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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 17, 2012    

The NKF is a charitable organisation that provides dialysis treatment and rehabilitative care to kidney failure patients at affordable, subsidised rates.


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Peanuts and golden tap

I guessed when people talked about NKF, most people would still think about "peanuts" and "golden tap". "Peanuts" are the amount we paid to the famous NKF CEO and "golden tap" was the one he used to wash his hands in his office after eating peanuts.

Many people stopped contributing to NKF after that incident and I believed even up to today, few people are making monthly contributions to this organisation. Many years ago, NKF used a smart strategy to give free health screening and at the end of the screening, they let you filled in a form to make a monthly contributions to them. Many of my colleagues did that and many had requested to stop their contribution after the incident. I hope NKF is okay with their funding because they are really doing helpful work in helping patients.

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