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Crystal Ang
Listing created by Crystal Ang on January 12, 2014    

The Sundown Marathon started in 2008. It used to be known as the adidas Sundown Marathon and is the largest night race held in Asia and Singapore. 

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Better saved for sunny-side ups

I do run now and then, but I don't think that paying $60 to run 10k is really not worth your money. Although I do think that it's a good idea if you're participating to help a good cause.

Sundown marathon was an okay experience for me. If you're more competitive then I think you should register for the competitive runs or full marathons. Most people in the 5k or 10k sections are usually "fun-runners" so they don't really run all the way. Some of them just end up walking.

Joining a marathon is a nice way to get yourself motivated to run. However, I prefer to just run on my own, without the crowd getting in my way or giving me pressure. I like to relax while running. If you find that Sundown is challenging, because of the distance or timing, you can always opt for an alternative event like the Colour Run or Zombie Run, which has a much more exciting theme and activities along the way.

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The Sundown Marathon is undoubtedly, the run that I aspire to. 42.195km, its really no mean feat. Being a locally renowned marathon, the Sundown Marathon sees turnout by the thousands yearly, and participants may be split into the different categories of 10km run, 21km half marathon and 42km full marathon respectively. Its unique aspect would be that participants will take part throughout the whole night, and the experience of running all night long, unless you're in the army, would definitely be one of a kind for majority of the participants.

I once volunteered a few years back for a Sundown Marathon (while I pride myself in running regularly, I do not wish to embarass myself in trying to go through a marathon, especially when I know my limits clearly). I was tasked to give out finisher medals, bananas and isotonic drinks at the end point. Since it was a class effort, most of the tentage were filled with familiar people. I enjoyed the experience tremendously, it was the first time my class worked as a team to ensure success of an actual event, and over the night, bonds grew stronger and new friendships with previously unfamiliar classmates were forged. Moreover, it was a joy to congratulate the runners on finishing their races for a good job well done. And lastly, not to mention that the shirt was nicely designed as well (wheeee)

The Sundown Marathon, in my opinion, is a good experience. No matter what role you play in it, all i can say is that a running event through the night is already an experience that is one of a kind!

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