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Listing created by dawniejunnet on January 07, 2013    

This place offers skaters basic hurdles for them to sharpen their skills. Aspiring skaters are also welcome to practice here.

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I'm no skateboarder or skater, but I do so enjoy stopping by the Somerset skate park to watch people practice. Out of all the skateparks that I have seen in Singapore, I think it is the most crowded probably due to its central location. The skatepark is sprayed all over with graffiti, which gives it a vibe of coolness. I like watching them practice while waiting for the bus at the bus stop which is directly in front of it.

The people there are really skilful and persevering. They always perform some mad tricks and stunts and even if they fail, they keep trying again. The park has both amateur and more professional skaters and I think thats good because then the better ones can help guide and coach those that aren't as good. It's a male-dominated place though because I haven't seen a female skate there for very long now.

I think it's a good place to go if you're a skater: immerse in the atmosphere, learn from those better than you, and help those who aren't as good as you are :)

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(Updated: January 07, 2013)

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Skate boarding is becoming popular among Singaporean teens. Somerset skate park is one of the famous go to place for skaters be it locals or foreigners.

I myself used to skate on my teenage days and skate park used to be my playground. For beginners like me, Somerset skate park has open spaces for beginners to try to fall down to, jump at and perfectly do their first trick. Moreover, this place does not only have spaces and hurdles like the stairs, rails, boxes etc. They have friendly local skaters who are very helpful in teaching starters on how to skate. And for females out there, fret not this sport can be flooded by testosterone, but this extreme game is also for you! Female skaters are actually much more encouraged.

This is 2013, if you wanna try something new, try skate boarding but remember always skate for fun and not for fame.

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