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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 21, 2012    

Our stores are primarily located in retail locations in the heartlands of Singapore, and designed to provide our customers with both “wet and dry” shopping options, including a wide assortment of live, fresh and chilled produce, such as seafood, meat and vegetables, in addition to processed, packaged and/or preserved food products as well as general merchandise such as toiletries and essential household products. We have also developed a selection of housebrands to offer our customers quality alternatives to national brands at substantial savings. As at the Latest Practicable Date, we offer over 300 products under our 10 housebrands. To support our retail operations, we also have an extensive distribution network, food-processing facilities, and warehousing facilities. In May 2011, we completed construction of our new corporate headquarters and warehousing and distribution centre at Mandai Link, at an estimated cost of up to S$65 million.

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Cashier who demanded I return the change

I go to Sheng Shiong for my fresh food and I have been going to the branch in Bedok for several years now. While my experience is generally positive, there was one recent incident which left a sour taste in my mouth. After I had paid for my groceries and as I was leaving the store, the young cashier rushed towards me and told me that she had given me the wrong change. I asked her how much and she couldn't give me a straight answer, insisting instead that I pass her back the receipt so that she can look at it again. When I passed her the receipt, she looked at it and asked for me to return $10. I refused and asked her to prove it and she started made such a big fuss that a crowd started to gather. Soon after, her manager came and told her to return to help the other customers who were feeling a little bit annoyed at the delay. The manager listened to my explanation and agreed with me that they had made a mistake and could not prove it and that it was rude to demand the money back. What an awkward and terrible encounter.

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The worst service I've ever seen

I went to Sheng Siong's money changer and inquired on the exchange rate of Thai Bhat around 1pm this afternoon. A middle-aged auntie with shoulder-length hair entertained me. I asked her in Chinese: "How's the exchange rate of Thai Bhat?(请问泰株的汇率是多少?)" She answered :"24.60". Then I asked:"How about for SGD $800?" She said:"Same".

So I decided to take more consideration then said :"Thank you". But when I tried to turn around and leave, she started to laughed to me very rudely and presumptuously. I felt very confused at that moment and did not think it is funny at all. So I went back to ask her in Chinese: "What are you laughing at? (你在笑什么?)" But she carry on her laughter and chatted with another auntie next to her in English.

Of course I could understood what they were talking about. Something like stupid idiot, etc.

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(Updated: August 27, 2013)

Top Supermarket In Town

If there is a Sheng Siong Supermarket around the area, I would always make the extra effort to go there even if there are other nearer supermarkets.

They sell many groceries and daily necessities like all other supermarkets. However, they have a wider range of products. Many of the things you are unable to get at the local supermarkets or mini-marts, you can usually find it there.

Their groceries, seafood and poultry sections is similar to a wet market. I can vouch that their fresh produce is the real deal. In one of the outlet I patronize, the fish was still flipping around on the rack!

Besides a wider variety of goods, prices are also very affordable. If you have a tight budget, you should try patronizing Sheng Siong Supermarket.

I am satisfied with most of the outlets I went so far. The one opposite West Coast Plaza is 2-storey high. I am able to get most of the things I want at one go at that outlet.

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Clementi (West Coast CC)
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The friendly, large, air-conditioned neighbourhood shop

Whenever I stepped into a Sheng Shiong outlet, my first instinct was to wonder what was the difference between this supermarket and Shop N Save, which was more heavily advertised on television and print media. Sheng Shiong sells you the idea of budget, it generally offers a large variety of household goods and appliance at the lowest price possible to keep you in your budget. Hence, the atmosphere of the supermarket feels 'cheap', in contrast to more major brands such as Cold Storage or NTUC Fairprice.

Sheng Shiong loses to other supermarket too in terms of convenience. Having fewer outlets in Singapore, inevitably it results in a lower scope of outreach and hence the feeling of being 'further' like Shop N Save. While it is understandable given that 7-11 would be the most prevalent and therefore win the convenience top price, the number of outlets is still reasonable and sheng shiong supermarkets can be reliably found at town centres.

Overall, not an outstanding but a respectable brand of supermarket.

