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#B1-01/02 Raffles City Shopping Centre 252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179103
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Listing created by Iswariya on November 14, 2012    

Jason's Marketplace is located at Raffles City and sells a wide variety of products not found in other grocery supermarkets. This gourmet grocery sells upper-end fine products to purveyors of quality. 

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Out of my league

Once, looking for the nearest stop for a drink whilst wandering in Raffles Place, I stumbled across Jason's Market Place in the Basement. Thinking that a drink, even though slightly higher priced (after all I'm in town), couldn't be that expensive after all, I went in to take a look.

I was proved wrong. One bottle of fruit juice can cause up to $4 or more here, and I clearly saw within a matter of minutes that I did not belong here. Here was the place for the rich and wealthy to shop in, given the niche, specially made luxury brands that specially caters for them. I was out of my class here.

Given the disappointing setback that I currently face, I decided to take a look around the premises to check out what exactly I'm missing out on with my freakishly thin wallet. Perhaps champagne would be one of them, having observed quite a few specially imported brands, such as Pol Gessner, on the shelves. On the foody side, it seems that cassava republic beings cassava/potato chips to a whole new level, with a packet costing $17.90.

On a side note, the place is fairly well stocked with what anyone will need available here. A pity that they will not sell out readily, having marginalised the lower to mid income range, which forms majority of the shopping crowd, with its sky-high prices.

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Jason's Marketplace does sell a different range of items from that of neighbourhood or common supermarket stores like Cold Storage or NTUC/Fairprice. They hold brands I have never seen or heard of before, and sell unique items. Their goods are REALLY expensive though, sometimes about twice the price that of common supermarket stores. Even if they sell common brands, you can be sure that the prices are marked up way higher than expected.

I believe Jason's Marketplace would be more apt for those with a higher income - because of its price and its items (expensive goods that common folk like us do not use in our everyday lives), as well as its location - located centrally near where all the rich folks live.

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Overpriced, but good service

This is what I would consider an alternative to Cold Storage, although it is conveniently hidden in the basement of Raffles City. Everything here is overpriced, by the way, so don't come here expecting to see NTUC prices.

They sell some things you will never see elsewhere, such as some types of chocolate and snacks. Their sushi is also quite nice, and not overpriced. Admittedly, that's usually the reason why I patronise the shop in the first place.

With the supermarket located in the city, so out of the way for people not working in the area, I only see the high class professionals coming here for their stuff. However, I have to compliment the staff, as they are very friendly. The cashiers say hi and ask how your day went, so the customer service is better than, say, NTUC, where the cashiers sulk as they pack your groceries. But that's the only good thing.

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Good location but not right location

I was surprised to find a supermarket at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre and I was even more surprised they were not only selling dry groceries but also a lot of fresh perishable fruits and vegetables.

I did not know of many residential units around that area so I was not sure who were the main customers here. The hotels near by should not be big enough to have a kitchen where tourists could buy their groceries and do some cooking back in the hotel. My best guess was the people working around the area may do some groceries shopping here before going back home. Personally, if I worked around the area, I would also not be buying any groceries from this place before going home. The last time I checked, the prices were higher than neighbourhood supermarkets.

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Seems like an overpriced supermarket. No doubt they have very nice and classy interior, still, I can save more money by getting the same items at a lower price elsewhere.

The first time I went there, I was hoping to find more organic products, be it fruits, vegetables or baby snacks. But much to my disappointment, the items they carry aren’t really special. I can really get the same kind of organic products in a supermarket near me so it makes no sense at all for me all the way to patron Jason’s.

Also realized that they are always located in prime central area like Raffles City whereby the parking is expensive. So unless they carry certain products that are appealing to me and no other places carry the same product, else I don’t think I’ll ever waste time there again.

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Gourmet and Value, after 9.30pm

Jason's provides an excellent food and products that decks its shelves. From mini coke cans to rare brands of potato chips you only thought you could find overseas.

The cooked meat and sushi available at Jasons is a must try also. The sushi tastes more legitimate and not mass produced like other supermarkets and the cooked meat like pork knuckles and ribs are simply gastronomically pleasing. Here is a trick though, visit the place after 9.30pm

Sushi, Sashimi and Cooked Meat will have their prices slashed down as it is near closing time. If you find yourself working over time and want a cheap bite that has quality, head to the Jasons at Raffles City basement for a fantastic deal!

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Treat yourself to the finer things in life.

I love shopping here for gourmet products whenever I can. Everything here, especially the meat products and the chocolates are simply fascinating!

The different types of ham and meats are difficult to resist and make for great culinary episodes in my kitchen. There is a big difference when barbecuing with normal sausages and when barbecuing with chorizos and turkey sausages.

As for the chocolates, well, they're all imported, and can hardly be found in other supermarkets. they make for great gifts due to their novelty and sufficient to say, there are a lot of varieties!

A recommendation for those willing to treat themselves once in awhile.

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Gourmet products only.

Whenever I come here, I will only look for the gourmet items which even cold storage doesn't store. If not, I wouldn't spend my hard earned money here when I can get exactly the same thing at a fraction of the price elsewhere. Some of the products were also kept for too long judging by their dusty exterior.

I remembered once when I bought a jar of jam from there, to my dismay, when I got home, I realised that it had been opened and the top had already started to grow mouldy, it grossed me out. And since I paid hell load of money for the jam, I had to go back and do an exchange. They gladly did an exchange for me, luckily.

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When I first stepped inside, I have to say I was impressed. The polished wooden flooring was lovely and the aisle were neatly stacked and everything was in place. The service staff were extremely well-mannered and helpful. But then I realized, you have to pay for it. Literally.

The prices in Jason's are so much higher compared to the other supermarket chains! Fresh groceries are easily 20% more expensive than NTUC or Giant. However, the good thing about Jason's is that you can get many imported fresh items that aren't readily available at NTUC or Giant so if you can't find parsnips or swede at NTUC or Giant you're very likely to find them at Jason's. Oh and did I mention that their cheese selection is amazing? My jaw literally dropped when I saw my favourite gourmet cheeses in beautiful packages.

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Raffles City
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