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Ximen Taiwan Delights 西門台灣吃透透

Ximen Taiwan Delights 西門台灣吃透透 Hot

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Listing created by Jelly on April 25, 2013    

Located at level 2 of E!Hub, Ximen Taiwan Delights offers a variety of popular Taiwanese food, including "mee sua" and "three-cup chicken".

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Underrated taiwan snacks

Ximen Taiwan Delights specializes in Taiwan street snacks like XXXL fried chicken and oyster mee sua. I was at Downtown East to run an errand and went to E hub to try this as my friend kept raving about the mee sua! I ordered the fried chicken and oyster mee sua and had them together as a meal because I enjoy dipping the fried chicken into the gooey mee sua. Try that next time! The fried chicken here is extremely crispy and flavorful with the powders that they use to coat the chicken after frying. The chicken was served piping hot. I took one bite of the meaty chicken and it tasted really tender and fresh!

The oyster mee sua was hot, tasty and gooey. Nothing annoys me more than cold mee sua. Oysters in the mee sua were plump and fresh. I enjoyed every single bite of it. In my opinion, this place is an underrated place for Taiwan street snacks. I don't know of any other outlet besides the one at E Hub. If you stay near there or happen to be there, do give this place a try. It tastes much better than Shih Lin!

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chicken, mee sua
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Delicious Taiwan snacks!

I love Taiwan street food. It’s my all-time favourite snack, so you can probably imagine how often I patronise the Taiwanese eatery near my place. Despite being small in size, Ximen Taiwan Delights, as the name suggests, serves delightfully tasty Taiwan food.

For a quick snack, I always go for the fried chicken chop. It’s flavourful, crispy, and the chilli powder adds the right amount of kick. For non-chicken lovers, the fried squid is equally good, so definitely give that a try!

If you’re looking for a more filling meal, I would recommend the mee sua. I’m not a fan of oysters, so I prefer the one with shredded chicken and crabmeat. It goes really well with the fried chicken, too! If you’re more of a rice person, their egg fried rice is really fragrant, so if you’re in the vicinity and looking for a snack, Ximen Taiwan Delights is the way to go!

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