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300 Balestier Road Singapore 329737
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Eastern Rice Dumpling is a famous traditional dumpling maker who has thirty years of experience in this business. The unique feature lies in the distinct quality and taste of the dumplings that have established the brand reputation. Eastern Rice Dumpling is a third-generation business whose recipe has been passed down for about 30 years to date. Mr. Lim Cheng Hwee is currently the managing director that runs Eastern Rice Dumpling. Eastern Rice Dumpling started more than thirty years ago, in a kampong village in Katong, where Singaporeans of Peranakan heritage gathered. It was in this kampong spirit of camaraderie that Mr. Lim Cheng Hwee's grandmother learned the recipe for Singapore's own Nyonya rice dumpling from her Peranakan neighbors. Mr. Lim's grandmother then diligently instilled the importance of this tradition to her grandson, showing him the customary process of putting these delicious rice parcels together.

Mr. Lim, now Eastern Rice Dumpling's managing director, remembers his humble beginnings as a primary school student wrapping dumplings for at least one and a half hours early in the morning before packing off to school. This routine lasted right to the time he reached tertiary education, when he had to devote more time to his schoolwork. These wrapping sessions, which were regarded as a sacred family custom, left Mr. Lim with frequent cuts on his fingers, due to manual handling of the pandan leaves used to wrap the dumplings and steam burns from preparing the rice. Mr. Lim still managed to excel in his education, despite this busy schedule, and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating, he decided to use his educational training to the benefit of his family's business - Eastern Rice Dumpling.

Mr. Lim thus began innovatively improving the dumpling manufacturing process in this traditional, labor-intensive industry turning his business into a modern and efficient one. He designing most of the machinery used himself, Mr. Lim customized the equipment to suit the specific needs of various processes, enabling the implementation of a safe and efficient system to make traditional, tasty and at the same time, innovative dumplings. Eastern Rice Dumpling's main premise is situated at a shop house at Balestier, which remains its main outlet today and is now also offered by select grocery stores (e.g. Carrefour and select Cold Storage locations). Today Eastern Rice Dumpling produces a diverse range of rice dumplings to cater to its wide variety of loyal customers it has built in the last thirty years.

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Avg Price:
< $10
List of Outlets:

Main Outlet:
300 Balestier Road
Singapore 329737
Operation Hours: 24-hours

#01-199, 3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983, 1st floor. Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm

HarbourFront Walk,
Singapore 098585
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm

No 1 Bukit Batok Central Link
#B1-K4 West Mall Singapore 658713
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm

COLD STORAGE @ Centerpoint
176, Orchard Road
The Centrepoint Shopping Centre
Singapore 238843.
Operating Hours: 9am to 9pm

Causeway Point
No. 1 Woodlands Square #B1-K16. Singapore 738099. Operating Hours:10am to 10pm daily.
(Added products: Soon Kueh, Ang Ku Kueh, Rice Kueh, Chiew Kueh and Zhu Chang Fen)

COLD STORAGE @United Square
(Inside Cold Storage Supermarket)
101 Thomson Road,
#B1-52 Singapore 307591
(Opposite Home-Fix, near Check-Out counters)
Operating Hours: 11am to 9pm

COLD STORAGE @ Compass Point
(Opposite the check-out counters)
1 Sengkang Square
#B1-38 Compass Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 545078
Operating Hours: 9.30am to 9.30pm

Blk 205 Hougang Street 21
#01-133/135 Singapore 530205
Operating Hours: 9am to 9pm

SHOP N SAVE @ Khatib MRT Station
201 Yishun Ave 2
#01-03 Khatib MRT Station
Singapore 769092
Operating Hours: 9am to 8 pm


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The rice did not taste as good as it used to

I used to like eating eastern rice dumpling a lot previously. It had a taste very much like what my auntie would make during the dumpling festival every year. And well, as it is only once a year, the eastern rice dumpling was the best replacement that i had. There are many variants with the regular sizes and mini ones. I generally prefer the mini ones, as i can get two different flavours in my tummy without being overly stuffed.

The salted rice dumpling from the stall is always my first choice, as i like the taste of the pork marinated in five spices. I find that the taste is just nice as it is not too salty and the meat is soft enough to chew. The chestnuts and mushrooms also adds flavour to the stuffing and as a package it feels like you are eating a traditional dish, simple yet full of flavour.

However, something seems to be different when i purchase the dumplings. The rice used to be a little stickier, and the rice now has a different smell to it. I have no idea what smell is that, but it does not go well with the rest of the stuff. Frankly, i am turned off by the smell that i have stop eating them for a while. Hopefully, the smell will not be there the next time i try again.

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