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Dreams do come true, if you want it bad enough. Kartright Speedway is the creation of Jude P. Benny and Allan Teo, two men who overcame all odds to bring you what kart enthusiasts in Singapore have been looking forward to Singapore's newest and finest permanent competition-length go-karting facility. Located at 511 Upper Jurong Road (opposite SAFTI, PIE exit Upper Jurong). Formula 1 came to our streets and made history as the first ever F1 night race, but still there wasn't a competitive karting track until Kartright Speedway first opened its doors to the public on 1 October 2009.

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F1 it ain't but who cares!

I had no idea that this place existed until a friend took me there after a curtailed visit to the totally forgettable, nearby Singapore Discovery Centre. I’ve never been one for raceways, go karts, F1, stock cars or whatever: it has never interested me.

But this place was fascinating. Stuck way out at Joo Koon, the whole complex amazed me. Hundreds of karts lined the walls of the clubhouse garage, whilst members only whizzed round at varying speeds from cautious (most) to chaotic (few).

I asked if I could have a go but as that would have required signing up and providing a resume that included my grandmother’s name and my blood type plus quite a lot of money, I opted to sit it out and watch as my friends enjoyed themselves. Any way I doubted I would have passed the required strenght (sic) test.

So, go and watch, but remember, actually driving is strictly for members only.

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Good fun!

Motorsport is my passion. I am an avid fan of F1 and many other motorsport events. My first go at karting was in an indoor track in Australia. It was superb and I loved it. I didn’t realise Singapore had its own kart track until very recently. Karting is the closest we normal Singaporeans can get to a proper motorsport event. If you ever wanted to know the rigours of motorsport, this is the perfect place to go to.

Starting at 25 bucks each for 10 minutes of pure adrenaline, it is on the pricier side. But it will be money well spent in my opinion. The rental-karts, for first timers, might seem fast but it gets easier to drive. I got the hang of driving it really quickly as I had experienced it before. I was whizzing past the track overtaking my brother a couple of times. It was exhilarating! I was braving it around every corner and feeling the car slipping was super thrilling. To get the most of the 10 minutes, you have to be adventurous. What is the point of driving the kart slowly and not experiencing the speed and thrill of it?

My hands were aching after the drive. To think I only drove for 10 minutes really surprised me. After I had done my driving, a group of professional drivers came with their souped-up karts. They were immensely quick. I really wished that I could drive those.

Overall, I would say this is a must visit. The staff are very kind and professional. The overall safety is good as well.

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Jurong West
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Exhilarating until you step on the pedal

Dreaming of driving an F1 car but cant make the grade? Well, go-karts are the next best thing. Low to the ground and speedy, except its not quite speedy. The go-karts available at Kartright Speedway are slightly under-powered and drivers used to the speed of driving overseas will be disappointed when they floor the pedal and do not quite rocket off the starting line. Still, they are far better the those found it Genting Highlands and Batam. Now those are really under-powered and can literally be outrun by a jogger.

I suppose it makes sense not to let amateurs behind the wheel of a truly souped up go-karts otherwise the accident rate would simply be too high. If you are fortunate, you may see some experienced drivers with their own personalized go-karts here zooming pass you at twice your speed.

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Exhilarating FUN!

Singapore too boring? Tired of USS?

Well, you ought to try go-karting!

Last week, my friends and I decided to give it a shot. My friends and I qualified for the Youth category (21 years old and below) and we went on a weekday, so we only paid about $25 each for 10 minutes on the fun-karts. Prices are pretty steep especially if you want to spend a day on the tracks but I feel that it's definitely money well-spent. The adrenaline rush and the challenge of racing and controlling my own vehicle is beyond exhilarating! Furthermore, the staff were very accommodating, friendly and well-trained.

That said, I took a while to maneuver the vehicle. In fact, during my first drive, I skidded off the track a number of times. It can get pretty frustrating at first, but I managed to get used to it after the first couple of drives. I feel that one must be adventurous enough to enjoy it. Karting may look dangerous and fast, but the facilities are rather safety-oriented (come on, you're in Sg..). Don't let your inhibitions stop you from getting the most fun out of it!

I highly recommend Kartright for a fun day out with friends. Given the limited recreational activities offered in Singapore, Kartright is definitely a must-go.

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Joo Koon
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