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Netball Singapore (NS) has progressed dramatically since it commenced in 1962 with 23 registered clubs. It has emerged from being an amateur sport run by volunteer management who relied on grants and donations, to becoming a professionally run NSA with secretariat staff and which generates a proportion of its expenditure through revenue generation and sponsorship. NS is the National body for netball in Singapore. Since its inception, netball - as the fastest growing women’s sport in Singapore with an estimated 80,000 active social and competitive members - has achieved a number of important milestones that showcase what the sport has achieved in the area of excellence. Netball Singapore hosted the World Championships in 1983, the first Asian country to participate in the World Championship, as well as the first in Asia to host a tournament of such large capacity. Netball Singapore also hosted an international Pre-Commonwealth Games Extravaganza in 1998 and an International Extravaganza in 2001. In addition, Singapore has a well-established infrastructure to support major conferences. The International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) held its 2001 Congress in Singapore. This attracted almost 100 delegates from over 30 nations. The year 1999 proved an important milestone when Netball Singapore took its first step towards professionalism by forming the Netball Super League annually; a four-month long, 10-round tournament developed to cater for elite players in Singapore. In 2005, Netball Singapore hosted the Asian Netball Championships and won the title in front of 3,000 fans against Malaysia in the finals. Never to let up, Netball Singapore created the first international netball tournament in Asia in 2006 – the Nations Cup. The event has since grown to a 6-teams tournament and is recognised as a key international event by IFNA. Moving beyond the mainstream netball, Netball Singapore started a 4-on-4 beach netball carnival in 2009 to raise the profile of Netball amongst the tertiary students and young working adults and to make the sport more visible locally to the lifestyle segment. Come July 2011, Netball Singapore will be hosting the World Netball Championships at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Singapore last hosted the event 28 years ago but netball fans can expect next year’s edition to be more exciting and more entertaining.

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A Netballer's Home

During my netball days back in secondary school, this place housed many memories for an average teenage netball player. In recent years, because of the increased funding to Netball Singapore as well as the growing popularity of the sport, Kallang Netball Centre has changed for the better such that the sheltered grandstand seats were all replaced.

The exterior of the place certainly play a large part in the atmosphere and feeling of the players using the place. It is one of the few netball courts that are open to public booking should one decide on playing a short netball game or conduct training sessions. Due to the nature of the sport, it is not as popular as other sports like street soccer where there are many places available to play the sport. Hence, Kallang Netball Centre remains its authenticity on being the original place for netball matches and trainings.

After a long day's training and sweating out, not to worry, there are shower rooms available for a comfortable bath and a change of clothes too. Afterwhich, due to its convenient location, there are a few foodplaces to hang out at nearby, like the big Macdonald's and KFC, old kallang airport hawker centre, as well as Kallang Leisure Park.

For some sporting adventure and netball sessions, one can easily book the place for usage and have a good day sweating out.

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Place with memories and sweat

I have never been to Kallang Netball Centre until I joined my school’s netball team when I was in JC. Despite having a really short interaction with netball, I can feel that the place is like every netballer’s second home. Many inter-school netball carnivals and tournaments are held there and the place consists of many fond (or maybe bad) memories, sweat and glory of every netballer.

Aside from the nostalgic element, I think the place is rather inconvenient as we have to walk really long just to get to the main road. Going back home or getting a meal back then really took a long time. Hopefully the new MRT station reduces the hassles!

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Netball corner

This place may be quite old and rusty but it holds so many nostalgic memories of my secondary school days. I was not the athletic type but my younger sister was a netball player in our school team. I was more of the studious and supporter from the sidelines kind of student so I was often there to cheer for our team when there is an inter-school tournament.

There are around 6 huge netball courts and there are also benches with shelter located in between the courts in the middle. The benches are made of metal so when the weather is scorching hot, which was usually the case, the seats can be so unbearably warm as if they just came out of the oven. The supporters would then stand and try to cool down the seats by beating them with towels, which I did not think actually worked.

Aside from the benches in the middle courts, I wish there are more benches near the courts at opposite ends so that supporters can get a closer view of the games there instead of just standing near the courts. They may sometimes obstruct the game unconsciously.

