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Cornery Popcorn

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#01-37 Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213
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Pon Swee Man
Listing created by Pon Swee Man on January 20, 2016    

Cornery is a quirky popcorn joint with the widest array of flavours any popcorn lover can think of. From candied butterscotch and bubblegum to cajun and even white miso, Cornery is your popcorn fix for any food cravings in the cinema. Priced at an affordable $4-$9 for various sizes, Cornery gourmet popcorn is even cheaper than in-house cinema snacks - and even better.

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11.30am to 9pm
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< $10


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(Updated: February 15, 2016)

Bitesized Flavour Bombs

Think Garetts’, but with more fun and upbeat flavours. If you haven’t tried Cornery popcorn, you’re missing out on a plethora of flavours - some of which can’t be found in Garetts’, and others popcorn replicas of your favourite food.

Venturing off the conventional butterscotch, caramel, cheddar cheese and cajun, Cornery offers playful flavours like banana, grape soda, bubble gum, sesame, green apple and even chocolate. The list goes on; there are even flavours you’d never think of like kimchi, wasabi, sour cream and onion, and the one we can’t resist - tom yum.

As a die-hard popcorn and movies fan, I came to the conclusion that the $4.80 I paid for a medium-sized pack of butterscotch popcorn was a far tastier deal than the average $7 sweet popcorn from Movie Snacks, and have never bought in-house popcorn since I converted to Cornery’s. So far, their quirky flavours have never disappointed - the trusty sweet and creamy buttery taste of Butterscotch is still my favourite, but cheddar cheese and bubble gum are close contenders.

Texture wise, the candied flavours are crunchier than the savoury flavours, but the savoury flavours melt in your mouth delightfully when you suck on them so it’s always a tough choice. Even if you buy them both, they’re still around the same price range as a pack of standard in-house theatre popcorn, so why not choose Cornery and its wacky flavours instead?

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Far East Plaza
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