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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on October 08, 2013    

Introduced in April 2005, the PAssion Card is a membership card for People’s Association (PA). The PAssion Card is certainly more than just another membership or discount card; it serves the unique purpose of connecting members of the public with their community by engaging them via a host of exciting and wholesome activities by Community Clubs (CCs) and other PA outlets.

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A repertoire of benefits

Being a grassroots leader, you can definitely find a PAssion card on my person! It the main reason why I enjoy a subsidised movie nearly every weekend, a subsidised rate whenever i sign up for courses offered by my CC and whenever i dine at restaurants with PAssion card benefits.

The primary motive of the PAssion card is a collaboration between PA and the LTA in introducing an ez-link card with all the benefits offered by the community. Its creation is a card which is more than something you tap in and tap out with, and hence its widespread popularity with much of the population of Singapore.

For example, the PAssion card serves a good function as a back-up EZ-link card for me should I lose my card. Hence, this results in it being omnipresent in my wallet, which helps greatly since i'm always on the move during the weekends. Should I end up wanting to watch a movie or going shopping or dining, I can rely on it being present in my wallet and hence can feel secure in the knowledge that everything i do will be subsidised (healthy for me too financially given that I'm only earning army pay too). Moreover, the frequent use of the card, which is always in my wallet, leads to me being able to chalk up my points and redeem rewards. Thus, you can see why I like my PAssion card.

An excellent, rewarding initiative!

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(Updated: December 15, 2013)

A People's Card

As cliché as it may seem, the PAssion card is indeed a people's card. Why do I say so? Because it has something in store for people of all ages. I'm a typical Singaporean who is really into cheap thrills, discounts always beams for my attention.

For the youth, there are discounts to movies, arcade and bowling. For the family-oriented, points can be collected at Cold Storage, Guardian, Shop N Save and Giant. Besides that, there are discounts to many leisure and popular tourist attractions.

There are also direct discounts to Community Centres' workshops which encourages me to pick up a simple hobbies like baking and craft which I have always wanted to pursue. It makes learning seem more affordable and simpler with short, foundational classes introduced as compared to commercial specialised and exorbitantly priced workshops. It is not a common sight to see families and elderly participating in these workshops too, how inclusive.

I love how the card is multi-functional and can be doubled up as a ez-link card or an identification card (tried in on my school's library barcode scanner before and it works!)

Don't you think I really deserve to be called Lobang Queen for memorising most of their promotional partners? Haha! Do check out the exact list from it's main website! :)

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