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Old Chang Kee markets its curry puffs through various concepts - from kiosks along the road, to supermarket outlets and to modern shopping malls. With one of the best curry puffs around and achieving high marks in accessibility, variety and wholesome goodness, Old Chang Kee has also diversified and extended its product range to include other snacks, desserts and complementary products such as chicken spring rolls, sotong balls, fish balls, crab claws, sesame balls, sotong fritters and pineapple, corn and yam pies, etc, all produced with the same high quality standards that go into making its classic curry puff.

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Good reflection of our costs of living

I remembered when I was studying part time, Old Chang Kee was my dinner. I would buy two curry puffs at $0.80 each. I remembered at the time, the size was bigger and two curry puffs were filling enough as my dinner.

Since then, I had been seeing the prices going up ten cents or more every few years. I accepted that due to inflation, prices must go up but must the size of curry puffs go down with increasing price? If I buy two curry puffs now for dinner, I don't think it will be filling enough for dinner.

The winning point of Old Chang Kee now is the variety of the snacks available. Even their curry puffs come with different flavours already. If they are able to lower their prices or have some loyalty points program, I will definitely be their big fan, at least my children are already their fans.

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(Updated: May 07, 2012)

The good and the not-so-good.

Old Chang Kee is famous for its fried, oily, tasty, yummy, local delights. Everyone who grew up loving local savoury would love this joint. I’m going to talk about my favourite few items in its line up. And also comment on its recent bad publicity.

First up. Curry puff. If you have seen my review on Polar Puffs, which produce the best flaky, crispy, curry puffs in Singapore, this brand name provides one of the best mainstream, “SMOOTH SKIN” type of potato curry puffs. The perfect thickness of its skin, and the amazing consistency in which all the outlets produce these curry puffs at, is just outstanding. On top of that, the crab meat stick is also great. The crisp golden brown skin and the white tofu ish insides make crab meat lovers want more than the 3 piece stick that is offered.

This being said. Old Chang Kee’s latest bad publicity regarding its famous Facebook “cockroach” picture is a testament to its service and hygiene deficiencies. The hiring of cheap and disinterested staff in many of its outlets, some I suspect, do not even know what they are selling, are the source of rude, irresponsible, and insensitive service. I, for one, went home to realize that the favourite curry puff I ordered, turned out to be a damn Sardine Puff.

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curry puff
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Best local snack

Perhaps one of the most famous stalls in Singapore, Old Chang Kee offers tasty and affordable (all stick foods are less than $2!) finger food that are well received by both old and young alike. Situated all over Singapore, you can easily stumble upon an Old Chang Kee outlet (or kiosk) even when you aren’t particularly looking for one. Their prominent signature yellow and white signboard attracts your attention easily.

The variety of options is rather huge and my favourite orders are the Sotong balls and the nuggets. The tiny prawn fritters are good as well. As I am not a fan of curry puffs, I usually skip them unless I have a special craving on certain days. My favourite ones are the curry ones. Fans of seafood would be glad to know that there is a plethora of fried seafood on stick to choose from!

Old Chang Kee chicken wings are indeed not famous for nothing. I love the golden crispy exterior and the tender meat. It can be quite a hassle to eat chicken wings outside, so I don’t order this often. But they’re so worth the $1.20.

Old Chang Kee also caters to parties and so place your (huge) orders early!

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Delightful Snacks

Old Chang Kee is an all time favourite for me! I like to call it “Old Chunky” because of the meaty chicken wings which are one of their most popular items.

Old Chang Kee is conveniently found in almost all major shopping centres and also scattered around places such as MRT stations and National University of Singapore. I frequent Old Chunky for its chicken wings, squid tentacles, gyoza and spring roll, which is of the ultimate crispiness and flavour. Sometimes the items might have been left there for a while though, as I have experienced a soft spring roll before which is not as delightful. However, the taste is still fulfilling.

There is a wide range of snacks to choose from and the list is always getting longer! All the food may be considered unhealthy, but it is satisfying for a little snack during the day. They also have an eat-in outlet at Paya Lebar which I have yet to try but am looking forward to doing so someday.

Overall Old Chang Kee definitely delivers in terms of bringing out the taste of old time favourite snacks such as carrot cake as well as appealing to those who like crab or prawn fillets which are more westernized.

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An awesome grab-and-go choice!

Old Chang Kee is certainly a brand name known by both the young and old alike. Students and working adults can always been seen queuing up in the mornings, grabbing a breakfast item on the way to school or work. I used to buy Old Chang Kee very often on my way to work as it is always conveniently located near a MRT!

Some of my favourite picks from Old Chang Kee would be the curry puff, nuggets, breaded prawn and sotong balls! They have a wide variety of items, even mee siam and beehoon in the morning, if you are early enough that is!

When I used to work in the morning, I'd always buy a packet of their laksa dried noodle for breakfast whenever it is available. It tastes like laksa, but it is dry and fuss-free, making it a choice breakfast item. Sadly, it is not for sale every morning as the breakfast menu changes everyday.

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Who stole the bite?

