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Kallang Ice World is the largest ice-skating rink in Singapore! Constructed to match competition standards, skaters will enjoy a superior ice surface with quality finishes for an unbeatable skating experience. With gallery-style spectator seating, Kallang Ice World is also an ideal venue for a wide range of ice-skating performances and competitions. A comprehensive range of ice-skating courses is also offered at Kallang Ice World, from beginner’s training to classes for the more proficient. For a truly unique experience, private rink booking is also available for your celebrations, functions and parties.

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10am - 10pm
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Great for simply having fun!

I can't skate. But there was a time I used to frequent this place with a bunch of friends just because it was so much fun. The price is a little steep to come regularly, but it's worth it if you really need to unwind after a stressful period.

Wearing the skates for an extended period of time hurts, so be sure to go prepared with THICK comfortable socks, or prepare for multiple painful blisters all over your feet. The staff here is okay, they're not super service-oriented and smiley, but they don't give you attitude.

From what I observed at the time, the place was mostly occupied by rookie skaters or people looking to have fun, though they were a few professional-looking skaters there. They looked very annoyed by all the people falling over though, so I'm not sure this is the best place to go if you really wanted to ice-skate seriously.

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First time

My first experience with ice skating was at Kallang Ice World. I went with a group of friends and the value is quite affordable for skating 2-3 hours. It was easy to pick out your skates with the measurements provided at the counter and the person recommending with size to wear.

Since it was my first time ice skating I fell over many times and with the help of my friends I was able to skate a little better. I have not been to the other rink at JCube and I heard it is larger but the size actually does not matter, it is about having fun which I did.

I would definitely recommend this place for ice skating to family, friends and couples any time.

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Blades Of Glory

I was really reluctant to go ice skating when my friends suggested it because I am Singapore's biggest clutz, I've got the ability to trip on dust. Yes. Dust. Don't ask me how I do it. But since all my friends wanted to go, I put aside all my whining and tried to be as 'on' as possible.

As you can see by my rating of the experience, I didn't regret it! The prices were a little steep for me but since it was a once in awhile event I didn't mind. We paid and got our tickets at the counter upfront and were given our skates on the inside.

I have trued roller blading before and even after 3 hours I couldn't pick it up. But surprisingly, I was able to NOT fall in skates! Don't get me wrong, I was as wobbly as a toddler, but I was still able to get from one spot to the next which was a huge achievement for me.

It was comforting to see a lot of other people around who were in the same shoes (or skates?)as me, trying out ice skating for the first time. Everyone was smiling and helping one another if people stumbled with such empathy it made me feel like we were all part of the same icy page when I was there gratefully.

I would also like to mention the great service there. The staff were always very helpful and friendly. On one occasion my friend got a cut and they even provided him with a plaster.

On a side note: Take note that adults are not allowed to use the portable handrails to skate. Those are only for children and the staff are very protective of their handrails being in the wrong hands for some reason.

Overall I had a great time with my friends and I would definitely go back there again. Its a really great place to bond with people you've just met too as everyone's helping one another out and it evokes teamwork!

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Best part:
Big Rink, Good Service
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Ice- skating is fun!

I’ve been to Kallang Ice World a few times, and each time, it was quite packed on the ice. The skates are of standard quality, and they charge two dollars for gloves, so be sure to bring your own. :)

If you happen to go during its peak hours, the ice will not be that smooth, and deep gouges and scratches can be seen here and there. I remember, to my chagrin, that I tripped many times, to do a face- plant on the ice!

To avoid the crowd, I think you should go on a weekday, and try the slot from 10am- 12pm. 10am is the time the rink opens, and it should be empty. I went at 10am once, and the only crowd was a group of children, and the ice was still gouge- free! My friends and I had a fun time skating freely over the wide expanse of white.

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Blades of Glory (kind of)

If you are into a feel-good time with your friends whilst escaping from the harsh Singapore heat, other than hiding out in your favourite shopping malls, I would definitely encourage the more gung-ho individuals to try their hand at ice skating! The Kallang Ice World is one of the few ice skating rinks in Singapore, and is definitely worth spending an hour or two skating with friends (or by yourself if you are so inclined) to out-dated pop songs from 2009.

Over the years, the interior of the rink arena has gone a little drabby, with water markings along the pipes and a greyish colour tinting the wall. However, the rink itself is still in good condition, with "ice cleaning" occurring every few hours to ensure the ice remains smooth and unmarred. I have went multiple times to the rink, and even little kids pick up the necessary skills very fast and are soon whizzing around the rink with little difficulty.

