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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on October 09, 2012    

Ink By Finch Tattoo Studio is a reputable Singapore tattoo artist & body piercing shop. We provide custom tattoo that our customers love, at the highest quality! We specialize in custom work , so you can bring in your favorite images and ideas and we will create a unique tattoo for you. A tattoo that you will be proud of!

We are a professional studio with a welcoming laid back atmosphere. Our artists and staff provide a professional and friendly atmosphere so come in and talk to us about the tattoo & body piercing you'd love to have. We'll work with you to make your tattoo & body piercing a reality. It is our priority that every customer that walks through the door leaves feeling satisfied.

I hope to meet you some time soon.

- Joe Finch

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Monday - Saturday (1230hrs to 2100hrs)
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  • < $200
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very friendly staff

I got my tongue piercing at Ink By Finch through some recommendations by friends and word of mouth. Joe was extremely friendly and professional throughout the whole procedure, and that calmed me down a lot considering it was a tongue piercing I was getting. If he didn’t know exactly what he was doing I might have died. Just kidding.

The whole process was done quickly and painlessly, it wasn’t what I expected at all. Joe also gave my friends and I a discount, which made it even more worth it. The best part was, the healing process wasn’t as painful and sore as I expected and it healed in 2 weeks!

Overall, it was a pleasant experience at Ink by Finch, and the prices he charged are also reasonable.

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(Updated: June 30, 2014)

first and last tattoo here

This is where I got my first tattoo.

My pleasant experience lasted till I started talking to people and friends with different types of tattoos, and realized I was badly ripped off. But what was comforting at the time was the most colourful poster in the shop that caught my attention, “Good tattoos are not cheap”. And for the longest time, I lived in this perpetuating bubble of denial that my tattoo is top-notch hence the price. No, I don’t regret my tattoo but definitely the price.

My pleasant experience was not because of the hype of it being my first tattoo, but the fact that 6 worded + 1 graphic tattoo was done in 10 minutes, with precision. So if timing is your priority for a good tattoo, then ink by finch is definitely the place.

It was a hell of an experience for my friend, though. He got a detailed compass on his deltoid and because of the crowd, his inking process was interrupted by girls who wanted piercings, etc.

Bye Ink by Finch, no more next time.

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Quick inking
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Where I got my first tattoo

And it was a wonderful experience.

I came once with my best girlfriends and didn't follow through as I still had no idea what to ink. But Joe was patient and sat me through the process and helped me search up fonts and what-nots. I was insanely clueless and thank god this dude is nice.

Eventually came back to ink it with my sister and he gave me an idea of how my tattoo would look in 3 different fonts. I chose a placement and we went ahead. He was extremely conscientious and delicate, my tattoo turned out perfect. I adore it. He even helped me and my sister snap a photo of us in his parlour. Heh heh memories.

Thank you for my first tattoo :)

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