Spider-man stole a bite at Old Chang Kee’s famous curry puff.
See! That’s how delicious the curry puffs are!

But wait, was it eight legged or six legged? It was an unidentified cockroach nymph looking insect that even Singapore’s laboratory specialist couldn’t decide what it was.
This incident happened right after the company was featured in a company workfare variety show that meant to boost up the company’s image. Seems like it backfired and served a double blow.

And as usual, the approach Singapore government organizations or most businessmen adopt is to go missing-in-action and soon the insect affair will be forgotten. Yes, it’s been forgotten.

Netizens are busy digging out high-profile men involved in the latest underage prostitute scandal. Meanwhile, patrons are approaching the irresistible curry puffs again, but with more cautious attempts when chomping into the fillings.

Items I do recommend at Old Chang Kee are their –
Fried Sotong (3 kinds)
Spicy Fried Sotong
Sotong Balls
Curry puffs (Humongous fillings)
Cheese Sausage

The fried prawns taste really delicious but it’s actually more flour than prawn. While the chicken nuggets are dry and hard, the tapioca cake is very tasty and less oily than those you grab from markets.

Do remember to top them up with the Sambal Chili. Sedap!

If you are looking for small bites, this is a place to head too. If not, they are costly if you buy a lot of them as a meal. I wish the prices are lower.

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cheap and good snacks

Old Chang Kee is a name that rings a bell for all Singaporeans. It is commonly located in shopping malls of the heartlands and has been famous for its curry puffs for a very long time. The shops have an antique and vintage feel to it, especially the outlet at Bugis Junction. It makes consumers like us feel that we have time-travelled to the older days.

Many people often patronize Old Chang Kee for its fried snacks besides curry puffs. Some popular snacks are the fried squid head, fishballs, sotong balls and yam pie. Long queues can be seen in the morning as some outlets sell breakfast such as nasi lemak. Thus, you can say that it is catered to locals' tastebuds. Also, I must say that the quality of the food did not drop throughout the years and new items were even introduced to allow consumers to have greater choices.

So why not head down to the nearest shopping mall and grab some tasty snacks from Old Chang Kee now?

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affordable snacks

Old Chang Kee is well known for its curry puffs. I like the curry puffs very much as well. The texture of the skin is crispy and the edges are nice to chew into. You can taste the nice aroma of the dough that is used to make the skin. Inside the puff, the curry potatoes are mixed with a tinge of spices which adds a nice spicy flavour and the potatoes are not too mashed up.

Besides the puff, my personal favourites are the sotong heads, and sotong bodies/wings (i think they change the name recently) and their chicken wings. All these items are deep fried with a batter that has a tinge of curry powder which i find it very tasty, but i must say that as the deep frying is done by the staff at the outlet, there are always some discrepancies in the quality every now and then. There was even a period where i stop eating as the batter for the sotong became all soft and soggy. But the chicken wings are succulent with the meat juices still trapped inside the skin. This is one of the best wings i eaten from stalls that are similar to old chang kee. Cheap great snack but not too much, its fattening.

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Old but gold

Old Chang Kee is one of the oldest snacks in Singapore. They serve deep fried food served on wooden sticks and Old Chang Kee is located everywhere in Singapore. At the basement of MRT stations, shopping malls, in petrol kiosks…. EVERYWHERE.

I personally do not have a penchant for deep fried food as it is extremely unhealthy and makes my face feel extremely oily after consumption. However, Old Chang Kee is an extremely convenient and affordable snack for many Singaporeans. Each food item costs approximately $1.50 and is perfect for a quick bite while travelling from place to place.

Old Chang Kee also does catering services. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate a basket of deep fried fish balls at a party?

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The not-too-healthy snack

The mention of Old Chang Kee and many would think of their curry puff. They do sell a variety of (fried) snacks too. If you are in a rush, just get something and go. Their snacks are good, just oily. The staff are friendly too.

They are constantly coming up with new items on the menu, enticing customers to buy and try. With their latest salted egg prawn and chilli crab curry puff, I bought a set. They are two separate flavours but if you get both, it is at S$3 a set. At about S$1.50 each, do not expect to find chunks of real crab meat or prawns in either. The previous time I bought the salted egg prawn curry puff, there was only one relatively small prawn but guess it is good enough for the price paid. Among the two new ones, I prefer the chili crab curry puff. Otherwise, just go for Curry’O and you will not go wrong.

Eat while it is hot otherwise when it gets cold, it will turn soggy and much more oily. This is also the time when you will start to realize the amount of oil in each skewer or chicken wing. Sinful but hard to resist.

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Good Ole Days

Old Chang Kee has been an old time favourite with my family and I. Whenever we visit an unfamiliar place, and see an outlet there, we would naturally gravitate toward it.

Although many items at Old Chang Kee are very good, my all time favourite has to be the curry puff. Seldom can you find better quality curry puffs than the ones sold here. The skin of the curry puff is not too thick, not too thin, just the right thickness so that it is delightfully crispy. The filling in the curry puff is very good, the curry just mild enough for you to feel shiok, the potatoes big and chunky, and the occasional sliver of chicken.

