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Listing created by Franice on April 22, 2012    

TomYum KungFu provides  a Thai-style steamboat as well as offering am  ala carte menu. It doesn't charge service charge or GST.

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Kungfu-ing its way into my heart

Although most people come from all over Singapore for their mookata, I’ve never tried it. Instead, I tried their basil chicken with rice, and I must say, it’s pretty darn good.

Go for their weekday set lunches and you can get a substantial meal for under $10! I got their basil chicken set which came with rice and a fried egg, along with a bowl of tom yum soup and a drink. All this came up to $7.90! If you are having something spicy, do order their Thai Iced tea. Tom Yum Kungfu is generous with their spices, and it’s unlikely one can handle their spicy foods without needing a drink to soothe their tongue.

Given that it recently expanded despite being barely a year old, I guess its testament to the quality of the food and brand. Tom Yum Kungfu, I’ll definitely come back to try your mookata!

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Better places for Mookata

Tom Yum Kungfu is the cleanest Mookata dining I have been to. With the cemented furniture and the intricate designs of the other decor, it gives off a refreshing vibe to the smoky place. Both the
Boat Quay and Serangoon outlets model after this concept.

However, I have had better and cheaper Mookata. The portions served here are pretty lacking compared to the others I have tried. Nonetheless, I really like how MAMA TomYam Maggie is added to the menu so I could indulge in a spicy soup base.

I would only return if my friends insist.

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MAMA TomYam Maggie
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Tom Yum Kungfu is a Mookata restaurant which is relatively popular so do make a reservation before going down! I went down on a weekday afternoon for lunch because I was told that dinner seating was unavailable as they were all fully booked. Mookata is a kind of Thai steamboat where you grill your meat on a dome-shaped thingy in the pot so that the juices can all flow into the soup, making it tastier. I've read many online reviews about this place and some people even said that this is the BEST mookata place in Singapore. I can't say for sure though because this is the first place I've ever had mookata at but I really liked the food here.

The place here uses lard as the oil for cooking, which enhances the bbq meat's smokiness and flavour. Yummm. The meat was marinated really well and through!! I really liked the marinated meat. Really tasty and fragrant. The seafood included in the set tasted really fresh as well. You know how some BBQ places don't really put in effort for their soup base and some soup base taste watery and tasteless!! The soup base here is equally yummy as well. I enjoyed everything! At $50 for 2 pax it can be a little steep as compared to BBQ buffets elsewhere but the quality and taste of the meat here makes the price worth it.

Mookata for lunch doesn't sound like a bad idea but it was a bad idea. I will never go for mookatas in the afternoon anymore because it was SO HOT! Nothing to do with the restaurant though! I chose outdoor seating because I did not want to smell like BBQ since I was going for a movie later. I was literally sweating buckets when having my meal. My eyes hurt from the smoke as well (lol weakling), again nothing to do with the place but the nature of a Mookata meal so be prepared for that. Moral of the story: Bring hair mist/ perfume (regardless of indoor or outdoor seating) and go only in the evening/night to not feel so warm!

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Great to end the day with

Great place for late dinners to end your day with, make sure you're not heading anywhere after as you'll smell like barbecue. Suitable for big groups, gatherings, but do make sure to call for a reservation especially during dinner time on weekends as they are usually full.

The paradise for meat lovers, Tomyum Kungfu offers a variety of meat like pork, chicken, beef and also some seafood choices. Theme for this steamboat would be thai style, and pork would be the best choice! Although marination ain't that fantastic, its the way you barbecue your food over the hot pot with charcoal underneath. Crack an egg over the meat before barbecuing and mix it a little to get tastier meat. The more meat you cook on top, the tastier the soup gets as oil and marination will slip down to the side where soup is poured in and vola!

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(Updated: April 23, 2012)

good for friends gathering

TomYum KungFu provides Thai-style steamboat and offer ala carte menu. Burning the charcoal in the middle of the steamboat utensil allows it to heat up constantly without the need of changing gas. Customers can choose pork lards or margarine to spread on the utensil surface. I would choose pork lards as it bring out the flavour of the raw meat and seafood and enhance the taste of it. For pork lards lover, you will definitely enjoy the taste of it after sizzling on the hot surface till crisp.

This place is good for friends gathering and always crowded with customers. There are different sets of raw food provided at different price range, sharing among friends will be just nice. Authentic Thailand food like TomYum Soup is an add on to your meal. I do not order side dishes as my main objective is to enjoy sizzling the raw food and seafood, dipped it into their special sauce and send it into my mouth. You can chat with your friends while waiting for your food to be done. Soup is poured at the side of the steamboat utensil, surrounding the BBQ surface. Just throw the vegetables and other ingredients into the soup and wait till it is done. The natural flavour flows down from the BBQ surface then drips into the soup, making it so addicting till you can't stop drinking it.

Try to choose the seats inside the outlet in case it rains, unless you don't mind to get wet. Hope it is a cooling and non-rainy day, the perfect weather to enjoy BBQ steamboat.

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