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St. John Ambulance Brigade  is a voluntary organisation in Singapore which provides training in First Aid and Home Nursing. Its members also perform voluntary first aid coverage duties during national events.


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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

always ready

The Saint John Ambulance Brigade(SJAB) is one of the craziest CCA I've ever seen. In my school, SJAB is our niche. The hard work members put in is shown in the countless awards they have won for our school.

Striving with resilience, they are always ready. In one particular incident, a teacher fainted in my class. Just when everyone else were panicking, an SJAB member stood up and provided assistance to the teacher. The ambulance was called and everything went through smoothly.

SJAB members, clad in their sleek black and white uniform show pride in their work. They are omnipresent and always alert.

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Resilient youths on a noble mission.

In their trademark black and white uniforms, St John Ambulance Brigade cadets are ever-present at school events and many other miscellaneous events alike. I find their motto striking. "For the faith and service of mankind" Wow! I mean, that really goes into my heart and embeds itself there.

I salute the cadets of this organisation, boys and girls alike, who have volunteered themselves to the care of their fellow man. Rain or shine, I'm assured that these fine youngsters are ready to jump into action to render first-aid. I feel that their contributions are often overlooked, and this should not be the case.

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a great learning experience that one can't never forget

St John Ambulance Brigade known for being one of the Co-Curricular activities (CCA) provided during our secondary school days and i swore without it in school, it will be almost incomplete. This coming from a true blue St John member. It is the one place that i learn about the importance of serving mankind first instead of yourself through the motto "For the faith and service of mankind". I began to learn that the world just doesn't revolve around me, myself and I and that helping others should come natural for us.

In St John's you will get to learn First Aid from basic to intermediate level and learn the techniques of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This is indeed important especially in the case of emergency and i am glad i did learn those things because there were too many times where i was called in situations where my help was needed. Very useful knowledge for everyone in teaching you what to expect during an emergency. Definitely i would recommend to sign up for a few lessons and you may never know when you might find the knowledge useful.

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