The toilets there are well-maintained and there are also vending machines selling ice cold drinks and snacks. The place is also near fast food restaurants such as KFC and McDonalds. It certainly is a good place to play netball with friends.

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Good times..

I've been going to KNC since I was in primary school, from having trainings there to going for carnivals. There are more than enough courts to hold many concurrent matches but I do agree that there are too few shelters as many posters have mentioned. When carnivals are held, there can be up to 8 or more teams/schools coming down to play and there aren't enough shelters to accommodate everyone when it rains or when the weather is scorching which is very very very often.

The great thing about KNC is that Kallang Leisure Park is in walking distance and there's a KFC and Macdonalds just across the street from the centre so food is a convenient source for us which is awesome because my teammates and I get crazy hungry after training (:

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Too little shelters, but a good place for a netball carnival

This place to many netballers like myself, would seem really familiar. Competitions, carnivals, friendly matches, across the 'C' and 'B' Divisions were held here. Previously, it used to be less accessible with only a bus stop across the road available, but now it has been made more accessible to many with the circle line station "Mountbatten" nearby.

One thing that have not changed over the years is the metal spectators' seats that would burn under the heat from the sun. This makes it unbearable for anyone to sit on it. Hence, many have to seek shelter from the restroom area behind or the fast food joints nearby.

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Trainings and matches!

I find it difficult to rate KNC because it was a place where I trained almost every week or played important matches at. I must say that the overall experience is a 3 because of the hardship that all netballers went through.Being at Kallang makes warm up runs difficult! The route to the Singapore Indoor Stadium is really long and tough.

Some courts at KNC have been refurbished - think that courts 1 & 2 are used more often for the big matches. The showers at KNC are good, there are many cubicles but usually there is still a queue after trainings or matches end.

One bad thing about KNC is that the courts are unsheltered and thus trainings/matches get postponed! You are not allowed to do passes/train outside the main office (I wonder if they are more relaxed about this rule now) and there is limited shelter. I remember having my team talk at the nearby squash centre.

Great memories though.

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the place every netballer has been to

kallang netball centre has been around for as long as i have played netball. since then, it has been the venue for many competitions and training sessions and i believe that almost every netballer should have played on one of their 6 courts.

courts 1 and 2 have been recently refurbished with a new flooring as they are the two most used courts. these two courts are closest to the entrance and court 1 has tented spectator stands on each side.

it is not difficult to get a court booking with the singapore sports council on weekday mornings, but things might get a little difficult towards night time or weekend. on two occasions, a failure of the system caused a double booking of the courts and teams might find themselves in a difficult position if it ever happens again.

when it was first build, netballers were thankful as they used to play on muddy fields. people were just thankful to have a cemented court. now though, more and more people are complaining that it is far too hot down at knc. perhaps it is time to renovate the place and create a multi-story building full of netball courts on each level?

that aside, netballers can be assured that the poles are always furbished with nets, and there are plenty of bathing facilities at knc or the nearby squash court. be careful with your belongings though as there have been cases of theft recently.

facilities may be a little old, but it definitely fulfills our basic needs.

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(Updated: April 22, 2012)

A place familiar to every netballer

Kallang Netball Centre rings a bell in all netballers, I am sure. It is a place where the netball teams sweat, laugh or perhaps even cry together. A place where they slog it out just so they can bring glory to their school during the Nationals' or the zone competitions. To me, it is a place filled with memories as well, memories of the good old days where we were very sporty, tanned and came together as a team.

Being very spacious and having up to as many as 10 netball courts, this is a popular place for netballers to hold their trainings or have friendly competitions with netball teams from other schools. I remembered fondly that there was a spectator's stand for supporters to cheer for their school teams and to place their belongings. Clean toilets are located near the courts and netballers can shower after their trainings/competitions too. At the entrance, there is a shop selling sports equipment too, but mostly netball-related equipment.

Up till now, Kallang netball centre remains the biggest grounds for netball trainings/competitions to be conducted. I hope that they will continue to maintain the place and make it even more conducive for the netballers as the place certainly holds a very special meaning to me, as I think back on my netball days when we egg on for our teammates and share the joy and defeat together.

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