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B1-20 Golden Mile Tower Basement 6001 Beach Road
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Listing created by Melody on April 29, 2012    

Located at the basement of the run-down building, it is unusual that this place is still booming with popularity. It serves a combination of hainanese chicken rice and steamboat, with side dishes like satay and 'kang-kong' to go along. More suitable for the gatherings or occasions rather than the lonely dinner as it would be easier to order a wider variety of food with more people around.

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Chicken rice or steamboat? Or both?

With its ulu pandan location, this shop located in a dingy basement really doesn't have much going for itself. But night after night it is packed with big families, why?!

Even though steamboat places are everywhere now and buffet style is usually the way to go, Thien Kee still only offers a-la-carte type steamboat. I don't know how they manage to draw back the crowds but they do. Maybe its the ultimate chicken rice + satay + steamboat combo. Who can say no to that?!

Once you locate the restaurant that should be the end of your labor. There is ample seating even though this place is almost always packed to the brim. They're really something, to shell out an entire basement for one steamboat restaurant. After that just make sure you get the winning combo. And let your belly be happy.

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Are you serious?

The first thought that came to my mind upon looking at the building this particular eatery was in was , " huh here got things to eat meh? safe or not..." I carried my skepticism all the way to my spot at the dining table , well that was until I had my first spoon of rice. The rice was full of flavor and nicely oiled. Not too oily , yet not to dry. The rice was cooked just the way I liked it - not to dry , yet not in too much water that it puffed up too much. Not exaggerating , but if it were up to me , I would have gone through the meal on rice alone ( that's how much I love it... ). But other than that , the chicken wasn't so bad - though it could have been cut less crudely i.e deboned. The soup was good after a couple of splashes of soy sauce , but I tend to prefer salty foods. I did not have the satay during my trip down , but according to the waitress who took our order , the satay is pretty hot stuff.

On the whole , I would definately head back down despite the initial appearance of the building just to get drunk on the atmosphere once more ( and of course for the rice.)

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I love their soup!

I love this Hainanese Chicken Steamboat place. Besides a fan of fishhead steamboat, my next favourite would be Hainanese Chicken steamboat and unfortunately compared to the former, there are lesser of these around and Thien Kee at Golden Mile is one of the best i have eaten.

Thien Kee is based on an ala carte menu whereby when i went there with my boyfriend, i just asked for a steamboat serving size of 2, and hence there will be ingredients like fishballs, a small serving of prawns, clams, beef etc. They were all fresh ingredients. Although the serving size looks small its actually enough to fill that stomach when you order a plate of Hainanese Chicken which to me, is just average. It was the steamboat that was the highlight. The soup was probably boiled from the chicken bones/skin and it was so yummy. Perfect for a rainy evening.

This is my favourite place to eat if i am craving for Hainanese Chicken Steamboat and i am glad the quality still remains the same after all these years

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Golden Mile
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Great place for Steamboat

This steamboat restaurant may be located at a rather old, run-down and inaccessible building in Beach Road, but it is definitely worth a try. The steamboat's chicken soup is refreshing and highly addictive. They serve chicken rice instead of your usual plain rice along with the steamboat, which is piping hot, fragrant and absolutely delicious. Order a plate of steamed chicken as your side dish and that would be the perfect combination. The chicken is tender and succulent, moist on the inside and yet not too oily. I usually request for the soya sauce to be served externally so that the chicken would not taste too salty.

I would suggest not visiting on weekends though, as it would get really overcrowded and difficult to find seats. The environment would also be really noisy, with sounds of euphoric laughter and chattering escalating into the painful cacophony that would resonate incessantly in your ears.

Overall, this place would certainly be a revelation for food lovers!

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Great place for family/friends gatherings!

Located in an old building at Beach Road, this steamboat restaurant has been operating for as long as I can remember. My guess is that only those who are of a certain age would come by this restaurant rather than the younger generation. The Hainanese chicken we ordered was tender to the mouth and their chicken rice was well-cooked. The main thing about steamboat – the soup, was sweet and not too oily. One of the staffs there was saying the soup is good for our body and encouraged us to drink more! The ingredients (fishballs, prawns etc.) were fresh, not the type where some served leftovers from many days.

One thing that was not absolute satisfying was the ordering part. Prices were not stated on the menu and this leaves opportunities for the staff to overcharge us without knowing, especially for new visitors. The staffs there are quite helpful and tend to our needs promptly. Overall it was a filling meal and do be expected for a lack of seats on weekends during dinner time. If you do enjoy steamboat, this is one place you should visit!

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2 in 1

Ever thought of having chicken rice and steamboat all at one place? This is definitely the place to be at. Famous for its delicious combination of steamboat served with chicken rice, thien kee restaurant is by far the liveliest portion of the whole run-down mall that it is situated in.
The chicken rice is made daily, and the steamboat chicken broth is beyond tasty. Selections for the steamboat can also be made either by buying the package sets or individual ala carte items.

The family run business has expanded through buying down the neighbouring units of shops from when it first started. Today, its business is so bustling that it is difficult to find a seat on weekends. The price is relatively cheap and definitely reasonable for the spread. Try to avoid going at the peak hours so that there is no need to wait for tables, also dress comfortably as the place is not very strongly air-conditioned, furthermore with the heat from the steamboat it might get a little humid. A little piece of advice would be to go with more people as that would allow more room to order a larger variety of food. What's there to not love when there is steamboat!

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(Updated: May 09, 2012)

good value, tasty. will come back for more.

Located at Golden Mile complex famous for its Thai-related groceries, restaurants and products, Thien Kee Hainanese Steamboat may seem a little out of place. But this place, my friend, is a gem. The food is so good, wholesome and delicious. Perfect for a family dinner.

The steamboat is priced afford-ably (nothing over $30, but it depends on the size. a regular one would not cost much) and what better way to gather with your friends and family than to surround a piping hot pot? It makes you warm inside out. You can also order the steamed chicken as a side dish to go along with the steamboat. The steamed chicken is so tender and smooth! A must-try if you are there. I think there are other dishes available but I am not familiar with it as my family always order the steamboat and steamed chicken every time we patronize there. It's a default order and we have not gotten sick of it yet. It's too delicious. Simple and heartwarming.

It can get a little crowded during the weekends but service is quick and fast. Nothing to worry about. Do arrive earlier if you're afraid of not getting a table. Parking is quick and easy as well, the complex has plenty of lots.

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