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#B1-50 Liang Court Shopping Centre 177 River Valley Road Singapore 179030
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This supermarket imports food products from Japan. With a variety of Japanese and local products, they are committed to enriching customer's lifestyle by providing fresh and high quality products.


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japanese supermarket heaven

Japanese supermarket heaven.

I love Japanese food and products, and a Japanese supermarket enables me to purchase my Japanese products easily. Meidi-ya stocks many unique products which cannot be found at your average supermarket. I sigh over their lovely products, which some of them are quite expensive, but this is most likely due to being imported directly from Japan.

Tidbits-wise, their price is much much higher and I recommend going to Yamakawa or Cold Storage instead for purchase. What is worth it however, is their food ingredients and flavourings for cooking. My mother can easily find the Japanese brand of sauce we use from here.

Also, you will get to mingle with loads of Japanese, who come here to purchase their products, which means, the occasional cute Japanese kid! ^^

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Japanese and Japanese

This is a Japanese supermarket and it sells a lot of Japanese products. So it is not surprising that there are a lot of Japanese shoppers in this supermarket. I liked the products on sales here. You may not find a lot of the products here in your neighbourhood supermarkets like NTUC Fairprice.

The products here are not cheap and I attribute that to the products being imported from Japan. Take their titbits for example, their Calbee packaging have Japanese words and it cost slightly more. The products I liked most are the ingredients for making Japanese food. They sell a lot of Japanese sauces, sea weeds, rice and also fresh seafood ingredients.

The cutest part is that you will get to see a lot of cute Japanese babies here because a lot of Japanese housewives shop in this supermarket. Japanese babies always have these red rosy cheeks that made them looked so adorable.

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I really wished they opened more chains in Singapore

Meidi-Ya is one of the more enjoyable supermarkets I patronise. One thing I never forget is a small television situated in the middle of the mart, it’s sole purpose to entertain the kids while mommy goes shopping. I also like that they have ready-to-eat meals that are cheap – when they go on discount. I had the kimchi with chicken and rice. I have to admit it wasn’t anything fantastic but I’ll take it for that price. Definitely not recommended if you are picky enough to mind your food cold though.

What I would recommend however, is the homemade soya milk. I was heading for the cashier, pretty satisfied with what I found when I saw a row of white. Not one to splurge, I was all ready to walk past it when I saw that the soya milk was only $2. Though apprehensive when I tried it because I know that when soya milk is not done right, it really IS not done right, I was pleasantly surprised by how perfectly balanced the drink was, not too sweet, not too diluted.

A place that I look forward to going when I have the chance, but I’m still going to stick to the Giant five minutes from my house.

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