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Primitive Art Piercing & Tattoo (Far East Plaza)

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Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213
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Listing created by PrimitiveArt on October 09, 2012    

First established in Perth, WA since 1997, the first full service body modification studio in both Australia and Singapore features Professional Body Piercing, Traditional Hand & Machine Tattooing, Fine Branding and Bead Implants.

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good place to get your piercings done

I love piercings and body art, but never had the audacity to do the latter. My first piercing was done when I was 14 years old, on the lips, in the comfort of my own home. I got lucky because I didn’t face any problem with an infection, phew. After which, I was considering getting a navel piercing. That’s when I got introduced to Primitive Arts by a friend of mine.

The staff that took care of me was extremely friendly and patient. I took ages deciding on which jewelry I wanted because they had TONS of it. I decided on the turquoise diamond in the end, and it’s still with me 7 years later. The procedure was safe, sterile and efficient. She told me what to expect, what’s going to happen when it’s done and ways to take care of it. I paid $55 for it, and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made so far!

I would go back to Primitive Arts should I decide to have another piercing or a tattoo.

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A pricey decision for a hit and miss studio

I am a big lover of piercings. They, however, seem to have a love hate relationship with me. As someone who's had their belly button alone pierced three times I’ve started to become extremely fussy with who sticks a needle into me. I’ve had three piercings at Primitive, two of which were perfect, the third however, leaves me torn. Sure, it was my attempt at third time lucky on my belly piercing so the odds were not in my favour, however the piercer did it so deep it had no room to swell and was almost impossible to clean. A month later the jewellery was out, I was on antibiotics and I was down by at least $60. Try telling your mum you need to go on antibiotics for a piercing she didn’t want you to have in the first place. Thanks Primitive.

On the other hand, my other piercings healed perfectly. Their policy of coming in two weeks later probably saved my tragus as I was being lazy with cleaning it and they did a really good job of giving me a telling off and making sure it was ok. The jewellery is high quality which you would really expect for the high prices, but that’s something I don’t think you should ever compromise on. Judging a piercing studio by one bad piercing in a location known to reject is unfair, and my return to them for a further two piercings is probably my subconscious telling me that it was a one off and not entirely the piercers fault. Oddly enough I didn’t see the same piercer in there again when I returned.

They’re extremely clean and the selection of jewellery available is vast, they know what they’re doing and know their helix from their outer conch and their forward helix from their daith. It’s pricey, but then again you’re getting a piece of metal inserted into your body, so it’s worth it being high quality and by someone who actually knows what’s going on. Not the best customer service in the world, but it’s a 20 minute experience, so I’m sure I’ll survive.

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Bad experience with tongue piercing

I had my tongue pierced at Primitive by Ratree who I believe is the owner of the outlet. Although the equipment was clean and all, the piercing itself was done badly. It was extremely crooked and slanted and my tongue was swollen for two full weeks. I could not eat anything and even on day 5 there was some blood.

I complained to the owner regarding this and even went down during the two weeks healing period to get my tongue checked out. While I and everyone else around me could see that the piercing was slanted, Ratree insisted that it was not. It was only after 15 days when the swelling started going down somewhat that she finally agreed that the piercing was poorly done and was very slanted (looked like this \ when I stuck out my tongue).

She then recommended I take out the piercing, let it heal and then come back and re pierce. I had lost confidence due to the pain experienced from the first piercing but she refused to give me a refund so I had no choice.

I then let it heal and went back for a repiercing. The re piercing hurt like CRAZY (whereas the first one did not hurt at all) and while this time they did a better job (the swelling was down within three days as it is supposed to) the piercing is STILL a little slanted. I have gotten tired arguing with them. I have gone back for a number of check ups and she insists the piercing will straighten but I am sure it cannot. I am learning to live with it but I DO NOT recommend this place for tongue piercings. It is far more expensive than other places and the service is substandard.

I spent $82 for the first piercing ($40 for piercing and $42 for barbell) and then to change the bar to a shorter one she charged me an additional $35

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Far East
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(Updated: January 31, 2013)

Intricate tattoo

I'm not a big fan of tattoos but I'm a big fan of intricate art. When I went to take a look at the outlet, the store owner allowed me to look at the samples of tattoos. I was blown away! The design and the attention to details is phenomenal! What was really interesting was that the store owner did not have the full range of tools an average tattoo artist has. Which means that what he created deserved more thumbs up.

However, upon looking around the shop, I realised that the place did not look very sterile. Needles were not kept properly and were lying everywhere and the bed for the customers to lie on was really filthy. So if you ever want to get good art but are willing to risk the slightly unfavorable sanitary conditions, go pop by Far East plaza!

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(Updated: July 02, 2013)

A pleasant tongue piercing experience

I chose Primitive to get my tongue pierced.

And it is no doubt one of my better decisions.

Primitive is very known to us people who generally are into ink and piercings, and I had no qualms settling here for my tongue piercing. I was tended to by a very conscientious lady who assured me comfortably and taught me about the after-care procedures.

The tongue piercing turned out beautiful, the process was quick and the needles and equipment were all in sealed packages, there was no doubt that this place cares as much for your piercing as you do for your own.

I was given a solution and care instructions then had this cute appointment card. I was to see them in 2 weeks to have them check on my healing progress of my tongue.

Overall an utmost pleasant experience.

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Consultation card
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Far East Plaza
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