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#01-01 530 North Bridge Road Singapore 188747
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 03, 2012    

It is a Chinese buffet steamboat and grill restaurant, cheap and affordable, with a wide variety of food.

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The most worthwhile steamboat buffet!

Chuan Yi Pin is one of the more famous steamboat buffet restaurant located in Bugis area. It is the most crowded store among all the other steamboat buffet restaurants located in that area perhaps due to their better quality and wider variety range of food to allow customers to choose them over the others.

The cost may be a little expensive for most of us but you will definitely not regret for choosing this restaurant over the others! I had personally went to eat there twice and both experience are all good! Not only the food are free flow, there are also free flow of drinks and ice-cream for the customers. As for other steamboat buffet restaurant, drinks have to be purchased separately I think.

The food they offer are also very fresh and tender. I could remember vividly how big the crab they provide and it even needs a couple of people to break open the crab's shell. The meat is really soft and tender. There is no restrict as to how much food you can consume even expensive food like crabs so you can just eat as much as you want and leave the place with a very bloated stomach!

The place is also easily accessible as it is located just opposite bugis junction!

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(Updated: April 11, 2012)

川一品(best in si chuan)

a steamboat that came from si chuan. as you know , si chuan foods are spicy . i have been to this steamboat at bugis a few times . maybe a year back , the restraunt has mainly china costmers. however , recently it has gain fame within the local apetite.

the variation of the food is vast and there are many choices for soup base. Also you can choose to BBQ your food too. (however its done out doors , so it might get a little warm) . The buffet itself also provides their own syrup drinks.

the good thing about chuan yi pin is that they serve the meat fresh, they were not frozen in a freezer but cut directly to you .

one advantage of eating at chuan yi pin bugis is that before you eat you can always go shopping or other types of leisure around that area. Even after eating , ktv is just right above. therefore i think planning a dinner at chuan yi pin is really good. imagine having to think about where to go after eating , wouldnt it be frustrating.

Some of you might think its si chuan food so it is doomed to be spicy , but you are wrong . there are soup bases which are delicious and non spicy. the hot pot is seperated and you can choose two soup bases according to your own likings.

so do make time and try out a chuan yi pin!

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ma la huo guo
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Wide selection of food!

If you are a crab lover, you would love this place. But you have to be early to avoid from getting smaller pieces. It serves big claws of stone crabs and also flower crabs.

Located nearby Bugis Junction, there is a steamboat and barbecue buffet. It costs less than $20 on weekdays and about $21.90 on weekends.

It is expected to be polluted with smokes and oil splatters from the barbecue set but it's worth for the food selection. Other than the smoke, the place is just located beside a busy road.

It has a wide variety of food, even seafood such as bamboo clams, mussels, different types of mushroom and not forgetting big crab claws! You know those stone crabs with big claws? Yes they have it here. I will always be there early to grab the best and biggest claws. Oh another thing they have all the powdered spices and you could make your own paste too.

It's really a good deal if you are looking for an enjoyable time. It's similar to barbecue at east coast park but this is a very lenient setting where you can have free flow of all the great selection food at an affordable price.

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