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Tampines Central Park Singapore
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Listing created by dawniejunnet on January 11, 2013    

latest Skatepark located at the east side of singapore.

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A Skate Escape

For a long time, the lone skate park located in the east was at Bedok, but with the lack of maintenance, it's popularity has since declined. The architect behind the skatepark definitely did a good job, as both the essence of 'skate' and 'beauty' were incorporated in it's design. For experienced skaters, it would probably be the place to show off your skills, as the location is open to on-lookers and passers-by.

While I've never been able to do more than an ollie on a skateboard, Skateparks can be a good place to meet new friends with similar interests, and this park is no different. Come here to learn new tricks or get advice from the pros or to simply hang out with a couple of friends.

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Accessibility skates into our neighbourhood!

I have never mastered the art of skating. Equilibrium just can't find it's ideal spot the moment both my legs are placed on the board. However, this does not hamper the soft spot I held solely for these skateboards.

Long boards, penny boards. I have it all. My collection of boards halted midway thanks to my wallet that was filled with nothing but emptiness.

I was originally taken aback when I heard that a skate park was being constructed in my neighbourhood. I refused to believe that such convenience would really materialise right by my doorstep.

Trusting only my eyes, I leapt into a Toyota taxi simply to check that venue out, albeit it being rather near.

Alighting at Tampines One shopping centre, I masked by excitement by placing a nonchalant expression whilst I went across towards the lit up skate park.

It was a true tale indeed. The skate park stood before me. It wasn't completely cluttered with skate enthusiasts as compared to the skate park near Scape. Perfect! This lack of users in this park is a perfect recipe for me, myself and I, to master the art which I wasn't able to master for years.

The art of balancing.

Crash on a pole? Skidded on the railing? Wobbling on my board? Fret not! Not many are there to witness this horrendous process! The process which fazed many rookie skateboarders in Singapore. Tormented by embarrassment, they usually take flight away from the skateboarding realm. Some innocent skateboards were even abandoned. Cladding dust. Placed across a rubbish chute. Never to be retrieved back again for it held the key to their tormented recollections.

Scabs or scrapes of injuries born at Tampines Skate park could also be easily treated with the accessibly near Guardian. Bandages and plasters are less than a doorstep away.

Hence, I totally applaud the birth of this Tampines skate park. However, I do not recommend many to frequent there. I would not want a massive audience as I attempt to be the master of balance!

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Lazy weekdays

On lazy days, I was very much a person who loved staying around my neighbourhood and watching movies on my Macbook with my friends. Thus having lived in Tampines for 7 years, my Macbook and I have already explored most of the parks nearby the central of Tampines.

Just last week on a weekday, I had planned to catch a movie on my laptop with a friend. Coincidentally, I discovered Tampines Skatepark as we were walking out of Tampines One mall after late dinner. It was just past 10pm so there were very little people and it was quiet, except for the occasional screeching of the shuttle bus and the chattering of teens walking by.

We managed to complete watching the movie and had to rush to take the last bus home. It was a pleasant chill out Monday. And I know I would go back on another lazy day since it is so convenient for me.

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Dim lazy lights
Behind Tampines MRT
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