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Eat at taipei offers a variety of classic Taiwanese snacks and dishes such as Vermicelli with Oysters & Pig’s Intestines (大肠蚵仔面线), Tainan “Coffin” Toast (官財板), Braised Pork Belly Rice (控肉饭) and Taiwanese Spicy Braised Beef Noodles (红烧牛肉面). Its menu also includes desserts such as Taiwan's signature Pearl Milk Tea & Bubble Tea (珍珠奶茶/泡泡茶) and flavoured Shaved Ice (冰品).

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Average food

I went to the outlet at jCube after school on a weekday afternoon and the shop was really empty. The shop was big and spacious and adopted a wooden theme to decorate the shop. I guess it was trying to emulate the traditional Taiwanese style? I am not too sure. But you can tell that they have put in some effort into the furnishings. There are seats facing the skating rink so you could have your meal while watching people ice skate! I ordered the lu rou fan (braised pork rice) and my friend had a bowl of braised beef noodle. The food was served to us quite quickly. The rice wasn't hot enough and I found that the meat could have been more flavored? It felt like minced meat tossed in dark soya sauce. I was not impressed. My friend said her beef noodles were alright. The beef was a little chewy but the noodles were al dente.

I haven't been to Taiwan before and thus, I don't know how authentic Taiwanese food is supposed to taste like. I tried the food here and it didn't "wow" me or anything. It felt really normal and average. I have heard how delicious the food at Taiwan is... especially the lu rou fan (braised pork rice) and so I guess it isn't authentic here since it was nothing close to delicious. I won't be coming back here again and if this is what authentic Taiwanese food tastes like, then I don't want to go to Taiwan anymore :P

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Don't know if it's the real Taiwanese taste

I brought my children to JCube for ice skating recently and while they were inside the rink, I was walking around the mall and I came across this restaurant. There was a poster showing some set meals.

It got my favourite "lu ruo fan" braised minced pork rice. Since there was nothing much to shop so I thought I would spend my time eating. I ordered the set and waited. It was a weekday afternoon and the shop was not too crowded so I thought I would get my food very fast because when I ordered the same dish from a food court in VivoCity, I got my food almost immediately because they just needed to fill a bowl with rice and then add some braised minced pork over the rice and add an egg and some sauce and it was ready for serving.

In this shop, I had to wait longer may be because the waitresses were more busy chit chatting with each other than checking whether my food was ready. The food itself tasted about the same as that I had in food court but this cost more. I liked this dish and could not care less whether this was the real Taiwanese taste.

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Nothing special but the price

Furnished with black-lacquered tables and stools with traditional lantern-lights overhead, the place does give off the ambience of a Chinese restaurant. However, what is NOT restaurant-like about the place is that the tables and chairs are placed relatively close to one another, giving one the sensation of being cramped.

The menu does consist of many dishes unique to Taiwan; however, the price is simply ridiculous. A single dish can cost up to $8 (what, did they specially have the food ready-made and flown in or something?). If the food actually had a truly authentic Taiwanese taste then perhaps I would not mind the price so much, but sadly, that was not the case. Unless they start lowering the prices or get a clue about what real Taiwanese food tastes like, a trip there is merely a waste of time and money.

P.S: The only thing I liked was the bubble tea. Though slightly more expensive than the usual ones, they are really flavourful and do not taste articifial. The types of bubble tea there are also different from the ones you can get from Gong Cha etc.

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Painfully average

I'm half-Taiwanese on my mother's side (ha, bet you didn't know that), and we are often disappointed by the lack of good Taiwanese cuisine available in Singapore. Many assume that Chinese cuisine is Taiwanese cuisine, but it's only half-true. After all, if you can have a Cantonese restaurant, a Shanghainese restaurant, logic is that there ought to be a Taiwanese restaurant as well.

When we visited Eat at Taipei, we were mildly disappointed to find that it was merely a repeat of what you can get at Shilin, albeit a tad better. There is so much more to Taiwanese cuisine than just oyster mee sua or crispy chicken. With that being said, the quality is there, but it is definitely not comparable to what you can find in Taipei or Tainan.

I cannot say the same for everyone, but I kinda expected a bit more...

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overpriced, average tasting food

There seems to always be a long queue at Eat at Taipei especially during dinner times. Because it is new, my friends and I decide to queue and give it a try. We waited for nearly 30 minutes before we were seated. However, to our disappointment, a lot of items on their menu are sold out. We came in wanting to try their braised pork rice but it is sold out. In fact, most of the Taiwan specialty food were all sold out.

Since we have already waited for 30 minutes, we deiced to make do and order other things. I ordered their chicken cutlet set rice. The portion of the chicken was rather huge and seasoned with some spices. It was not bad. It came with some bean curd and vegetables as a side as well. We also ordered a coffin toast bread. Having tried that in Taiwan before, I loved it. So i decided to order one here to try. Though its a far cry from the authentic one in Taiwan, this coffin toast bread had a special taste to it and it wasn't so bad, though too creamy in my opinion.

Lastly, their bubble tea is nowhere near the standards of that in Taiwan. In fact, sweettalk's milk tea tastes better.

Overall, I thought that the food was not too bad but it is a little pricey and overhyped.

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not sure if this is how eating in taiwan feels like.

Waiting time is the most important aspect of Food & Beverages Business! And it is something that this restaurant is lacking in. Maybe it is because I was there when the shop and the mall recently opened which resulted in the long queue at the entrance and the long wait for my food to arrive.

I love the food they offer though. Very interesting things like coffin bread. However, the prices are steep, more expensive than Xin Wang Restaurant by a thin margin. The saving grace of the restaurant was that the food was good and value for money. My friend and I were situated directly in front of the ice rink so we could watch people ice skate while we wait for our food. The wait was really long at that time.

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