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Budget Supermarket

If you are on a budget, Sheng Shiong is definitely the place to do your groceries shopping. I used to frequent the one at Tekka Mall when I stayed at Little India.

Their prices are generally lower than those you would find at other supermarkets. However, there is a trade off to the low prices. The freshness of the foods such as vegetables and fishes are somewhat questionable. The presentation of the fresh meat section also leaves one questioning the hygiene of the place. It is definitely cleaner than a wet market but pales to the standards of Cold Storage and NTUC.

I would advise doing what I do: shop for non-food products, canned food, and non-perishables here and go to another supermarket for fresh foods.

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Live Seafood

I go to Sheng Shiong basically for one reason ... to get live seafood which I can hardly buy anywhere else.

I love their range of live fish, prawns, oysters, clams, mussels, crabs etc but they are all subject to availability so whatever I want to buy may not be available on the days that I am there. But the price of their live seafood is definitely cheaper than the frozen ones sold at other supermarkets, which gives me even more reason to buy from Sheng Shiong.

As for other items, I'll usually grab whatever I need if I happen to be there as live seafood is the primary reason for me to make a trip there.

And now I'm craving for clams and mussels in white wine sauce ... yummy!!

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(Updated: January 06, 2013)

Malaysia products at Singapore prices

I don't usually visit Sheng Siong because I don't find the products there appealing. Even the shop space can get a bit messy because they have both the wet and dry sections together in a single shop space and especially those smaller branches, you will find everything cramped so close together that you will find getting around the shop uncomfortable.

I am a bit on the plump side so I like to shop in spacious shops where the aisles are not clattered and I can walk easily without having to worry about knocking something off the shelves.

Another thing that I don't like about Sheng Siong is the products they sold are mainly imported from Malaysia. If you had tried the chocolate and the soft drinks there, you will find that the tastes are different from those you buy in Singapore even though the brands are the same. You may have thought you got a bargain but you are actually buying Malaysia products at Singapore discounted prices.

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2 in 1 supermarket.

People always used to say that my dad owns Sheng Siong, its because his name is very similar, "Seng Siong", even people get mistaken. But back to the supermart, i love this mart for their versatility and cheap prices. Though they are rarely found around as compared to NTUC, they carry a large range of products, even holding the wet section so we can do both shopping in one place instead of going to a wet market for our Part II grocery shopping!

The things are generally cheaper than what we can find in cold storage and NTUC, which makes it a great place to get some serious shopping down. One gripe would be that at Sheng Siong, they do not carry up market brands, which NTUC and other marts do.

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(Updated: December 10, 2012)

The "wet" supermarket

While it became common knowledge to Singaporeans that Sheng Siong boasted one of the lowest prices when it come to supermarket merchandises locally (it might not even be a boast but a fact since their most of their items are sold cheaper than other supermarkets), I personally like to tour their live seafood section.

While I hated the smell of a wet market, the live seafood section in Sheng Siong, although having uncanny resemblance, doesn't smell half as bad. There're a lot of seafood options, alike a fresh seafood restaurant, less the fact that you've to cook them yourself. You can even find some of the lesser seen seafood such as bamboo clams or lobsters here, at a price heavily slashed from what you will be paying for at seafood restaurants. Despite being delicacies, I've yet to figure out how to cook them well so I'm still paying more to have them at restaurants. Should there be a day where I feel adventurous enough in the kitchen, I would definitely stop by Sheng Siong for their live seafood and whip up something amazing, hopefully that is.

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Best Part:
Live seafood
Branch Location:
Bedok Central
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Affordable prices

I will always go to Sheng Siong to but the ingredients needed for baking with my friends as the ingredients for baking are really cheap and with that little amount of money spent, we can make a lot of cookies and cupcakes from it. Since Sheng Siong is available almost everywhere in Singapore, we do not have to travel a long distance to reach there,

I think the prices are really affordable and are much cheaper than the other supermarkets like NTUC, Giant and Cold Storage and more. However for cleanliness wise, i think Cold Storage is much cleaner than Sheng Siong.

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