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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on June 07, 2014    

Established in December 2013, Trinity Ark is a company specialising in the private instruction of Water Yoga, Stand Up Paddling and Stand Up Paddling Yoga. These activities involve the use of plastic rafts in which participants will take part in yoga out in the ocean, paddle around it or a combination of both. Rafts and other equipment are usually provided as part of the course. Participation can either be individual or group-based.


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Fun experience!

The highlight of my week was to experience Yoga Boarding and SUP over at Trinity Ark. Having only done yoga on land, yoga on water was definitely a challenge for me. It took a lot of core strength to balance on the board but overall I thought it was a good work out.

SUP on the other hand was surprisingly easy for me to get a hang of. I guess being able to skate and surf helped with the balancing a fair bit. I even spotted a few jelly fishes when I paddled further away from shore.

I would recommend checking the weather forecast beforehand because it will definitely play a HUGE role in determining the ease of your activity.

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Healthy recreation for the weekend

Trinity Ark is a company specialising in SUP (Stand up paddling) and Yoga set up in December 2013. These activities may seem easy to the uninitiated ear, but I've discovered that it could be physically challenging and tiring, especially if you are trying for the first time and are not used to the sea (especially for me, with virtually no contact with large bodies of water except for the local swimming pool).

The yoga itself is inherently challenging, requiring you to paddle out to sea and then do a series of exercises on your board, unsecured and at the mercy of the choppy waves. Imagine yourself trying to do leg raises, splits and even push ups on an unstable platform and managing to pull it off, there is a sense of achievement there indeed.

The SUP, which I participated actively, is definitely a great way to spend your weekend, not to mention a healthy one to be. You may think paddling within 100m of the shore being a piece of cake, but I assure you, I had my share of falling into the water dozens of times. This was because the effect of the choppy waves, the wind and our awkward positions in trying to stand up made us well hewn targets for losing our balance and toppling into the water. Our instructor, Marian (she happens to be the founder) was really knowledgable with her line of work. Moreover, for an unitiated newbie in the ways of SUP like me, she was really patient, giving me great tips and reminders despite me continuously making mistakes. I loved the friendliness of the entire session, as there was much photo-taking out in the water, cheering and the greetings from other beach users.

I woke up with my muscles on fire the following morning, but it was all definitely worth it!

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