For those who fear falling down or injuring yourself, have no fear! For smaller kids, portable metal bars are provided for them to lean on and skate without having to hold onto the sides, whilst for adults, there is always the option of holding onto the plastic sides. I myself have fallen down a few times, nothing was bruised except probably my ego!

One thing I would definitely encourage is to: BRING YOUR OWN SOCKS/GLOVES. This is very important, unless you are rolling in the dough and don't mind forking out about $6+ to buy a pair of long socks and cotton gloves, then be my guest. Other than that, I encourage all newbie skaters to lose your inhibitions and dare to let go of the plastic sides and skate! If you fall, the only thing that would probably hurt the most is your pride.

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Skate away

I enjoyed myself throughly the many times I went there with my friends.

I found ice skating fun and I had an easy time picking it up probably because I knew how to roller blade beforehand. Some of my friends, however, didnt know how. We had a great time nevertheless, as we guided each other along. Great bonding/ hangout opportunity here! Of course there were times we fell, but then it was all part of the sport, all part of the fun.

However there was this one thing I found particularly annoying-- there were areas drawn up for ice skating lessons. The ring itself wasnt exactly very big to begin with, and we had to deal with the limited space. Movement was also restricted as we were allowed to only skate in a circular anticlockwise direction, though some disobeyed nevertheless.

Great hangout place, though!

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1 of 2

This was once Singapore's premier ice skating rink. But with the recent addition of JCube and it's Olympic size ice rink, this location has fallen on harder times. Despite being the older and hence more recognisable one, it's run-down location and look has rendered it unpopular amongst the younger crowd; it's main market.

However, I have to say that as far as value goes, it more than hits the spot. After all, ice-skating is a hobby, and in my opinion, any rink is as good as the other. You can still see some couples having a good time learning how to ice-skate, and there is no better place to learn than Kallang Ice World.

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Do not be ashamed!

As we put on our ice skating shoes, we were so nervous to enter the rink. But plucking the courage and after a few falls which left our butts soaking wet, we managed to skate. It was exactly like roller blading but on ice!

However one of the downsides was that the metal railings along the sides were only meant for kids not for adults. It was really embarrasing for us beginners because it took us a few falls before we could even start moving! But in the end, everybody was also falling after taking a few steps so do not be ashamed, you are not alone!

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frightening but fun

Being a beginner skater I find ice skating not really fun but full of fear to me. I feared that I will fall down even though all of us will usually say falling down is the beginning step to succeed. As you know ice rink floor is hard and if I were to fall, my butt will be in pain and it going to be very embarrassing. However I went to kallang ice world to play ice skating many times with my friends.

I were told but the working people there that metal handles can only be used by small kids so I have no choice but to hold on to the side for support. However there are always some people who will just stop and rest for a while before moving which cause me to stop many times and wait for them since I need the side for support. After going there to skate for a few times and also due to those people who keep stopping, it actually gives me courage to skate across them without the side for support. Of course with the help of my friends teaching me, I am slowly able to skate. Furthermore, if you are lucky, you can even see professional dancing in the middle of the rink. The way they skate, I find it interesting just by looking at it. This actually makes me tell myself not to give up and one day I will be just like them.

Since this is ice skating, don’t expect the price to be cheap. It cost around $17.50 for an adult. If you have gloves at home, I suggest you to bring it with you too if not you will have to waste those unnecessarily money.

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crowded and terrifying

This ice rink probably cannot get any more smaller. Even as a novice and during my first attempt of trying to ice-skate, I already found it quite small! If you skate from one end to the other in a straight line, it probably takes you just only several seconds to get across; maybe just a few seconds more if you follow the entire rink.

I was quite exasperated to find that I was not allowed to use the metal bar that they provide for us beginners to hold on to, and push while we skate; so that we can have support and maintain our balance while we grasp the concept of gliding on ice! According to them, it is only allowed for people of below one metre; which basically means for kids only.

I was left to fend for myself, literally. I had to hold on to the sides of the walls, and even then there was not enough space for me to hold on to. In addition, people would crowd around at areas and lean against the walls, so I had to skate around them, relying on my own sense of balance, since I no longer had the support of the wall!

Plus, they have professional skaters occupying the centre of the rink and of course, all around; so I was pretty terrified of crashing into them since they were skating at such high speeds and seemed to be oblivious of the presence of us beginners.

Not a place for beginners, but for novice skaters, by all means, go ahead and knock yourself out!

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