air channel, I would consider the quality of their programmes to be decent. They're not the best and there's definitely room for improvement, but at least there's some variety in the programmes that they air. I like that Channel 5 screens some locally produced serial dramas and also international talk shows like Ellen. I think this mixture provides a very good coverage of both international and local shows.

However, Channel 5 screens the same old movies time and time again. Even if they are screening a movie for the first time, it is always an old movie that is not interesting or will make people want to stay home and watch it. I think they could have some improvement in the depth of their movie coverage.

Other than that, I can safely say that I can rely on Channel 5 to have an interesting program on each time I turn on the television. I can laugh at Ellen and The Noose, get intrigued by The Pupil and stay updated with the 9.30 news. Good job!

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Repeat and repeat

If you counted the times you watched the same movie on Channel 5, you may have been surprised by the number. You may have noticed that Channel 5 always tied up with movie launch. For example, when a new movie of Harry Potter was coming out, Channel 5 would then arrange for a movie marathon to show all the previous movies of Harry Potter.

This may not be a bad thing because it helped you refresh your memory before watching the new movie. The bad thing was when Harry Potter had so many movies and every year, you may be watching the repeat of all the movies. Another thing missing from Channel 5 was the series from overseas. It was either not showing or it was showing one or more seasons later.

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Not bad. Not bad at all.

Apparently, Channel 5 seemed to be gearing itself for higher ratings. The show lineups for this channel has improved tremendously. They even launched a slot whereby viewers are able to issue in feedbacks; which they actually heed! Impressive!

I flicked this channel on and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with by shows that weren't excessively on loop. Let me explain. Channel Five used to play redundant ancient shows every weekday afternoon; probably thinking that no one was watching that time. However, the shows they play these days during that time slot are much more current. There is even Dr Oz!

Unfortunately, Channel Five owns this blindingly annoying flaw. Commercials. They seemed to not cease no matter what time it is.

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Improved afternoon shows
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Tuned off by commercial breaks

As a free to air entertainment channel, Channel 5 provides an adequate range of programmes. In the past, this channel was my most tuned in channel and I thoroughly enjoyed their comedy shows, movie screenings, and reality shows. However, I personally do not watch Channel 5 frequently these days.

The main culprit would be the commercial breaks. The advertisement timeslots have increased drastically in recent years. One could use the bathroom, get a drink, make a sandwich, come back and still watch a commercial or two during the commercial breaks. It gets annoying when the commercial breaks occur every ten minutes or so.

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Best television channel in Singapore.

Channel 5 provides a variety of different entertainment programmes, ranging from reality shows, soap operas and serial dramas to talk shows and movies.

I remember watching The Ellen Show on Channel 5 in the past and laughing uproariously at the hilarious jokes. I also remember staying home on Saturday nights to catch the films screened, films such as Bride Wars and Made of Honour. I also remember returning home late on Christmas Eve last year, turning on the television and tuning in to Channel 5 to watch The Holiday, which is now one of my favourite holiday movies.

God, I love Channel 5 and their taste in movies!

The shows aired aren't half bad either. With thrilling programmes such as Code of Law and my all-time favourite Incredible Tales, they certainly deliver, every time.

They also select the best American television shows to air. Screening sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and the really creepy American Horror Story, it can do no wrong.

My only gripe with Channel 5 would be that it tends to cut out scenes from the movies that were meant to be left in. But I suppose that's the fault of censorship regulations in Singapore, and not Channel 5.

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Channel 5: Best local english channel!

Ever since I've stopped using my Starhub cable TV years ago, I had little choice but to watch free-to-air channels on TV. Personally, Channel 5 provides the best entertainment shows. Almost always when I switch to channel 5, there is something on that keeps me glued to the TV screen.

I absolutely love the comedy shows locally produced and aired in Channel 5. My few personal favorites are Police and Thief, Living with Lydia and Phua Chu Kang Ptd Ltd. These hilarious comedies never fail to make me chuckle whenever I'm watching them alone or with my family. In fact, I was quite exhilarated to find out that Channel 5 is re-airing Police and Thief in the afternoons by chance! Local comedies aside, channel 5 does show a variety of international sitcoms, like Outsourced and How I Met Your Mother. Who needs cable TV when you have channel 5? I wished they had more of these sitcoms though, like The Big Bang Theory.

Of course, channel 5 is quite reliable when it comes to movies. However I feel that they do screen a popular movie a tad too often at times. Have you seen Mr and Mrs Smith? I saw them thrice on Channel 5!

Nonetheless, channel 5 is still worthy to check out. If you are a tourist hoping to find something uniquely local, or someone who thinks free-to-air channels are crappy, I believe channel 5 will be the quintessence of a great channel!

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Frequently visited free channel.

Having Starhub Cable TV at home, I rarely turn to any free Mediacorp channels anymore, because I feel that if there is a need to pay to watch 'exclusive' channels, why not make full use of these channels that are being paid for, right? I only switch to Mediacorp channels when there is literally nothing to watch on any of the Starhub channels, and trust me, at times, there really can be NOTHING to watch (just to note, I don't have the privilege of watching every single Starhub cable channel, haha).

I do kind of like the shows that Channel 5 airs. For example, they still air The Ellen Degeneres Show, and it's not re-runs but up-to-date (though maybe a few episodes late) episodes! Channel 5 also tends to air popular international dramas and television programmes, although they can be released really late, and if you own cable TV, you might have already seen the show months ago, so that's the only minus point for Channel 5 that I have. For people who do not own Starhub or Mio TV, or cannot watch shows on the internet for some reason, Channel 5 should probably be your favourite channel if you like to watch serials and fictional international shows. Other than the various genres of dramas, Channel 5 also airs educational programs like talk shows such as The Dr Oz Show, so I'd say Channel 5 is more or less quite diverse in their choice of shows to air on their channel.

Another thing to like about Channel 5 is the movies that they show! Most of the time, Channel 5 does not fail to show movies that have done well in the box office or have garnered good reception, and I always look forward to seeing what movie Channel 5 is going to air each week.

Channel 5 is a good channel in terms of variety, it's just whether what they are airing at the moment is what you like to watch, but I guess that's a normal problem everyone faces with every channel. The best part about this channel is that it's free and you can find it on any television set, cable or no cable!

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(Updated: November 18, 2012)

Blockbuster movies

I have cable television, so I often choose to watch channels such as Cartoon Network, HBO, Star Sports and the like rather than Free-To-Air television. It's not that they aren't good, it's just that cable TV broadcasts the latest movies and drama serials much faster then FTA.

With that being said, Channel 5 is one of my favourite channels to tune to when I'm just channel surfing on the couch. As I have not watched television for a long time, I cannot tell you what are the programmes currently on air. But one thing that is definitely a treat are the weekend blockbuster movies they show on a regular basis. Even though some of them are dated, it's always nice to re watch old films. I recalled watching The Godfather (my favourite show of all time) a few months back.

And after all, the English news are broadcasted here at 9.30pm every night.

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