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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

Red Dynasty Paintball Park is the newest and largest paintball arena in Singapore which caters to all your paintball needs. With an arena as big as a soccer field, the Red Dynasty Paintball Park accommodates a 20m shooting gallery, 2 scenario based fields and 1 standard size speedball field. Located in the north of Singapore in Bottle Tree Park, Red Dynasty Paintball Park is easily accessible by all transportation means. Offering the most affordable and attractive paintball package, we cater to people of all ages* or organization with large group size. Red Dynasty Paintball Park offers the most reliable paintball equipment. Our equipment are carefully maintained on a rigorous schedule and cleaned to provide the most comfortable experience for all. Our facilitators are competent in the delivery of team building activities and will give complete attention to your learning needs. Paintball is an adrenaline rushing sport which is safe (statistically reported to have lesser injuries than contact sports!) and suitable for people of different gender and physique. Paintball is a fun activity that helps to enhance self confidence, decision making skills and team building.

While many play paintball to have fun, organizations and corporations are finding paintball to be a game which promotes corporate teambuilding, increases camaraderie within the company and enhances employees’ leadership skills. We do customization of activities as well. Red Dynasty Paintball Park is the only paintball arena in Singapore that offer varieties of paintball game scenarios. To ensure that customers follow a progressive route of competencies in paintball, customers learn to handle paintball markers the correct way by having a "feel" of shooting one at the shooting gallery, progressive learning then proceeds by playing in a novice field, a 20 men scenario field and lastly a speedball tournament field with an impressive set up of more than 35 inflatable bunkers. Red Dynasty is the only paintball park in Singapore to offer speedball bunkers for players who are interested to play at a competitive level. With facilities catering to both recreational and competition paintball players, what are you waiting for? Come visit us today!

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It's battle time!

It was my first time playing paintball. 12 of us took package D which was 250 paintballs for $50. They geared us in a face mask and the girls wore a vest. They guys were asking for a vest too but the paintball guy told them it's only for girls.

They then split us into teams and we played in field 2. There were 3 stages. In the 1st stage we were given 50 balls and the game ended when one grabs the flag in the middle. I was so terrified i didn't dare to leave the base. By the time i managed to run out once, the game had already ended.

They gave us a 5 minute break, briefed us on the 2nd stage and refiled another 100 balls in our guns. The 2nd stage was to not only take the flag but a dynamite which were all in the middle at a open space and bring them back to base.

For the 1st 2 stages it was the guys doing all the work. So on the 3rd stage, they asked us to appoint a girl as the captain. Each group had 2 girls and we played scissors, paper, stone to see who would be the captain. Unfortunately I lost! The last stage was the hardest. The captain had to grab the flag which was in the middle of a maze and tie it to the flag pole and pull it up. As I was captain, I had to choice but to dash out to the middle. The 1st time i got shot, i shouted 'Are you kidding me?' The pain was excruciating! After you get shot, you have to run back to the base. I ended up having to run back to the base more than 5 times and then trying to run to the middle. When i finally got the flag, it was time to tie it to the flag pole which was in the open! Open to let my opponents shoot me as freely as them wanted! Once the flag was up, victory was ours.

I had immense fun and pain! Next time i go, I would definitely been wear 2 layers of clothing.

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DO NOT let the staff pressure you into not wearing chest protection just because you're a guy, because getting hit by paintballs is no joke. I came here to celebrate my friend's birthday in June 2012, and now, there's still a mark on my body that while faint, is noticeable.

It is not cheap of course, but the adrenaline rush it provides is immense. Add to the fact that I wasn't wearing any protection except helmet and goggles and the stakes are all that much higher. Getting hit actually hurt so much that I tried very hard not to get hit.

Also, if you wear glasses, I recommend wearing contacts if you have them. The glasses will fog up in the helmet and it clouds your vision. You are unable to take your helmet off to wipe them because it is extremely dangerous. A stray paintball that hits your eye can effectively blind you.

Come here for an adrenaline rush! Better still, come with a couple of friends and frag each other in real life!

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Adrenaline rush

Just a stone’s throw away from Khatib MRT station, getting to Red Dynasty Paintball Park was rather straightforward. I went for a session of paintball with a few friends to make things a bit more interesting. Signing up for the ‘Rambo’ package,we were allocated 250 paintballs to destroy each other in anyway we could. Simply put, it was an enjoyable 2 hours of fun.

For those of you who enjoy a good testosterone-filled session of urban warfare, this is the perfect activity for you. However, do be prepared to suffer through some pain - those paintball pellets leave bruises that stay there for days. Definitely a great alternative for a date (make sure your girlfriend knows what paintball is first though!) or a group outing.

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Painful but can be fun

For first timers, Paintball can be quite an exciting yet daunting activity. You might not know what to expect - how to play the game, the most suitable dress code and the most important of all; how painful it is getting shot. Having played Paintball at Red Dynasty before, I would advice that you be decked out in long sleeved shirts and long pants. Make sure to wear old clothes as you will definitely get shot and be splattered in paint. If the weather permits, it would be good to wear thicker clothing as getting shot by paintballs is painful! Some of my friends and I got bruises from getting shot. Also wear comfortable covered shoes as there will be lots of running around.

As for the gameplay, there will be instructors that will guide your team and you by explaining the paintball equipments, how to aim and shoot and everything else that is related to the paintball game. They will also provide face barriers to protect potential paintball shots at the face.

The area in which the game takes place is a fenced field that is a bit like an obstacle course. Depending on the package you choose, there will be different scenarios and rules you have to follow. In the package that my friends and I chose, we split into two teams and pitted against one another. The losing team would be the one who suffers from the most paintball shots. This package lasted for about two hours and was one of the more expensive ones at $50.

There is a shower area on site where you can bathe and freshen up after the game and it is relatively dry and clean. I feel that paintball is quite an exciting activity in the sense that it promotes teamwork, requires strategy and can be very fun. However, the one thing that deters me is the painful shots from the paintballs! They are a bit too much for me to handle but perhaps I wasn't used to it. I would still definitely recommend for people who are interested in outdoor activities to try this at least once as it is quite different from the usual ones we are used too and can be quite an experience.

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