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7 Tan Quee Lan Street Singapore 188096
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Listing created by Joanne on March 17, 2013    

Located in Bugis along Tan Quee Lan street, it offers 6 different soup bases with no MSG. It also has a BBQ component and free flow of fried food like chicken wings and toasted buns (man-tou). Prices for adults are $17.90 Nett.

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(Updated: July 21, 2015)

Super Cheap

This is definitely one of the cheapest steamboat buffets I have ever went to. It wins the title of the most value-worthy buffet, hands down. But with a price of $15 - $20, do not expect much. If you're an individual very particular about hygiene, try not to go there. There are flies flying around, the food is not fresh (i.e. frozen meat comes with A LOT of water, yucks) and the floor is super oily and slippery. I can't stand still because my feet keeps slipping.

Service wise, do not expect much too. If you go during their non peak hours, you can expect the workers to be sitting around and even playing loud songs and videos on their phones (when they're sitting next to you). Variety of food is alright. Overall, I think an average individual will definitely be able to eat more than their $15/20 worth of food.

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Great economical choice for CNY

I decided to come here after reading Bryan's review! And damn. It was as good as he says. For only $22, my friends and I got a combination of steamboat and BBQ.

The soup, meat and everything was pretty decent. The fried food was also awesome. My favourite would definitely be the spicy chicken drumlets.

However, I was a little disappointed by the ice cream that they have there. The consistency of the ice cream was way too watery. It felt like eating melted ice cream. Also, the BBQ plate that was used to cook the food often ended up burnt with charcoal.

Well, they say you do pay for what you get. In-spite of that, I feel that the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Decent array of food to choose from, free flow fried food and drinks coupled with its affordable price makes this an economical steamboat restaurant to consider this CNY!

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(Updated: April 05, 2013)

Easily our favourite steamboat

I still remember when my friend first introduced me to this place. He was saying they had a special soup chef who made the soups, and that made me excited because I love my soup! There are 6 soup bases including Pork Belly, Gin Seng Chicken, Ma La and Tom Ya. We normally split our steamboat into half, one being the Ma La and the other being a non-spicy one.

There are a few things that make this place standout. Firstly, yes the soup. Its a level better then the other bugis steamboats. I also find the hygiene levels higher here. I have had terrible experiences in many bugis and chinatown steamboats where you can still see remnants of the last patrons food dried up on your utensils. Yucks!! I'm glad to say in the over 20 times I've eaten here I have yet to encounter that.

Next is how they offer BBQ as well. If you pay an additional token sum you get to have both the steamboat and BBQ tray at your table! How cool is that? We normally just get the steamboat though, but this mix seems popular with other patrons. The vegetables are self service and the meats have to be ordered from the menu. Don't worry, its unlimited!

Finally, there is a free flow of fried food - super spicy chicken, man tou, Shi Sha mo (Fried Fish) etc. So forget the antagonizing wait while your raw food cooks and tuck in right away! My partner loves the Shi Sha Mo so she especially loves coming here. And the price? I believe its $17.90 NET. Amazing! After dinner you can head over to conveniently located next lane "Liang Seah street" for some good dessert.

Do note they have a purely Chinese speaking service crew who don't speak English and they aren't particularly "service orientated". But these are small negatives compared to the other great things this place has to offer.

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Free flow fried food
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