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Lydia Hunter
Listing created by Lydia Hunter on January 18, 2016    

GIM Sports is a gymnastics company that offers gymnastics lessons to children of all abilities, as well as adult classes. It is located at Turf City and is a member of the Singapore Gymnastics Association. 


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I cannot find one thing to fault them on

I’ve always loved gymnastics. I’ve never really been a star at it, but learning new things to do with my body and getting an awesome workout in at the same time is always a win win situation in my eyes. So I was desperate to find a Gymnastics class for adults that wasn’t a 45 minute drive away in rush hour, and I am so glad that I found GIM hidden away at Turf City. If you didn’t know it was there, you would never have realised that there such an amazing place right above you. Hidden away on the 3rd floor they manage to pack in bars, a sprung floor, a tumble track and beams into one of the smaller gyms that I have seen in my life, but also the best.

Everything from the quality of the equipment to the staff was perfect. The staff were both as friendly as they were talented as coaches, and after just an hour and a half I left doing skills that I have been even too scared to try and do since I was 12. They obviously know their stuff, and manage to see exactly what it is you need to do to improve, and will work tirelessly with you to make sure that you improve as quickly as possible. Also, having 4 coaches between 8 of you is something I’ve never experienced before, I’ve never had such a high teacher to student ratio and it really does make an impact on how quickly you progress.

My abs and arms hurt in ways I didn’t know were possible for about 3 days after my session, but I’ve managed to now convince my sister and my friend to come along and try too. I’m hooked after just one lesson, and I’m sure that I’ll be coming here a lot in the future. I honestly cannot find one thing to fault them on, and I feel like a child again when I first realised how amazing this sport can be.

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