One thing I really like about Old Chang Kee is that they actually put in about 1/8 of a hard-boiled egg in the curry puffs. These days, many commercialised stores leave this out. However, over the years, the price has gone up and the amount of filling inside has gone down. This is rather disappointing for hardcore fans, but to me, who enjoys a good curry puff for a snack, it is still acceptable.

Of course, Old Chang Kee does not only sell curry puffs. They also sell a wide range of fried foods like sardine puffs, sotong sticks, fishballs etc. All of them are quite delectable and are definitely worth trying when you have a craving.

Old Chang Kee is the place to go for reasonably priced fried foods. Do keep in mind that Old Chang Kee was better in the past though, when it was not so old!

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Curry Puff
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Love the Curry Puffs but they are getting smaller!

I would almost always buy their curry puffs every week. Somehow, i love their platter. I remembered they used to cost about S$1 each and it was huge and super filling so much so that i shunned them as i could not finished one myself. Now they have shrunk in size and i can easily finished one by myself.

Love how they are served hot, and the potato filling which are just nice - not too much nor too little - and no curry taste. Most of all the outer layer is the best! Strongly recommend though the price is slightly on the expensive side.

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Oily Goodness

Everyone has those days when they just have a hankering for something crispy and fried and whenever I'm having one of those days, I hop on over to Old Chang Kee.

I think the best thing about Old Chang Kee now is the sheer amount of variety they have. Its hard to imagine there being a lot of variety when it comes to fried things but Old Chang Kee has proven that there indeed is. My favourite things to get here at the traditional curry puff and the carrot cake.

Needless to say, those watching their waist line might want to cut back on this though.

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Wonderful snacks

Old Chang Kee offers a large variety of mainly fried food items which will appeal to many of us locals. Other than the delicious food, Old Chang Kee's prices are quite affordable, which gives other shops a run for their money.

My favourite food will probably be the curry puffs and spring rolls. Both the curry puffs and spring rolls have hearty fillings and crsipy crusts, which make nice and filling snacks for me.

However, the only downside of the food is that they tend to be a little too oily, and some of them might not be too fresh if they've been put on display for the whole day. With your own health in mind, it's better to just indulge in these snacks once in a while.

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Fried Goodness

Old Chang Kee is a local favourite and there's a good reason for that. They serve perfect fried snacks and it's difficult to resist buying them when you walk past the rows of fried goodness on display. They may be oily, but they are really good.

Prices have been steadily increasing over the years and I wouldn't really say it's value-for-money as I look at their prices now. I'd just buy one or two when I'm craving for something fried.

That said, it's really unhealthy to indulge in these snacks often and my two cents' worth is to have them only occasionally.

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May give fast food restaurants a run for its money.

As the title suggests, Old Chang Kee (or rather 'OCK') may give fast food restaurants a run for its money. Why? Because it is a 'what do you want'-pay-collect-go service, and I assure you with my OCK curry puff that the service is very fast.

One of the very popular products from Old Chang Kee are the Curry Os' (curry puffs). They may not be the best curry puffs I've ever eaten in Singapore, but the aroma of the spices and potato compliments each other well.

OCK is definitely the place to go if you are looking for Asian/local deep fried snack such as curry puffs, fried chicken or sotong balls.

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Oil, oil and more oil

Offering only fried food as their specialty, Old Chang Kee is a great stopover for fried food lovers.
There is no doubt that one would be easily hooked on their items once they try it. The reason being was not because it tasted delicious or cause it's dirt cheap. It's actually because it's convenient.
With such hectic lifestyle which we are living it's no wonder we looked for the easiest way to satisfy our appetite. With Old Chang Kee, we can simply choose our finger food, pay for our stuff and get out of the queue within 30 seconds. On top of that we can eat on the go.

The only catch on this whole thing is that, these delicious food item which we are consuming are packed with layers and layers of oil.Not very healthy, isn't it?
Although their items are not very healthy, as a victim of Old Chang Kee, I still tend to indulge in their spring rolls, cheese balls, fried gyoza and curry puff from time to time.

Overall, I would say that Old Chang Kee is edible but for your health sake please don't consume them everyday.

Note: You don't want to be one of the last people to buy their leftover items for you are paying the original price for their cold, dry and burned leftovers.

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Curry puff
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My All-time Fav

Old Chang Kee is the kind of good old traditional snack shop that specializes in local fried snacks like fishballs, chicken wings, spring rolls and many more. Its signature item is their most touted curry puff, which looks and tastes heavenly.

Old Chang Kee's history dates back to some 60 years ago, where the first OCK began in a coffee shop near Rex Cinema along Mackenzie Road. It is incredible to know that such a simple shop with humble origins can still hold its own in our society today!

Throughout the years, OCK has developed several distinctive sub-brands to expand their portfolio, increasing their presence in not only Singapore, but also in the international business sphere. It was even selected as one of the world's top 20 fast food chain in the U.S based Travel and Leisure Magazine in 2012.

As a Singaporean, I am proud of OCK for bringing our traditonal chinese foodfare to such stardom. OCK will always be my source of fried comfort food!

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