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Celeste Tan
Listing created by Celeste Tan on January 08, 2016    

Lindt is a Swiss chocolatier and confectionery company. They produce a variety of premium chocolates, and are known for their Lindor chocolate truffle balls and Gold Easter Bunny.

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Source: LINDT Chocolate World
Source: LINDT Chocolate World
Source: LINDT Chocolate World
Source: LINDT Chocolate World

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Chocolates that are best half-melted

Next time you go grocery shopping at Fairprice or Cold Storage, you HAVE to get one of the Lindt chocolates. It’s sooo good, you will love it.

My favourite Lindt chocolates are the round, spherical balls of chocolate wrapped in expensive looking plastic wrappers. Each piece of chocolate looks exquisite. And the sound it makes when you unwrap the chocolate, it’s music to my ears. As you bite into the surface, the molten chocolate from inside oozes out and spills into your mouth. The aroma and rich taste of the chocolate fills your mouth as you bite on the chewy exterior of the chocolate.

The other products like the chocolate bars are good as well, but I feel that the process of unwrapping adds to the whole experience. I personally prefer my chocolates half-melted, to add to the chewy texture. Try it for yourself next time!

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