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Halogen Foundation aims to build and nurture young leaders in Singapore. They provide leadership programs to young people to practically change the world in issues they believe in.

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Not for me

My school organised a course for us at Halogen Foundation to learn how to do well in interviews, However, the course simply did not do it for me although I must give Halogen Foundation its full credit as the teacher that sat in with us seemed to approve deeply what was thought.

I am perhaps cynical and I was not able to set my scepticism aside, the course to me was overpriced. And whatever was taught fell into two categories, the first being "duh, everyone knows that" and the second being "utter fluff". At the end of the day, I left with the same amount of knowledge that I had when I first stepped in.

And worst yet, they tried selling us some GP/ Economics tuition classes.

Highly do not recommend.

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